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2002 XJ coolant leak


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Just bought my 1st XJ 8 4.0l sovereign auto 3 weeks ago and he's started leaking coolant from the passengers side. I drove him over 300 miles, without a glitch, to get him home after buying him, but a week later the leak started. The engine isn't running hot but the coolant warning has come on twice and I've topped up the reservoir when necessary. The level wasn't low but it was below the level suggested. Somebody told me to put Radweld in but really don't want to do this. Has anybody had this problem and if so where do I start? I obviously don't want to be spending a fortune already so any help will be appreciated.

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The main coolant pipe is sited in that area, the originals have a few weak points at the bends which were corrected in later parts. If you get a replacement pipe from the dealer it'll probably be around the £80 mark before fitting costs. At the age of your cat it's probably general wear and about due.

Also you could check the coolent tubes that run over the engine area whilst you're at it, they can become brittle with age and leak especially at the connection points. If you let the engine get hot and then pop the hood you'd probably see a coolant leak from those. They're quite cheap and easy to replace...

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My water pump bearing suddenly failed to the point it rattled and coolant went everywhere. I can only assume that it had been leaking via the bearing for a while since I had seen spots of dry coolant on the underside of the bonnet. The local dealer replaced it for around £150

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