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  1. I Have 2 pairs of Jag snow-socks but have never actually needed them. Bought as an insurance policy as car came with 4 new tyres (Summer). As soon as they are worn enough to justify replacement I will be fitting Bridgestone A005 Weather Control (19") as past experience with Michelin Cross Climates on a SAAB 95 suggest all season tyres are all you need unless you intend going off road. Experience with the Michelins makes me confident All season tyres are best policy with snow socks as a back-up if in a very hilly / snowy area like the top of the pennines. John
  2. Hi My 2013 XF Sportbrake had this before I bought it (cost of repair was just over £1000 at Jag indy according to paperwork). No sign of water since I got it but as part of the fix they left a small drain hole open in the spare wheel well so hopefully if it did recur it would not be so expensive. As belt and braces I have installed a battery operated flood alarm from ebay I have put the sensor in the deepest spot in the well and keep the alarm itself in the boot and just test every couple of weeks. The braces part is several silica moisture packs dotted around by the battery and suspension pump etc. As part of repair, previous owner presumably cut a corner (cost) by replacing the AGM Main battery with a standard Lead-Acid battery which I have since replaced having read about the difference. 🙂
  3. My first check would be: is the phone still locked to a different network than your new SIM?
  4. Hi I have same spec/year Sportbrake. From my research it seems that I don't have the "mirror pack" which was an option to give Heated and Folding Mirrors along with Blindspot monitoring and reverse nearside dip. Mine has no mirror setting options available in the display and mirrors neither heat nor fold (but do adjust) which is a dissapointment and my only real complaint with the car after 12 months very happy ownership. John