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XKR noise when cold


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on particularly cold mornings when I fire up my 2007 XKR there is an odd noise from the engine bay, lasts less than 2 minutes then all is well. any ideas out there as to what I should look for?

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Can you describe the 'type' of noise? - Does it sound rattly or does it squeak?

Does it still drive normally and does it do it while driving or just when idling? 


Maybe if you could post a sound clip, that will help? 

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Hi Matthew, thanks for asking. Have uploaded recording of sound. It only happens when starting from cold (very cold weather). Sound continues for about 90 seconds, car can be on the move, assume something warms up and then the sound stops. Car runs fine or if there is any difference it is imperceptible. Any ideas?




XKR when cold.wav

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