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Hi everyone,


Only been a member since yesterday and have spent far too long reading posts. I have a lovely X-Type 2.0d Sport Premium in Black. Had it three years and it's had two professional days at refurbishers, if such a word exists, looks amazing when professionally polished. I have a couple of small problems I will post somewhere more appropriate.


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Hi John,


Posting a pic is quite simple if a little convoluted - it's not like dragging and dropping from one part of your harddrive to another.


1.  Ideally you may need to reduce the size - most cameras churn out pics between 2 to 3MB, you may want to reduce the pic to about 500kb;

2.  You'll need to upload them to a photo sharing website (I use photobucket there are many others);

3.  If you intend to post a load of photos it would be wise to store them in an album before uploading:

4.  Once on the sharing site copy the url to paste here using the picture icon above (just below left of the smiley above);

Note: if you delete or move the photo it will loose the link to this site.


Good luck, I look forward to seeing some pics.


Best regards,


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