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  1. This may be of interest and indeed help, https://www.jaginfo.org/threads/xf-owners-beware-water-ingress-into-cjb.111034/ Worth a read just in case.
  2. Here you go, http://www.jagrepair.com/images/Electrical/Elect-Tech All2/2012 XF - X250Comp.pdf
  3. On your car, positive to the battery terminal and negative to a suitable ground point.
  4. That question I cannot answer unfortunately. I would hazard a guess at the bottom of the ‘A’ pillars inside the car.
  5. The relays may well be the soldered in type below the grill in your picture. If you’ve found the fuses, switch them on and check for power at the fuses.
  6. Right side is relay R13, fuse F7 40A and left side is relay R3, fuse F32 40A, both in the engine fuse box.
  7. I see nothing on the drawings to suggest there is a light around the ignition barrel.
  8. It looks like this is what you’re after. https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/xr82213-housing.html
  9. To drain a battery that quick would require a huge amount of current. I suggest you do not connect another battery until you have carried out some fault finding. Main cables, spare wheel well, front water drains and then the various modules.
  10. I would think you’d be looking at bespoke floor mats with all that on them. Try this place, https://www.mrcarmats.co.uk/jaguar-xkr-car-mats.html
  11. You’re welcome, glad to have helped and thanks for the update.🤙
  12. Before you go bring stuff you may not need, check the inertia switch hasn’t tripped. Also check the fuel pump relay and fuse.
  13. Have a check around the breakers yards in your area for a used one. Check also that the carpets in the footwells are not wet.
  14. May just be your battery voltage being slightly low or a bit of moisture around the coil pack area. Either way, charge the battery first and then see if it happens again.
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