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Replying to How to charge a Flat Battery on the XJ with no access to the boot!

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I have just come across this posting and had this problem myself. I call the Jaguar care team, and fortunately there was enough charge in the battery to undo the boot. What I didn't realise was that there is actually a key access under an overhang of the boot which I didn't even know was there and this overrides any of the electronic gizmos which might be stopping it from opening.

It was quite weird, they gave my battery a quick charge, and then recommended that I run the engine for an hour whilst on my drive to charge up the battery and when I did say that I had a trickle charger they suggested that this was not a good idea.

I spoke with the Jaguar agents and asked their opinion of it and they said a trickle charger is absolutely fine which I've given it three hours of today. The one thing you've got to do is take the light bulb out of the boot light, or you're just running the battery down as fast as your charging it. My Jaguar is an XJ six sovereign, I don't know if Steve's article just meant the ordinary XJ six?


Alastair :)

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