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I recently purchased an X type on an 04 plate, mileage 126k miles in generally good condition. When I test drove the car everything seemed fine because I never reached more than 30mph.

On the journey home as I passed 35mph a horrible (what I thought) wheel bearing noise started, but it never became any worse no matter how fast I drove!

The following day I mentioned this to a local garage and they said it could be the tires, so I drove to them later and they said that in their opinion it was almost certainly the dreadful budget tires that the previous owner had fitted.

With this in mind I asked them to fit 4xHancock 225-45-17's at a total cost of £365 fitted and balanced.


Now it feels like a real Jaguar, sleek and quiet!


Never fit budget tires it simply is not worth it.

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Hi Paul, sound advice, never skimp on your tyres. I know it sounds obvious but they're what keeps your car on the road. I always fit the Jaguar recommended tyres which do work out more expensive initially but last much longer than the cheaper ones and certainly are much safer particularly at higher speeds. Regards Geoff.

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Hi Geoff,


You can imagine how my heart sank as I drove my X type home along faster roads as I listened to what I thought was wheel bearings!

All I could do to combat this was turn the music up and pretend no problem existed.

As soon as I could I had to pursue a solution; if it transpired that it was indeed wheel bearing well they would have to be changed, but I was suspicious because no matter how fast I drove the noise stayed pretty much the same.

Thank goodness the solution was just tires!





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Haha drowning it out with some tunes. Great shout! I've got bridgestones on all of mine - it came with them. The only thing is they're all low profile. Might take a look to see if I can fit a phatty in the arches.

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