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  1. Hi Although mine is 2013 I presume basics are similar. Along with many modern luxury cars the XF has a whole raft of computers which use a LOT of energy. When you are just sat in the car without the engine running the car will be drawing several amps as the computers are all engaged waiting for you to start the car. That is why you get the warnings 🙂 Hopefully the computers will be able to reset themselves without any intervention but the modules are sensitive to low voltage events causing software corruption. Personally I ensure battery is always topped off using my CTek charger once a week. If sitting in the car for awhile I would always keep the engine running as the computers may not shut down if you do not exit and lock the car. John
  2. Hi Sounds like it needs a new outer sill in near future. I had a similar notifaction on my daughters clio and it just needed a new radiator support bracket. I would get a reliable bodyshop to have a look. Good luck John
  3. Hi I would check mileage recorded at service in 2018, along with mileage at any MOT (should be at least one) to compare with current mileage. That will show how much use it has had potentially "unserviced". Given the reduction in most mileages due to covid it could be the previous owner was going off mileage and ignoring the time period for servicing. Obviously main issue with servicing is oil so if it is 3 years overdue a service but has only done 10k since last service I would be happy (if given a decent discount!) John
  4. On mine the work was tried at the purchasing dealer (Fiat/Volvo) so clearly they did not have SDD. The fault came up as Front Outer Parking Sensor which they changed but did not cure the problem so sent me to Jag dealer. My understanding is that the Jag Dealer found the same fault code and, as the sensor was already replaced, had a play with the front bumper loom to arrive at their diagnosis.
  5. Hi. That happened to me too, several times before it finally went altogehter. See what the codes are as it is quite possible it is a dodgy parking sensor or a dodgy connector / bumper loom. Good luck
  6. Hi Camera and parking sensors work as a a coherent parking assistance system so a fault in any component will automatically shut off the other bits of assistance and warn you that you are "on your own". Need to get the codes read with a jaguar compliant code reader but if you have already done the boot loom my bet would be a front parking sensor or the front bumper wiring loom. Mine was the wiring loom. @£40 for the parts from Jaguar. Other possibility would be low battery which throws up all sorts of random faults. Does you Stop/Start work? Good luck
  7. Hi From fig 58 it looks like the front axle differential is built into the gearbox casing, Info from www.jagrepair.com Regards John 2002 MY X-TYPE Transfer box.pdf
  8. Hi The XF is very unforgiving of low voltage and it can cause corruption of the many computers which would cost a lot more to fix than a battery replacement. If I were you I would change the battery now or get a CTek charger to keep the battery topped-up until you do change it. Failing that, at least make sure you do a good hours drive when you do use it. John
  9. On my 2013 XF sportbrake the problem was faulty front bumper wiring loom (front offside parking sensor connection corroded) replaced for less than £200 by Jaguar dealer. On the XF the parking sensors and camera work as a complete system so a fault in any part can shut down all of it, eg a faulty front parking sensor can stop the rear camera working as well as the parking warnings. If it was me I would be trying a good auto-electrician as they should be able to repair the wiring loom or even replace it with a used one for a fraction of that price. I would only expect that sort of cost for replacement of the entire wiring for the car. I know it is apples and oranges but I had the entire front wiring loom replaced on a Peugeot 208 by main dealer for £1200 4 years ago. Good luck
  10. Hi As I said in earlier post mine had this sorted before I got it but it came with a receipt from Preston Jag Centre for @£1100 from late 2017. I have heard good reports about JagMan in wigan. Might be worth a call. Hope you get it sorted OK.
  11. Hi I get @25mpg in town, @35mpg on short journeys to the shops etc, @42mpg on a run and 50+ on a motorway run. Highest I have managed is 62mpg at a steady 55mph on a quiet, flat motorway. Love the car in all of the above scenarios. Your actual figures would depend on how far you are from the motorway at each end, what the traffic on the motorway is like etc, but mid 40's is easily achievable on that sort of journey. 🙂
  12. Hi Bruno Can you give us some more detail. Any warning lights or messages? Does it turn over? Does it Lock/Unlock OK? John
  13. Have you tried an adapter? Would this work? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144342187254?hash=item219b76fcf6:g:5L4AAOSwa21hxEyW
  14. Hi Mark I have 2013 Sportbrake. On mine a single press of the lock on the remote locks the car. A second press engages the deadlocks and will be confirmed by a single beep. I think the "logic" is the same in the keyless system. That is the single beep means the computers have recieved confirmation from each of the door and tailgate locks that the "lock" action was successful. If they don't get that confirmation you are given a double beep instead. That suggests you are locking the car. Is it every lock you can still open after this or just the drivers door? I would try locking at the limit of the remotes range (walk away trying to lock until you reach a range where it won't lock then add a couple of yards with the key pressed to your head). Once you get a single beep take the key even further away before trying to return to the car (obviously without the key) then check each entry point. Only thing I can think of is a mechanical failure in one mechanism which engages the lock mechanism sufficiently to allow a successful lock to be mis-reported. If all entry points are unlocked but the car still only gives a single beep I am at a loss..... John
  15. Hi Basically the camera and parking sensors work as a system and if one bit fails they all down tools, the thought process being it is better to tell you that you are doing things without their help than let you bump into something because one bit was not working and you were relying on a warning that never came 🙂 You need to get the codes read which should identify the problem area. In my case it showed a faulty front parking sensor but it was in fact the front bumper wiring loom feeding that sensor (identified when changing sensor did not fix problem). Good luck
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