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Not your usual Jaguar factory tour


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I just thought I would share my day with you all, I drive a coach (but today it was a minibus) and I went to Jaguar at Castle vale with a group of firemen from Q8 they and me had to put on disposable overalls and went to the paint shop this was very fascinating as I was a painter in my previous life unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures as the flash or a spark would set the very sensitive fire system off and the resulting shut down would cost £25000 per hour.

Then we moved on to the dips in all eight full body dips going from cleaning to rust protection to etch primer. We then moved on to the aluminium shop then the building plant and finally we had lunch on Jaguar before going to see the finished product XF. F type inc the RS.

The firemen were there to see the specialist fire equipment but like me they were more interested in the cars.

All in all a good day at work and the best thing is I was getting paid

IMG 20140310 131050

IMG 20140310 131033

IMG 20140310 131003

IMG 20140310 130947

IMG 20140310 122358

IMG 20140310 121439

IMG 20140310 121633

IMG 20140310 121639

IMG 20140310 122329

IMG 20140310 122346

IMG 20140310 121341

IMG 20140310 121148

IMG 20140310 120909

IMG 20140310 120756

IMG 20140310 115540

IMG 20140310 121341



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