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Advice needed on my XJ V8 1998

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Hello there,


I am John, fairly new to the site and been a proud owner of a beautiful Jaguar XJ V8 1998 model for just over a month, as per every jaguar i have encountered she purrs just like a kittykat. However I have noticed the front passenger air intake grille at the front was loose, on further inspection I had noticed the mount to which the grille is screwed onto has broken away. so I know it isn't the grille itself but the mount that holds the grille to the car, someone has told me that the mount is part of the grille surround, but for the love of god I can't find any on line because i either don't know the part or the proper name for it. Can anyone help me either with the name or part number or any advice on how to fix it.


hope to hear from you soon my jag loving friends.



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