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  1. Wow Russ what a treat indeed... and a great Happy Birthday to yourself. Thanks for sharing the link too. I may have a look at that. Rgds Stuart
  2. Hello, Can someone with access to JTIS help me with the procedure to re-calibrate the steering angle sensor please? I hear that it is covered in there but i can't access it through my pc for some reason.... i will deal with that later. Cheers Stuart
  3. Thank you Mike Much appreciated. Does anyone know if there is a directory on here of members with diagnostic systems willing to offer help when needed?
  4. So today i took the car for its MOT and got a failure notice... Three items - 1. DSC not available being the maim item and 2. headlight aim issue which i will sort in the morning and 3. broken drivers front spring which admittedly i didn't see when i changed the discs/pads...was round the back!. I have a new spring for that. I had done all the bits that I thought had needed attention in the previous few weeks including a few new bushes and rear stabiliser arms new back box etc. I had also fitted a replacement cassette (clock spring, AKA steering angle sensor) at the weekend which removed the air bag sensor warning light. But then i got a new code C1277 which is intermittent (but sadly not at time of the MOT). Following the MOT, had the codes read. They are as the pic below. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Do i need to get the steering angle sensor re calibrated or is there something im obviously not doing?
  5. thanks for sharing that Mike and i may well take you up on that offer if i dont get sorted soon. Glad you got better service than Mike and I....i agree a phone number would have been useful to us all.
  6. Dear forum members. Help,...I got the following codes /issues that have been flagged up today PO333 Knock sensor 2 circuit high input - assuming i can get a replacement part (new or 2nd's) is a straight forward job to do...anyone that has done this before? also Steering angle sensor fault codes- is this another name for the clock spring? and is this straight forward to do. I hear that i have to take the airbag out which may or may not require battery removal? Rgds Stuart
  7. Having had varying amounts of challenge / failure with this I thought id share my experience so Far. With help from fellow forum member/moderator - Raistlin (Paul) I have gotten some way to having a diagnostics tool up and running. I saw this thread somewhat too late to help Mike and those that might have gone off and ordered that product based on experiences. Londonmike apologies for not tuning in sooner i could have helped a little more! I will explain what I've done so far..... Ordered I car soft i9300 through E bay (In November) and that finished up with me returning it (as it didn't want to connect) despite the E bay seller telling me it was good for my model....I contacted the manufacturer in the US who said i needed an LR 2 Model and that i9300 was incompatible. I didn't order the LR 2. That took three weeks to sort and the money eventfully refunded through pay-pal. I had to pay the postage at £12 grrr. Next...I then tried British Diagnostics as that was suggested from various posts etc. I asked them (BD) a brief question about the operating system software and got a very swift reply that was to do with the latest MS units which it doesn't (IMHO) properly mention on the BD website. I immediately ordered (15th Dec) the lead and software and got an instant invoice. It was on 48 hours delivery. But after three days nothing arrived. A week went by and nothing. So i messaged. There was no reply. I messaged several more times and got no reply to any of my messages. I thought if i make a call to them but you will notice there is no telephone number. I had paid through pay-pal so raised it with them. They suggested cancelling the order. I then got a message from BD on 3rd Jan promising a refund as they seemingly couldn't fulfil the order. That duly occurred. Lots of effort here so far but no result yet! So seeing this post and thanks to Paul I went down the route of getting the OBD .... Mongoose: http://www.obdii.co.uk/car-diagnostic-tools-c-2/jlr-mongoose-for-jaguar-and-land-rover?zenid=p4c3cv188m55o7r8715a0kc5f3 I ordered that last week and it came yesterday but this finished at £67 and you get a message from the courier saying that before they deliver they need to be paid import duty at £17. I paid on arrival and I then asked OBD about it saying they had not advised of this at time of order. They refunded that to me earlier today.......If you don't ask.... I am currently working on a partition for my windows7 machine with a recent purchase of Windows XP pro so i can run the JTIS and SDD / IDS on the same machine I came across this post whilst trawling another forum: https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/xk8-xkr-x100-17/british-diagnostics-ids-sdd-173843/ Having said all of that i know some of you have had success with BD...but not all of us Hope you are sorted now MIke. Let us know how you got on. Rgds
  8. Thanks and thanks for sharing that Gary. Im glad you got it sorted out.
  9. Well done Gary for getting it sorted. Did you notice any very obvious issues with the old screen? I haven't done anything else as yet on that although i had a spare 30 mins so took the o/s sill cover off to have a look/apply a waxoyle application...and all in order im pleased to say ....n/s is the next job. Im still sorting the diagnostics side of things first. Thanks to Forum moderator - Raistlin (Paul) i am making progress for help with the software. Currently trying to solve the XP partition matter. Grrr
  10. Hello Gareth, i had a similar problem with mine.... and a well know motor factor. When changing a the top hose / heater control valve / the Radiator (id only planned on the heater control valve - but....one thing leads to another scenario) i noticed it (the belt) had cracked severely so knowing the headaches one of those causes ( I also have a Land rover Disco) i decided to change it. Asking the motor factor if in stock by phone....yes we have and they've got two different ones both apparently for the car. How can that be i asked? Reply being don't know! I paid for both and set off to deal. I compared them to the one that was on it and we had three different sizes the biggest difference was about 120mm smallest was 85mm... but nothing remotely near mine. Added the fact that mine didn't have a number on it so that made it a bit tricky to ID. I went back to motor factor with all three belts and we tried to sort. They admitted defeat and refunded the money. I then called local Jag dealer. Yes we have one was the reply. It was twice the price but matched my original. The slight complication in all this was that my Disco was also off the road so out came the push bike for a 28 mile round trip.
  11. Thanks all....Job done and normal sound is resumed. I couldn't have picked a wetter day so cleared some room in the garage and in she went. Once the water on the car had drained away / mopped up....to get the old one off proved a little tricky but the replacement is on... and all is good..
  12. Thanks Joe and Russ. I have made contact with the breakers and if we can agree price (currently 35 plus 15 shipping) then a replacement is what ill get. Im doing the one atm. What i have found is that the radio is good at drowning out what has become a daytime racket! Ill keep you posted. Stuart
  13. Dear all, ...So i was driving around yesterday and all of a sudden the car starts to growl loudishly suggesting to me that the exhaust was off. Sure enough a quick look below and yes it has broken away at the front of the back box off side - rusted it seems. Question is do i just replace it (breakers have a few for £35 plus post) or should i consider a straight through piece from somewhere? 2.5 V6. petrol Thanks a lot Stuart
  14. Hi Gary, i hope you get it sorted soon and its a cheapish fix too. My passenger side is soooo useful ...for the passenger that is:) Thanks for keeping us posted btw. Im putting this on the back burner for now as a few other things to sort first. Like - I bought a diagnostics unit (I car soft I9300) suited to this model (i was told) and it turns out after linking it up it doesn't fully work with this model (2004 2.5 v6). I then contacted the Manufacturer who said.... i need a different one...Grrr. Tbh for the price i paid (£100) i should have just gone down the route of a IDS/SDD cable (at £100) and used my old laptop. Grrr. You live and learn. I also have to consider that the rear rumble which i thought was the wheel bearings or diff (and had since bought replacements) could actually be the torque converter. I have read various posts on forums/chatted to other owners, and it seems that im not alone on this. So gearbox out. I'll probably start a post on this soon. Rgds Stuart
  15. Yes i heard about that ...famous Stow....you not that far away from me! Rgds Stuart
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