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I have just joined, very interesting things on the site.

My S type 2005 has just had the ABS light come on. I have cleaned the sensors with a toothbrush, sprayed the braking area with a jet wash but still have the light on.

After reading some bits on here my next try is the battery check. I will update soon.

My car is due for a service and check, they may be able to pinpoint the problem if I cant sort it prior to that. We will see.


John t 

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Had the same problem with my 2005 s type,I bought a reader from amazon cleared the cars memory then cleaned the sensors never had a problem since hope this has been helpfull

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I tried the reader, mine didn't clear the light. I cleaned the sensors too.

In the end I took it to a Bosch garage, they found a nsr sensor not working, replaced (£90 from Stratstone) total job £211. all ok now, it could have been worse. 

If stratstone had told me it was the sensor I would have bought and fitted one. so  much for main dealer loyalty. 

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