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  1. Good Morning, As it is a bit quiet on here I thought I would ask a rather inane question to see if it would liven things up! On reading old posts it seems that a lot of diesel owners find that by using premium fuel they get better performance. So my question is if I used premium 97 octane fuel ---- 1/ Would I get a cleaner engine? 2/Would I get better performance? 3/ would I get more MPG? 4/ Would it be better for my car? It will be interesting to see what answers I😒 get {if any } Thank you Grumpy 1941
  2. Good Afternoon, 2006 3litre petrol Stype 54000 miles. If I go over a large pothole ,speed bump, or brake harshly my Airbag light comes on, sometimes all the time other times flashing. When I start up it is clear until one of the fore going happens. Should I worrry?? The airbag doesn't go off up to now!!!!!! Thank you Grumpy 1941
  3. Good Morning, This is a message mostly for old Peter {I hope you don't mind me using that title I am probably older than you! } you stated that you had a leaper that was stick on and folding after trolling extensively through the net I have been unable to find one. May I ask where you obtain yours? Thank you for for help in my past posts. stay well Grumpy1941
  4. Good Morning, I have a jaguar s type 2006 3ltre petrol [silver] lovely car can't fault it except for one thing SAT NAV! I have tried it on four routes I know well, BUT only once has it got it right! On one route there were no instructions for over ten miles even though I changed direction twice, also to get onto my estate where I live there is only one way in --turn left ,the sat nav always tells me to turn right! Why did they put such a usless piece of equipment in an otherwise good car ? OR is it not working properly? keep well Grumpy
  5. Good Morning, I am slightly confused {it doesn't take much at my age !} I see a lot of s types on this forum with leapers, I thought they were illegal. But I have seen folding ones fitted with a spring. Would they be legal? I would like a leaper but don't want to break the law or upset my insurers. thank you grumpy
  6. Good morning, I am bit thick so bear with me. I have a 3.00 2006 s type also a ctek5. when fitting it do I fit the positive to to positive, negative to negative, or as i have heard negative to an earth ,ie the battery holding clamp. stopper1941