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  2. I had disassembled the 58's front suspension and was sandblasting it when I lost access to the sandblaster. Pity, as I was using it for free. I had also prepared the 58 engine bay and had it down to bare metal, which has since rusted. I can wire brush a portion of it to show you. I stopped because I started pulling apart the interior on the 58 and discovered rust in the front floorboards, so...I picked up the 57 after the 58 and was going to use that one as the builder, as it had nice paint. I planned to swap over the trans tunnel, disc brakes (which is why I bought the Mk2 hubs, as I read that those are the key to having steel wheels and disc brakes. Then I was told by a friend that the 58 would be the better one to build and to cut the pieces I need from the 57, since I had just had the engine rebuilt for the 58 and would match the body number. That was almost 2 years ago and that is when the project stalled.
  3. hi upper intake manifolds cant leak into engine intercoolers can, which could be proved by plugging off the two coolant pipes flow and return to the intercoolers from the radiator car will still run fine, but inlet temp would be higher, but would prove a point, or you could just pressure test each intercooler disconnect the two pipes to each intercooler, plug one pipe and put compressed air on each one, 1.2 bar should do it, as its the same as the pressure relief on the expansion tank, isolate the air, pressure should stay constant and not drop, if it drops then intercooler has failed, easy fix if its coolant though it should be using water, by the sound of it lots, if its oil burning will use oil, blue smoke oil and white smoke water cheers Joe
  4. Looking to sell my Jaguar Mk1 parts trove and bodies. Both cars have clean CA titles in my name. Both are manual 4 speed with overdrive cars. Engine is rebuilt and numbers matching head and block and both it and one of the 4 speed transmissions I have are matching to one of the data plates. I have over $15k invested and am looking for someone to buy ALL of it. Open to offers. I know I will be taking a loss, but reality has set in. I have a job overseas coming up for about the next 15 years and will not get to this project. I have an itemized inventory list of everything with details of condition, most are in numbered boxes. I also have more photos of the bodies, they are a 58 and a 57. PM me for details.
  5. The all-electric Jaguar I-PACE has won Best Electric Powertrain, Best New Engine, and the 350 to 450PS category at The International Engine + Powertrain of the Year Awards Announced at the Engine Expo + The Powertrain Technology Show in Stuttgart, the panel of 70 expert motoring journalists from 31 countries took into account key characteristics including performance, driveability, energy efficiency and refinement. These three titles recognise the technical excellence of the I-PACE’s zero emissions powertrain, which was designed and developed in-house. "We’ve used all the benefits of state-of-the-art battery and motor technology to create a world-class electric vehicle. As well as zero emissions, the all-electric powertrain delivers an ideal balance of performance, refinement and range, together with outstanding responsiveness, agility and day-to-day usability. I-PACE is a true driver’s car, and above all a true Jaguar. We set out to make the world’s best all-electric performance SUV: these awards reflect that, and are fitting recognition for what the engineering team has achieved" IAN HOBAN - POWERTRAIN DIRECTOR - JAGUAR LAND ROVER We set out to make the world’s best all-electric performance SUV: these awards reflect that, and are fitting recognition for what the engineering team has achieved.” I-PACE’s 90kWh lithium-ion battery enables a range of up to 292 miles (WLTP). It’s capable of charging from 0-80% in just 40 minutes using a 100kW DC charger, or in just over ten hours when using a 7kW AC wallbox – ideal for overnight charging at home. A suite of smart, range-optimising technologies includes a battery pre-conditioning system: when plugged in the I-PACE will automatically raise (or lower) the temperature of its battery to maximise range ahead of driving away. A heat pump can scavenge energy from the outside air – even in sub-zero conditions – to reduce the amount of battery energy used by the climate control system. It can even utilise heat generated by the propulsion system to warm up the cabin, further reducing demand on the battery. The battery is placed centrally between the two axles, and as low down as possible. This location enables perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a low centre of gravity: together with the advanced double wishbone front and Integral Link rear suspension this is fundamental to the I-PACE’s agile handling and outstanding ride comfort. The permanent magnet motors are hollow, with the driveshafts passing through the centre. As well as being light – together with the transmission they weigh just 78kg – they’re also exceptionally compact. This contributes to the I-PACE’s spacious cabin, 656-litre luggage compartment volume and SUV ground clearance. Integrating the motors into the front and rear axles delivers all-wheel drive for outstanding traction and control in all conditions. They also enable high levels of regenerative braking – up to 0.4G. This maximises range, and also enables intuitive ‘single pedal’ driving in many conditions. I-PACE has received 66 global awards since it was revealed little more than a year ago, including 2019 World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, World Green Car, European Car of the Year, and German, Norwegian and UK Car of the Year. The Jaguar I-PACE is available to order now, priced from £60,995 in the UK1, and can be configured at 1 On-the-road price; includes £3,500 UK Government plug-in vehicle grant
  6. We have some Club T Shirts we are selling at up to 65% off RRP Grab a bargain while you can before they are all gone! T SHIRT SIZE: S / M / L / XL COLOUR: BLACK PRICE: £9.99 (usually £19.99) - FREE DELIVERY
  7. Hi Pete, I would guess that Classic Car Club might be able to give you some ideas as to value. It might also be worth to look at some auction results. I am sure you could find some on the internet. Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi Aj, Coolant is one of the facts that I saw when I googled the issue. Joe has given you some good information, as always! Regards, Peter.
  9. Im thinking it may be coolant that’s burning, ever heard of problems in the upper intake manifold leaking inside?
  10. Morning all. I have an agreed valuation of £10,000 for my 2001 XK8. It would seem that the insurance company will consider an agreed valuation up to this figure based on photographs and condition declaration forms completed by the owner. My car is a low mileage (38000) convertible in excellent condition and looking at recent prices i think I would struggle to replace it for 10K. In order to increase the agreed valuation I will need to obtain an independent valuation and wonder who would provide this service. Would it be a Main Dealer or an Independent or maybe a club? Any advice most welcome. Pete
  11. videos of the car here: eBay here: I've had the pleasure of owning this amazing (rare colour) XJS for last 18 months and I'm reluctantly selling her due to a house move... I purchased her from Justin Banks (Tonbridge, Kent) in late 2017 and the previous owner spent over £20K in a 'bolt / back to metal bodywork' upwards restoration (inc new roof) for the car. It then stood for a couple of years when I found her... in the original 'Silver Birch' metallic paint (actually looks light gold) with 'Doe Skin' coloured interior and around 48K original miles on the clock. I've spent another £5k getting all the rubber (bushes, hoses, belts) replaced at 'Kent jag Centre' as well as, new heater matrix and all the important things to make it reliable daily driver. I've serviced her twice a year there too. Kent Jag Centre also upgraded the exhaust to a 'simply performance' wider-bore stainless steel system (improving performance significantly (easier rev, better acceleration, better sound!!!). MOT just passed with no warnings etc. so another 12 months trouble free driving! The wheels have had their rims polished by 'old timer wheels' in Germany and I replaced (but have kept) the original stereo with a new pioneer Bluetooth head unit with 4 speakers + small sub to improve volume and quality of audio when driving with the roof down at speed. I also swapped out the leather steering wheel for a 'moto-lita' wood and chrome one. There are a couple of small blemishes on an otherwise perfect car... - Driver's door a few paint chips and the hinge needs adjusting as the door is opening too wide - Passenger window regulator is catching, meaning the window only goes down 50% - Driver's seat lumber has just started to come un-stitched along piping I have a file stuffed with nearly 100 pages of receipts, tax discs, history and Certificate from Jaguar Heritage showing the car has matching number engine, gear box, chassis etc I've owned a few Jaguars and none create the interest and admiring looks and comments that this one does. It's ACE!
