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Yellow Engine Light

Robert C

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I recently purchased a 2007 XJR Portfolio with just 32.000 Miles on the clock from an independent Jaguar dealer. The car seemed to be in a spectacular good condition and I am totally in love with it, of course.

However, the minute I drove it of the lot the yellow engine malfunctiion light came on indicating some sort of trouble.

I took it back the next day and the initial assumption based on the fault code was that there may be an air leak. Hoses and air intake boxes were examined and partially replaced, however, the light kept coming on.

Since going back and forth to the dealership is not only quite time consuming but also provided little results, I took the car to a local Jaguar dealership for a "second opinion" who concluded the problem would be that both catalytic converter would be broken.

The original dealer did not share this assessment and now suggests it could be "just" the Lambda sensors as they had never come across any XJ in which both catalysts would have failed.

I find it rather odd, that a reasonably young car such little milage has a problem of this kind.

What I find even more astonishing is the fact, that neither the Jaguar dealership nor the independent dealer actually know what is wrong but seem to be guessing as to the actual cause of the problem.

Is there anyone here who had a similar problem ?

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My 2003 XJ8 had a similar problem and the dealer found it to be an EVAMP issue which they fixed and it has been fine since. I also replaced the gas cap as I was getting a "check gas cap" error when the check engine first appeared. because the fuel system is a closed system, any amount of air entering the system will trigger the error. Hope that helps Cost me about 325 to repair. happy Driving!

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