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  1. Hi Iain. Image attached to remove the top cover but from your post I think your problem is the bottom. I think that is not removable and would need a complete replacement unit or maybe try a repair with filler and repaint? Regards John
  2. Hi Mine is 2013 so assume similar to yours. In audio on the home screen I select My music and then on the phone start spotify and it works 🙂 if you are still strugling maybe post some images or a video so we can advise... Regards John
  3. Hi How did you get an MOT? I thought Park Brake Fault Light aor a Dynamic Stability Control light were classed as a Major Fault resulting in a fail. Kind regards John
  4. Just a thought as the manual is from an american site it is possible that locations are swapped side-to-side for RHD so maybe located on drivers side. Hope you get it sorted 🙂 John
  5. Hi This is from jagrepair.com: http://www.jagrepair.com/images/Electrical/Elect-Tech All2/87 - 88 XJ6 Series III XJS Electrical.pdf Regards John
  6. Hi Great cars you will love it. Things to look for are water in the front footwell and spare wheel compartments which are known issues and can cause expensive problems if the computers in the area get wet. Check everything electrical works. As Clive said brake discs tend to need replacing after 3 yrs or so. If it has Stop/Start make sure it works (should stop engine when you stop after warm up unless air-con, lights etc going full blast). If it does not work battery(ies) might need replacing and they are AGM so around £150 plus for the primary one. Other than that stuff you would do on any car. Check air-con blows cold, beware cheap / worn / damaged tyres, worn wiper blades all of which suggest poor care by previous owner. Good service history should reassure and I would beware of very low mileage diesels at that age as the DPF and EGR do not like a diet of exclusively short journeys. But don't let the above put you off they are great cars and I love mine to bits 🙂 Regards John
  7. Hi Easily had on the Internet. £10 on eBay or Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime same day delivery if you hurry https://www.amazon.co.uk/Grendle-DIESEL-MISFUEL-DEVICE-RESET/dp/B07RBX6M8S/ Under £5 if you try aliexpress but that takes weeks. 🙂 John
  8. ...and the 2.2D is either 200bhp or 163bhp.
  9. Hi Julie https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/c2d20230-snow-sock-kit.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9pOeouv48gIVyu3tCh0zGQq_EAQYASABEgIWHPD_BwE Much easier to fit than chains and hopefully would get you out of trouble. 🙂 John
  10. Hi I use the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 all seasons (all 4 corners) and am very impressed with the performance so far (A rated for rain) but not had any thick snow to test them in yet. I also have 4 Jaguar snow socks for the next "Beast from the East" but they are still in the wrapping and have never actually needed them in the 3 years I have had the car! John
  11. ..... but only if they were originally fitted 😞 Mine does not have them. John
  12. Hi Misfueling device has been triggered. There is a yellow plastic tool on top of the battery to reset it. Basically push it down the filler and lift Look down the filler and you will see a bright yellow flap with a symbol of a manual on it. Instructions are in the handbook or just google it as there are good videos on youtube. Land Rover has the same system. Regards John
  13. Hi My starting point would be to read the DTC codes as without them you really are guessing. John
  14. Hi Bill Was the battery changed in an attempt to solve these problems? If so it is possible that the previous battery allowed one or more low voltage events which triggered the faults, effectively corrupting a bit of the software which you are now living with the consequences of. Bottom line is you need to get the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) read and cleared. If it was a problem battery that may well sort it. However I would guess the most likely culprit to be an ABS wheel sensor. In order for the TCM (transmission control module) to control the gearbox it requires inputs from a range of other systems sensors, such as the ABS system which tells it how fast each wheel is turning. All of the sensors are used by multiple sytems and a fault in a sensor will throw a warning in all of the dependant systems down the line. My advice is to get the codes read as this should at the very least point you in the right direction Let us know how you get on. Regards John
  15. Hi Personally I would not entertain changing the system. (see what I did there!). The electronics on these cars are very interconnected and I would be frightened to death of bricking the car. As others have said a much safer option is to look at using access via aux sockets or even one of those FM tramsmitters you could attach to your phones headphone socket . John
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