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Auto folding wing mirrors. Looking for a genius


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Hello everyone.

I am new to this owners club and this is my first post so Im really hoping for some help as I have been researching this issue for sometime with no results.

I have a 2006 S Type with electric folding mirrors which I am extremely proud of and is a pleasure to drive. I just have one niggling issue I need help with.
Does anyone know how I can re wire my electric folding wing mirrors to auto fold when I lock the car
and open likewise when I unlock the car with the keyfob.

I know someone has already found a solution for this on the the X Type using a relay and there are nice comprehensive instructions including pictures on how to do it on the Jaguar uk forum but wonder if anyone had managed to do this on an S Type. I realy would appreciate it if anyone has any idea how to do this modification and would be willing to pay if there is a kit. I believe it can all be done from the wiring behind the drivers door card but I do not know how to wire it and if a relay is needed. I have contacted my local Jaguar dealer and they have hooked it up to their computer to see if it is an option as far a simple programming is concerned but unfortunatly this is not the case on the S Type. HELP PLEASE !!!!

Thanks in anticipation

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