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Not your usual Headlight thread


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Hi all i have just come back from a holiday in France the car was fault free and returned 37 miles per gallon (brilliant) but when i got of the ferry it was dusk so i needed headlights no offside so i thought sod it it can wait until the next day, When i checked the connection had melted to the Bulb and i could not part it no matter how i tried i ended up just pulling the Bulb apart.

I think that part must have been one of the many ford parts as i would have thought if it was Jag it would have been better quality, I ended up cutting plug of and soldering two new spade connectors on the wires and luckily there was a male connector on headlight unit, I think the reason for the meltdown was a poor earth so it over heated .

If this thread is help for anyone please make sure you unplug soldering iron once heated as there is a small amount of voltage on the tip of iron, Or disconnect the battery as it may knacker the on board ECU.


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