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newbie here


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Hi Everyone

Just bought my first jag at the tender age of 61, have had most makes of cars but the jag is the best of the bunch. I love it. Its a 2005 2.7 diesel sport, 6 speed manual in racing green. The best colour in my opinion. Currently averaging 38 mpg which I think is brill. for a car of its size and weight. Dont know if this is the correct place to bring up a couple of queries but here goes, firstly the temperature gauge usually sits at between the 1/4 and 1/3 register on the gauge where I would have thought it should go to the halfway point. There is no other signs of trouble and the car runs ,pulls and ticks over fine, was wondering if It may be the thermostat. Secondly, can anyone recommend a decent workshop manual, I like to be fairly 'hands on' but I cant find a manual that covers my car, even one which is not exactly for the s-type but covers most common areas will probably do. any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Guys.

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