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  1. Suppedraken

    Budget headlamp polishing

    The good thing about elbow grease it that it's always on hand.
  2. Suppedraken

    XK Knee.

    I use Memory 1 with the seat and the steering wheel in their furthest postion to get in and out of the car, and Memory 2 as the driving position. The favourite wife laughs at me, but she's the one who needs one of these: 🙂
  3. Suppedraken

    Is it just me?

    No, that is the objective and universal truth. 🙂 The first time I saw the XF and XE, I thought they were Chryslers. They're ugly and in my honest opinion the last good looking Jaguars were the XK8 pre-facelift and the S-Type.
  4. The dedicated kits from 3M, Meguiar's, etc, is much better, but a nail file from the supermercado will get you a long way if the lamps are really bad. But the coarsest side is too coarse and the step from the second coarsest side to the polishing side is too big to remove the scratches. And toothpaste makes it worse again. Vinegar and baking soda applied by hand may help, but I couldn't see any big difference.
  5. Suppedraken

    Pimp my Hilux

  6. Suppedraken

    Pimp my Hilux

    Got the frame sandblasted and rustprotected. Got a new (old) bed. Welded and repaired all holes and dents. Rustprotected the bed and the cabin as well. Painted the whole thing rapeseed yellow and put on some decals. Now the favourite wife tries to convince me that it needs bigger wheels. Too much air around them, she says, it doesen't look good. She wants me to have these:
  7. Suppedraken

    Football Focus

    I think this may be Liverpool's year; they have their strongest team since 08-09 and possibly since the eighties. And I hope Brentford will do ok.
  8. Suppedraken

    Fuel filler flap opening problem

    I had no idea he spoke Russian. 🙂 It seems to me that it must be some sort of spring thingy, because the latch is loose and I have to pull the wire back again every time. One day I'm gonna find out and maybe even repair it. In other news, we were in Stockholm, Sweden in July and we were pleasently surprised how well the air conditioning worked on the record breaking hottest day of the year and how non-sticky and non sweaty the seats are. I suspect Jaguar may have their own secret farm somewhere, where they breed genetically modified cows with extra porous skin. The gas milage was also surprisingy low; the faster we drove the better it got and cruising at a bit less than 100mph (ie 150kmh) we got almost down to 8 litres on 100km (if I remember correctly, something which is not at all a given). I love this car.
  9. Suppedraken

    Fuel filler flap opening problem

    Any progress? I'm asking for a friend, you know. 🙂
  10. Suppedraken

    S Type, massive failure, any ideas welcomed

    Amen, brother. 😀
  11. Suppedraken

    Snow Chains for F Pace?

    It would seem that König Summit XXL K77 fits 265/40/22 And that Scandinavian dealers may have what you're looking for
  12. Suppedraken

    Automatic dipping of mirrors

    So the workshop manual may have generic sections, because I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere. But, while investigating that, I decided to clean and lubricate the folding mechanism. After blowing out spoonfuls of grit and spraying with PTFE, they worked perfectly. 😀 Until I put the covers back on, that is. 😣 Guess I'll have to remove and disassemble them completely, which is something that may happen any day from now. 😉
  13. Suppedraken

    Automatic dipping of mirrors

    According to the workshop manual "Automatic dipping of the exterior mirrors when reversing is fitted as part of the memory pack. With the ignition switch in position II and the reverse gear selected, automatic dipping will be initiated." Ours doesn't. Does that mean we don't have the memory pack or that there's a problem somewhere?
  14. Suppedraken

    King Bob

    Back home again and from the outside it looks very good. 😀
  15. Suppedraken

    King Bob

    Well, then. The dealer has had it for a week and on Friday said it's ready to come home again. As you can understand, I was a bit sceptical and asked for pictures of the work in progress. They didn't have any, but said that not only did they replace the sills, but also took care of some minor rust on the wheel arches and at the bottom of the rear door. 🙂 I hate to be difficult, but at the same time I like to get what I think I'm owed. This was more than we asked for and as the original deal was 50/50, we offered to pay our half of it. We also tried psychology on them, saying that if it's as good as they say, we'll buy our next car from them. But if it turns out to be not ok, I'll be angry. Haven't heard back from them about that, but we'll pick it up on Monday anyway. Yay! 😀