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  1. David6255

    Faulty smart key

    sometimes when changing battery the 3 lugs that connect onto battery get bent and dont make contact..does your spare work aswell...regards david
  2. David6255

    Hi all

    welcome to the world of the xf rob..enjoy
  3. David6255

    XK Knee.

    graham if your car as memory seats make one of them for getting in and out of the car..when your in the car just press the one for everyday driving
  4. David6255

    number plate bulb replacement

    hi kevin i had similar problem with mine..but converted them to led...2 number plate lights which came with leads to plug into your existing bulb holders was bout £12-13 from ebay...beenin there nearly a year now and problem now gone
  5. David6255

    Front park aid - can it be set to "always on"?

    close to where i used to live this garage..some lovely cars in there...now pass it on way to my aunties in knotty green
  6. hi afsar i use chiltern jaguar in stokenchurch bucks...01442 832932 they used to be based in bovingdon herts ..hence the number..but they are a friendly bunch and know there jags...good luck
  7. David6255


    i would check the boot loom where it goes between the boot and car...quite common in breaking the wires
  8. David6255


    hi dan mines due in may so might drop you a line nearer the time regards david
  9. David6255

    Phil McG

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pcs-12V-6000K-White-18-SMD-LED-Rear-License-Light-Plate-Lights-For-Jaguar-XJ-XF/152719329857?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 ..i used these as my first thought when one of mine didnt work was boot loom but that checked out fine so put these in and been fine since phil
  10. David6255

    XF Handbrake issue

    hi colin did you manage to get sorted?
  11. David6255

    mystrey noise

    Mine did this but was creaking noise turning on right hand lock but got gradually worse to slow speeds when turning....had the steering rack bushes renewed and all quiet now
  12. David6255

    XF Handbrake issue

    i tried the rest procedure on mine but epb control unit wasnt communicating with main ecu...thats why ended up at jag specialist...good luck hope you get it sorted
  13. David6255

    XF Handbrake issue

    took mine to jag specialist after having rear pads fitted then week later parking brake fault msg came up..all they did was reset handbrake on they computer..been fine ever since
  14. David6255

    XF Handbrake issue

    hi colin have you had any work done to rear brakes lately?
  15. David6255

    xf premium luxury 3.0d

    hello would like to say thankyou very much to "CARRS,TRURO" jaguar dealership for sorting my punctured tyre and broken wheel[by tyre shop] nut out so promptly at short notice whist on holiday...excellent service from all...also car was fully cleaned inside out...so once again thanx