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  1. Are you sure the coil packs and plugs under the inlet manifold were done? Not sure these breaking down would lead to the cutting out, but when I got mine, it had the jerky acceleration you mention until I got in there and swapped these out. Many leave this bank of cylinders as it's a faff to get to 😉
  2. Russ68

    Fuel pump

    I did the briefest Google and threw up a number of options for fuel pump at ~£75, so not too bad. But clearly you'll need to dig a bit deeper to ensure these are compatible with your car. I've found Berkshire Jag Spares pretty knowledgeable in the past, so worth a call if they're still open during lockdown. Good luck! Russ 😉
  3. Hi Michael, welcome to the forum, sills look good, underside looks scabby but representative. I had mine cleaned off and sealed, to neaten it up and offer some protection. A filthy job a didn't fancy myself so paid ~£200 for. Well worth it in my book, peace of mind etc 😉
  4. Completely agree Peter, a racket indeed! Surprised more people don't just change the rubbers 😉
  5. Hi Peter, I'm not sure she mentioned it was the washers at fault, but I'm sure you're right, perhaps I missed that. To me it seems a bit of a racket to replace the entire wiper arm when it's the rubber that's the wearing part. It's easy to open one end, remove the old rubber and replace with new, especially on a car like the S-Type, where removal and replacement of the wiper arm could be easier 😉
  6. But I'm suggesting she keeps her old wipers and hence washers, and just changes the rubber blade. Which can be bought from eBay and elsewhere. Of course if it's the washer that's the broken bit, then she will need to replace the wiper arm. But if not and the wiper has failed on performance, inserting a new rubber would seem a good fix 😉
  7. How about just changing the rubbers? Wouldn't this save a lot of hassle? I've been doing this for years and it seems to work well along with being cheaper and less wasteful 😉
  8. Since I ordered my 1st service kit from Berkshire Jag Spares, I get everything from them. I generally order by phone to go through the options and it's always arrived quick and right. They may want VIN, but more likely explain year and model and they'll know the rest 😉
  9. Hey Saul, I did mine awhile back and can't remember any issues. If anything the Jag was easier than some as bigger and better quality components. There was a countersunk crosshead retaining screw on the discs which took some persuading, I may have used and impact driver on that. I recall having to buy a brake piston wind back tool to get the calipers wound back in, but pretty sure this was for the rears, not fronts. Good luck, you should be fine 😉
  10. This is a good place to start, I did the same when I got mine although she wasn't as bad as yours by the sounds of it! Do a full service including oil and filters if you like and want to keep her 😉 PS. You're probably aware the inlet manifold needs to come off to access one bank of cylinders. Get gaskets for this and give everything a clean and lube while you're in there 👍
  11. She'd be one hot granny! 😍 Do we know if they're modifying an original MK2, or total remake from new parts?
  12. Interesting, what a beauty, here's a link to some more info. And an even better write up here. I thought for a moment they used the AJ-V8 with a 5 speed, but it's not, it's the older 6 cylinder...
  13. No worries! The gearbox is not an issue for me as I have a manual, but I'm showing a DSC fault after her standing more than she has since we've had her, so corrosion is a likely candidate. Just need to free up some time to give the old girl some attention
  14. Well done! Very interesting! Our S-Type has not been getting much use and has a had a DSC fault come up. Cleaning the rings and checking the sensors seems a good place to start. I've just looked and there seems plenty of online advise as to how to do this. So I'll give it a go