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I am new to here so please bear with me if I dont follow the correct procedure. A week or two back I replaced all 6 of my coils and I also added 6 new spark plugs. I have been for my Spanish ITV test today, equivalent of the UK MOT. The engine was stable and running sweetly with no descernable lumps and bumps.

However it failed the emmissions tests giving: -

Tick over speed: CO =3.61% and Accelerated speed of CO = 3.62% with Lambda = 0.9 (the Lambda being acceptible). The Test station operator suggested that one of my coils or one of my plugs is not working properly despite, (and in his words, the sound from the engine being perfect). I have limited time to diagnose and fix this problem before resubmitting it for test.

Does anybody have any advice or wise words to help my through my dilemna?

Thank you and Kindest Regards

Clive Walley

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Hi Clive had the same problem with my 300. ran fuel low and put in 2 x 44k cans of fuel cleaner 70mph for 20mile .. the best cheapest fix ive ever had. . MPH has gone up too. it cleaned my engine up foe a MOT pass.

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