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1985/86 XJ6 extra air valve wiring schematic

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Hello there

I have a 1986 UK spec Jaguar 4.2 series 3 sovereign which I have been working on for 10 years.

A fews years ago I removed the cylinder head for a re-skim and replaced all the gaskets.

Before removing the cylinder head the inlet manifold and associated cabling were removed.

The cables were labelled up but due to the time spent off the car and moisture some labels came apart.

I referred to my Haynes manuals (both standard and restoration) but I could not find any component matching an electrically operated valve that sits between the auxilliary air valve and the air flow meter.

I have downloaded some very wiring schematics from American and Dutch websites which are far

more detailed compared to the schematics in the Haynes manuals.

The American manuals never had anything matching the component but the Dutch manual contains a detailed component layout of the unit in terms of hose connections. Unfortunately it is still not covered in the wiring schematics.

What I have learned is that the component is an extra air valve (EAC-6534) introduced to UK, European and Middle East models between mid 1985 and 1986 when the series 3 XJ6 ceased production.

The component was not used in the North American models.

I have purchased the full jaguar series 3 service manual (AKM 9006) to see if this would provide answers to how it is wired up.

Sadly it doesn't, even though the manual covers all UK series 3's (XJ6 and XJ12) from 1979 to 1992.

As well as the extra air valve there are 2 relays (black and red) which are located on the inner wing near the air flow meter which look like they have some involvement.

So is there anyone on the forum who has a wiring schematic covering these components ? Or is there anyone in (or near) the midlands area of the UK who has a 1985/86 XJ6 I could visit and trace the wiring connections to create a wiring schematic ?

I have attached a diagram of the components and how they are currently wired.




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