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S Type parking sensors not working

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Hi I've just bought a 2.7d S Type XS 07  and the parking sensors are not working. Has anyone any ideas why they would not be working. Does anyone know where the fuse for the parking sensors located.


The car is also missing one of the mesh grilles to the body kit, the front tow hitch cover. Does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced one.

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Hi Mark, it is possible a previous owner had them disconnected if they were at fault because they are very expensive to replace, a neighbour of mine was quoted £600 plus by a Jaguar main  dealer to replace a faulty one on his S-type and even going to an independent it was above £400, so he decided not to bother. As to where the fuse or relay for them is located I am afraid I do not know, but when you do locate it's position you may find it has been removed if there was a problem with them. I do not have reversing sensors fitted to my S-type and have never owned a car that did so do not miss them, an unnecessary if handy extra in my opinion. Hopefully someone here will be able to guide you as to the fuse/relay location. As to the other bits you require a little time searching on line should find a source for you, maybe ebay or Amazon. Good luck with your quest and enjoy your S-type they really are a super car. Best wishes Geoff.

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