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  1. Suppedraken

    Sunglasses holder catch

    Speaking of latches and catches... The armrest doesn't always hold. While driving on bumpy roads, it flips and flaps and flops up and down. To make matters worse, sometimes the armrest refuses to open, unless it's wiggled a bit from side to side while pulling. The latches themselves seem to be ok, so I suspect there are springs and other thingies inside the armrest itself that is in need of seeing, and possibly also, talking to. From the parts list provided in Ron's link, it seems to be a complete unit. And the service manual is of little or no help. Does anyone know if it's possible to disassemble and repair?
  2. Suppedraken

    Sunglasses holder catch

    Well, TFW wants one, I'm sure. But finding the right one is easier said than done. I want the coupe, not the convertible. I want racing green or dark blue metallic with tan interior. I want the rounded lights, not the pointy ones. I want the 4.2R with the six-speed. That limits it down quite a bit. For the last couple of months, no 2003-06 XK8 or XKR have been for sale in Norway. But then again, we haven't got the money at the moment, anyway. 🙂
  3. Suppedraken

    Sunglasses holder catch

    Jetpacks! Where are the jetpacks? Forty years ago I read that we should have them by now.
  4. Suppedraken

    Sunglasses holder catch

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 🙂
  5. Suppedraken

    Sunglasses holder catch

    Sorry to interrupt your wedding watching preparations. Where do you find those spare parts lists? I downloaded everything available on Topix, but no parts list.
  6. Suppedraken

    Highest mileage engine S type

    We know where you live. Ours has 190.000km (or close to 120.000 of your units of measurement) and still in very good condition (one previous owner and all services at Jaguar Norway) except for the sills that we hope the dealer will accept responsibility for. Up here, I haven't seen any V8 S-Types.
  7. Suppedraken

    King Bob

    Sorry, it didn't show in the pictures, but the sun roof is still there. I've never been a big fan of them, but it's nice to have sometimes. And contrary to popular belief, Norway can be very warm in the summer; 25C and up is common. 😎
  8. Suppedraken

    King Bob

    I'm in two minds about both. On the one hand, a leaper would be nice, but then on the other hand, making holes feels just wrong. The mesh grille looks very nice, but it's not original and a bit R-lookin. The mesh grille is likely to happen at some point in time, though. Since they put the steering wheel on the wrong side, I'll try to counter that by driving on the wrong side of the road. 🙂
  9. Suppedraken

    King Bob

    I love this car! 😀 The favourite wife is completely happy, too. But I'm sure she wants a XK8 also. 🤩 The Q5 was nice, but it didn't have any personality at all. The people at Kapp Bil og Karosseri did a good job 👍 and the next step is taking it back to the dealer to find out what they're going to do about the sills. 😐
  10. Suppedraken

    XKR X100 Advice please

    Funny you should say that. I've been telling my friends lately how the favourite wife has started swooning over XK8/XKR ads.
  11. Suppedraken

    King Bob

    Apparently, there's only one sun roof frame left in the whole wide world and it's in the United Arab Emirates. And the prefered mode of shipping seems to be by camel, because we've been waiting for two months now. In the mean time, we have a Audi Q5. Nice car, but not something we would ever consider buying (unless someone held a gun to or collective head and told us to choose a SUV we would consider buying).
  12. Suppedraken

    Another MOT Pass!

    One just can't get good help these days. One has to constantly watch over them like a hawk. Constantly. Like a hawk.
  13. Suppedraken

    5R55N Auto box

  14. Suppedraken

    King Bob

    First of all, let it be clear that I never named a vehicle in my life. This is all the work of the favourite wife. Some of you may know that the garage tent collapsed under the snow and put dents/holes in the hood, the roof and the trunk. Thankfully, we're fully covered. The car is now painted and almost ready to come home from the local body shop, except that they're still waiting for the moon roof console or something like that. The first one they got from Jaguar Norway was wrong and now they're waiting for one that's coming all the way from the UAE. They also found rust in the sills, after the dealer allegedly took care of that under warranty in October. It seems to me that all they did was smear something on the sills without welding or repairing. When we get it back, we're taking it back to the dealer to let them take care of the sills. They're decent people, so hopefully we don't have to take legal action. I'll keep you posted.