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Jaguar S Type rear end noise


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I have a 54 reg S Type SE Diesel Luxury Package 101000 miles. For the past year the differential seems to be slightly noisy with a whine on part throttle between 55 and 70 mph. it has not got any worse and it is quite easy to live with, but it would be nice to have it completely silent. Is it something to live with or would it need an expensive diff rebuild? The differential Oil has been changed to see if it would cure it but to no avail.

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Thanks Peter. Will bear that in mind. Am not doing anything at the moment as it doesn't seem to get any worse. Have been given a quote for a diff rebuild.

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Hi Does anyone know why the N/S output shaft Oil seal leaks, apparently if it does the diff is getting shot. And can a shot diff damage the drive shaft end. The reason I ask this is that I have a 2004 2.7 Diesel on it's third diff. The latest one being a second hand unit from Eurojags with dry Oil seals when it was put in, but after a few days the Oil seal was leaking. The N/S drive shaft that goes into the diff had to be cleaned up (the bit that the oil seal mates to) with fine emery paper and I was told that if the seal start's leaking I would need a new shaft or CV end.

Any thought's would be appreciated.


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