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Advice re a beloved car


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Firstly please forgive me if i'm in the wrong place or if I seem
not clued up at all, however I'd like some advice it at all

My family
are in an extremely difficult situation - My dad passed
away suddenly and left behind his beloved XJS in immaculate
condition - The car was his passion and we have tried to work a way
of being able to fulfill this passion but really don't have enough
knowledge to be able to do it justice.
The next best thing we can do is to sell it on to someone who will
love, cherish and appreciate it. If the car can give someone else
the same joy it gave my dad we would be contented.

Can anyone suggest the best place to look for a buyer ? I know
there is Auto trader but wondered if theres a better place to find
Jag lovers ?

Thanks in advance.

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