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  13. hi I'd still try replacing the pcv only other thing is worn piston rings, piston ring end gaps too big though if its doing it only on first start up, there must be something on the heads, because like when valve stem seals fail, the oil weep through when it stands, so if yours smoke on start up, there must be something still passing from the heads cheers Joe
  14. Yes genuine jaguar valve seals. And i checked out the pcv valve and it seems to be functioning correctly
  15. Hi Jon, I've just had all four wheels aligned and that seems to have fixed the problem. Although I need to buy two new rear tyres as they were so misaligned they had excessive tread wear!
  16. hi if you car has H7 bulbs they should be plug and play, but you usually cant fit the rear cover because there much longer, or you have to cut holes in them, also without the cover they will also steam up on damp days also they may also fail mot, depending on your mot guy, officially they should and so would fitting hid bulbs in the past found fitting ring xenon 150 plus bulbs work well with halogen headlight cars, brighter and mot friendly cheers Joe
  17. hi usually valve stem seals, did you use genuine jaguar ones, some after market ones are really poor quality could also be the crankcase pcv, it controls the pressure in the crankcase, they stick as they get old and cause the pressure to rise in the engine case and cause oil to be pushed past the piston ring and smoke its on the left side of the engine and is like a round disc this is a common problem on higher miles cars cheers Joe
  18. Sounds more like castor angle to me. Any recollection of going over a pothole?
  19. on mine is makes a noice in the mornings when its cold. like brake pedal fart. so assuming its from the servo or both
  20. H Akaj, I am no mechanical expert, but I see that you have done quite a lot to correct it. If you google Car you will find a few reasons why, some of which you might have missed. Good Luck, Regards, Peter.
  21. Hello everyone Some info before i start, 2005 s type R 4.2 supercharged. Woth around 250,000 km at start up my car blows smoke from the exhaust, sometimes it barely smokes and sometimes it smokes so bad i cant see behind me in the rear view mirror for a few minutes untill it stops smoking. Usually its worse when the weather is cold out... looks & smells like burnt oil smoke, and i never noticed any coolant loss so i tore down the cylinder heads and replaced the all valve seat seals, 🤕all gaskets and timing components The old seals were obviously worn, i did not see any other obvious problems. its been about 250km of driving since I performed the job, and to my delight, there is still smoke on start up. Sometimes doesn’t smoke and sometimes smokes very bad. Compression is good in all cylinders, i wouldnt of cared so much if it wasnt a jag, but im determined to keep this car on the road, and im tortured by the fact that the problem isnt solved after all that work
  22. Hello all! I just bought a 2017 jaguar XE and saw that the car came with yellow halogen low beams. I want to change this to either HID's or LED's. I figured it would be an easy install because i remember seeing some people post about changing it over without an issue in various forums. I went ahead and bought the LED's and now im trying to find an install video because it does not seem like i can just pop these in like i originally thought. There are a few things i would have to remove but i wanted to ask you guys before i end up messing something up.. Does anybody know or have any experience changing out the lowbeams to LEDs? The LED's i bought has the bulb connected to a small ballast with a 2 pronged connector on the other end. here is the link to the LED's i bought ... lights-kit Thank you in advanced for any opinions or input!
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  24. hi there recently bought my first jag 64 plate xf 3.0 diesel sport portfolio got to say I love it.small problem my high level brake light is full insects has anybody removed one any tips thanks dave
  25. Brake servo and master cylinder from a 2011 XF breaker cost me £30 and was a direct replacement for the one on my 2.7 S-Type. However, if you are seeing loss of vacuum, have you ruled out the vacuum pump?
  26. hi centraling is done with tracking usually, so I would get tracking, wheel alignment checked first cheers Joe
  27. mine was superceded to the model number XR856588 which is for the XF pricey.. especially when you compare prices to the X-type.. they are really cashing in on it
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