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  1. You may get more info from this forum, https://www.jaginfo.org/login/
  2. Rod, if you have a smart charger/maintainer such as the CTEK, then yes you can leave it on the car. Simply hook it up and forget about it. Not only will it bring the battery up to full charge, it will then maintain it.
  3. Counting the flashes will equate to a code eg. 2 flashes, a short pause and 2 flashes, long pause and then repeated will give a airbag code of 2-2. Once you have the code we can then get you in a particular area to look for the problem. Most likely problem, from your description, would be the clockspring within the steering wheel.
  4. Have a read of this thread Brian, might shed some light on your problem. https://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=42717
  5. 2 supplies to check first are to the air suspension module. Fuse F12 10A in the rear distribution fuse box and the 20A fuse off the transit isolation relay. The air suspension relay R1 takes an output from the module to switch on. The output circuit feeds fuse F6 40A in the front power distribution fuse box. This thread may be helpful with the P1638 code. https://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=94319
  6. They could be historical. As you have them recorded here, delete them and see if they reappear.
  7. If you can’t replicate the fault and it doesn’t happen for you then what is your wife doing that is different? Check the easy stuff first.
  8. Perfectly normal John. You will also find that if you play the radio without the engine running it will shutdown after 10min. These cars are power hungry and they don’t like low voltages.
  9. What voltage do you have at the battery terminals with the engine running?
  10. From the forums I’m a member of and the many people I know with x types, not once have I seen it said, the seats are uncomfortable. If you can find one close by, go for a test drive.🙂
  11. Could also be a slightly worn brake pedal switch.
  12. He is contactable through jaguarforum.com as “bertieboy9”. I’m not on the Facebook either.😊
  13. Might be worth contacting Mark Burton in Leeds, you’ll find him on the Facebook. He breaks x types.
  14. Should be close to the reservoir or under it. Just follow the pipes.
  15. Dunlops used to be my tyre of choice, never had a problem with them. I have since switched to Michelin and found them to be far superior compared to the Dunlops.😁