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  1. Stewart, if you had no air in the system the car would be sitting extremely low. A common failure is the compressor for which there are rebuild kits. Before you buy anything I would suggest you have the codes read to see if it points to anything specific.
  2. Great news Jim, another reason not to go to Halfords.
  3. Jimbov8


    Hi Jim, There is no fuses for the indicators, the switch stalk sends the input signal to the General Electric Module, the output of which goes directly to the indicators. For main beam check fuses F1 10A and F4 10A both in the front distribution fuse box. These fuses are supplied by relay R1, in the same box. It is possible, damage may have occurred to the GEM. This link will give you the electrical manual for your car. http://www.jagrepair.com/images/Electrical/XTypeElectrical/2008 MY X-TYPE Electrical Guide.pdf
  4. Might be a good idea to post some pictures with a price you have in mind.
  5. Update to above. 55 XK8 width is 2015mm mirror to mirror unfolded.
  6. 1912mm from mirror to mirror folded, 2070mm mirror to mirror unfolded.
  7. Although not the same year, this video may give you a clue.
  8. Just take the wheel off Terry, much better access, you’ll see everything you need to and you won’t need to get on your back.😉
  9. Hi Terry, the icarsoft LR II is what you need but make sure you get it from a reputable company. It will certainly tell you what’s wrong and where the problem is. I feel your problem will either be the ring or the sensor and hopefully not the wiring.
  10. It’s a bit daft Tom, if people can forget they have it connected then they surely can push blutac into the barrel by forgetting its there. If people are that mentally deficient then hang a warning triangle on the steering wheel, that’s if they can remember to do that.
  11. If there is no fault then it should clear after 3 drive cycles, try one more Terry. If it still doesn’t clear then the next thing is to look at reluctor rings on the rear wheels. If you don’t know, it’s a segmented ring around the hub, the sensor sits above it. These rings become corroded over time and bulge. This then scrubs the face of the sensor and it then goes defective.
  12. Jimbov8

    Boot opening

    It just pops open then you have to lift it the rest of the way.😊
  13. You have no problem there Rob. Just close the boot and lock the car, the CTEK will take care of itself.
  14. Hi Terry, you don’t need to take the battery out to charge it though circumstances may dictate that you do. As long as you have the radio code and you disconnect the negative first, there is nothing else to watch for.