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  1. Hi Chris and welcome 🙂 When you say it was repaired by Jaguar I assume you took it to a main dealer for the repair. In my experience most dealers then pass the car to a bodywork specialist to actually do the repair work but your contract remains with the company that you (or the insurance company) paid to do the repair, probably the Jaguar dealer. My first port of call would be the Jag dealer as it sounds to me like a software issue. The chances of both fob batteries failling together are pretty low. My guess is it needs a software reset, as they almost certainly disconnected the battery,
  2. Love mine to bits. No less reliable than anything else, just try and buy one that has been loved and serviced regularly. In my view a wad of bills that have been paid means the ones you have to to fund will be fewer. My wife got a 2015 Skoda Rapid 1.6D at the same time I got my 2013 XF Sportbrake 2.2D S (200). Servicing and repairs on hers has cost more than on the Jag over last 2.5 years. Other than service items I have had top balljoints on front suspension replaced (£400) and new rear discs and pads mostly worn by previous owner (£350) and I have done 25000 mile and discs are like new (gent
  3. Big John

    Cam belt

    Hi Chris Depends on your engine but Jaguar dealers should do it on the fixed price servicing for 3+ years. Costs are here: https://www.swanswaygarages.com/jaguar/servicing-parts/fixed-priced/ Obviously an independent will be probably be a bit cheaper. Regards John
  4. Hi Tracey Welcome. First choice, given the cost, would be to get some more batteries which are from a reputable source and a well known brand. Batteries do have a shelf life and if they are from fleabay they may be either very old or not very good. Regards John
  5. Hi Think you need to get any DTC codes read. Like everything else on these cars it is not a simple wire to the bulb, an earth connection and a switch. There are a whole host of computer modules, leveling sensors, motors, LAN connections, warning lights etc. etc. A fault in any will cause issues. I am waiting for a diagnostic on the "Camera Unavailable" issue after my supplying non-jag dealer diagnosed faulty parking sensor which is still not working after replacing it 😞 In my case itis probably a faulty front bumper wiring loom which if faulty closes down both camera and parking assistanc
  6. Hi Alan My first port of call would be the battery state of charge. Low voltage causes all sorts of random issues. Has the Stop/Start been working OK? If not cause is likely a low voltage. Do you have a charger? If so connect it ASAP. If not, and the car still starts, go for a long run and turn as many electrics as possible off to allow the alternator to recharge the battery. If all of the above don't help please come back as I am sure that there are more wise heads than mine to help you. 🙂 Regards John
  7. Hi I would start with those connectors you previously identified and check if there is any corrosion on the contact faces of their mating surfaces. I assume you have also dried out all of the "electrics" in the boot and emptied the pool of water if there is one? Regards John
  8. Hi When you say it cranked a couple of times then gave in I presume you mean it just stopped turning the engine. That certainly sounds like a low battery voltage could be the problem. Low voltage causes all sorts of issues with the multiple computers. You say it is a new battery. Is it an AGM? If your 11.7v was resting voltage battery is pretty well drained. as a rough guide resting AGM state of charge for 100% is 12.8v, 0% is 11.8v, I would try charging battery in first instance.
  9. Hi If you have an AGM battery with a Stop/Start system make sure you replace with an AGM battery. They are more expensive but they are what is required. Regards John
  10. I will be renewing my 3 year rolling service plan in the new year but that is because it is tied to a "warranty 4 life" (Non-Jag). Looking at the cost of fixed price servicing for 3+years at Jag Dealers your service at 4 years and 6 years if you include a Brake fluid change would be around £800-900. Add to that the cost of the 2 year Service and you are probably not far off your quote.Personally I would never go 2 years between oil changes but I am old school 🙂 For me the decider is do you rate the dealers service and how much is it worth to have a contractual service arrangement with a m
  11. Hi I would ensure battry is fully charged. Low voltage events are well known to corrupt the software which could be the cause. Was the garage where you had the work done a Jag dealer? Regards John
  12. Hi Pretty sure you will also need to swap the Rear Door Control Module from your exisiting door to the new one or the new one will need reprogramming to the car. Regards John
  13. Hi John Joe is quite right. Blue = Oil, Black = Soot. You say it is a recent purchase, in which case I would be going back to the seller if they are a dealer. When you say the Garage has carried out "every test" have they done as Joe suggests and looked for oil in the air intake system. Have you checked engine oil level is not over-filled? Regards John
  14. Hi Baskar If it was me I would be at the dealers speaking quite loudly to the boss in the middle of the showroom and making my concerns very clear. If it has been with them for a week and they have not sorted it are they expecting it to just magically repair itself? If they have changed the Battery and the problem is not sorted what is their plan? As they already have the car you are a little constrained but I would want to know what Diagnostic codes they pulled from the vehicle before changing the battery. Also check your warranty as although the "battery" may be excluded so you may
  15. Hi Baskar Sorry to hear of your problems. Have you tried holding the key under the auxilliary switch panel to see if it is then recognised? I had a totally flat battery due to lack of usage during covid lockdown so feel your pain. My only problem was non opening rear doors (totally locked) and inopperative rear windows. Sorted under warranty but believe it was a cheap re-programming fix if the garage know what they doing. Mine was in the dealers (non-jag) overnight but that was simply to re-charge the battery. Basically these cars have multiple modules which are little computers
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