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Instrument panel lit up line Xmas tree

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I've a major problem with my beloved S type, the instrument panel is lit up like a Xmas with every warning possible ie Brake Fault, GearBox Fault restricted performance etc with at instrument lights showing, plus she often doesn't start at all. Jaguar themselves are baffled. I've had the main ICU removed and checked and that ok..... Help !! I don't want to say goodbye as she's been a fantastic car for 7 years.

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Hi Graham, this may sound ridiculous but is your battery and it's connections all OK. I had a similar problem just after I purchased my S-type, it had stood for some time as the previous owner had died and it took his widow about eight months before she sold it. When I purchased the car it started fine and I drove home only a matter of a few miles no problem, it then stood at home for a week without being fired up, then when I came to start it I encountered similar symptoms to the ones you are encountering. I am a member of the RAC and have Home Start as part of my package so I got them in.The patrolman arrived and I told him the problem to which he immediately replied "it's your battery mate". He got it started using his kit and let it run for a time while he checked the charging circuit all was OK, he told me to give it a run to charge the battery back up and that was it, no trouble since and that was above twelve months ago. It seems inconceivable that Jaguar themselves would not check this, but you never know. Good luck with it and I hope that my problem turns out to be yours as well. Best wishes Geoff.

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