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Jag XJ6 Series 3 Needed for TV Appearance

Attaboy TV

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Hi all,

I'm part of the production team at Attaboy TV working on a brand new motoring programme for National Geographic. The programme pits two teams of mechanics against each other to break a car that is beyond repair, sell the parts and see who can make the most money. Primarily we like to see how the parts we strip go on to help other people's projects and restorations.

As part of the series we're featuring a Jaguar XJ6 Series 3.

For the beginning of the episode we’re looking to film a 'pristine version' of an XJ6. This will act as stock footage to set up the story for the rest of the programme. Essentially the car will be used to show how good an XJ6 can look before our presenters find one that is beyond repair to break.

As such we need an XJ6 to film with that is in good condition (possibly having undergone a resto). We’re looking to film at a location in Surrey Monday 30th April. Apologies for the short notice!

If you have such a vehicle and want to have it featured on TV please email me: matt@attaboytv.com with your availability over the next couple of weeks. Preferably if you could send some pics of your car it would be appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Attaboy Team

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