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Cracked exhaust down tube


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Good morning.   Long in the tooth and a first time Jaguar owner, I need advice from you about my 2007 S-type 2.7 L diesel VIN N83533.   After 55K miles both exhaust down tubes have cracked at the top flange, venting small amounts of exhaust gas to atmosphere but also into the air con inlet if standing still.  The cat "brick" is not affected and is OK.   The dealer tells me that it is a known problem in the later S type production run but neither will the item manufacturer produce a better pipe (it would affect his sales) nor will Jaguar (not much interest).   This item has not been released for after-market production.


It seems unbelievably daft to me to junk a serviceable cat and pay nearly £900 for an OEM replacement which may last no longer (and possibly not as long) when it may be that a bit of specialist welding is all that is needed.  Needless to say the whole gubbins has got to come out for inspection and is difficult to get at.  


Does anybody have similar experience and does anyone know of a fix?  I will be pleased to hear from you.   Anglian

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