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  1. Hi everyone, Juliette and Dutchy broke the ice yesterday with her first visit to the Jaguar Sick Bay. It wasn't a major issue that took us to see Dr. Paul, just a broken glove compartment door catch mounting and Dutchy had actually secured the catch with some hardware from his aptly named 'come-in-handy-bucket' into which hardware salvaged from appliances which are throw away [TX] or life expired [LX]. By reclaiming hardware saves having to buy a blister pack of whatever just for one or two. The catch mount had been shattered so a long screw was required to bridge the gap of a few centimetres to double the number of securing fasteners. Paul's help was needed to reinstall the glove box since some miscellaneous bits and pieces had fallen out of somewhere unknown during removal and he would know where everything lived. Juliette was distracted from her minor op while she chatted with a Daimler SP250 and a '60-ish 3.8 S type and before we knew it her dash was restored to as new or as I said to Paul, 'Like a bought one mate'.