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  1. I realise that I am stupid and dim!🙄 2006 3lire S type 56000miles petrol. Has my S type a timing chain or a timing belt? If a timing belt as the car is 15 years old with the mileage that it has done should I have the belt changed? Thankyou Grumpy 1941
  2. Good Morning, Can;t the overpaid television people get any thing right! Watch aold episode of New Tricks last night they talked about an S type Jaguar which was a a mk11 jaguar 😡 grumpy
  3. GoodMorning, Stype, 3 litre, 2006, 55000 miles, petrol. Has anybody on here tried Terraclean? If so what were the results? Were there any downsides to it? Grumpy 1941
  4. Good Morning or Afternoon [whatever time you read this] yesterday whilst driving I heard three beeps and then after a few seconds it was repeated then silence, later in the day when I started up after about a minute I heard it again. It was quite a loud beep louder than the parking aids, and seemed to come from the right hand side. But as I wear hearing aid in that ear my sense of hearing direction is a bit suspect! Has anybody any ideas? 2006 S type petrol 3 litre Thank you Grumpy 1941
  5. Good Morning, I don't know if this will help or not! I had this on my S type a few months ago. By keeping the battery fully charged it has eredicated it. I like your white S type I would have prefered it to my silver! grumpy 1941 stay safe😀
  6. Good Morning, May I pick your brains! I have a silver S type 2006. It looks nice after a good polish BUT after 14/15 years the wheels "let it down"-scuffs,stains and the absence of paint. At the moment they are silver[ish}.I am wondering what colour to have them refurbished. I was thinking silver, white ,charcoal or black. Any ideas? nothing outlandish like red or yellow! 😁 stay well 😉 thank you grumpy1941 Are all our cars running well -- not many posts on here of late!!!!!!!
  7. Good Morning, longest village in britain--meopham kent silver 3litre Stype😀
  8. Good Morning, When I had this a while ago it was the battery, I charge the battery weekly -- no more problems!! Just my thought. stay well grumpy 1941
  9. Good Morning, a bit late with this one. BUT the limit is the limit not a target that you have achieve.! Its in the wording. {poster ducks from bric bats } 😩 grumpy 1941 🙄
  10. Good Morning Peter, We seem to be at cross purposes here. I have cruise control. But the Adaptive Cruise control seems to be "looking at the handbook" some sort of "radar" fitted behind the front grill which warns you if you get to close to the car in front and also maintains by engine management the gap between your car and the one in front , the control switch is between the petrol cap and boot release switch It also seems to be fitted some where under the right hand lights though it is hard to tell from the small diagrams. I hope this very rough decription has made some sort of sense. grumpy 1941 stay safe
  11. Good Afternoon, Whilst browsing through the S type handbook {as one does!} I came across the mention of Adaptive Cruise Control I havn't got it fitted. 1/ can it still be fitted? 2/ is it any good? is it worth fitting? I will admit I have never heard of it before it is starting to go in the realms of driver less cars😮 grumpy1941 stay well
  12. Good Morning, Thankyou Alan I had forgotten that! As my old governor used to say 60 years ago " you can't put brains where there ain't none." grumpy 1941 stay well😡
  13. Good Morning, Fitted my leaper yesterday, I have now Got a "proper jag" {not that every one will agree with me } thank you Peter & Frank for helping me find it. It is a stick on one but it doesn't swivel round so I have half cut through the grub screw that holds the cat to the base so it should shear of in case of an accident. I hope "yobs" don't give it a hard tug! grumpy 1941 Stay safe
  14. Good Morning, After I received a reply to my post about the airbag warning light {thank you Jim v8 } it did not flash any more but went to solid light. I drove over a large pot hole and it lit up again, did a longish journey {30 miles} and it stayed on ,on the return journey it was off! A week later it was lit up again! I then had a "light bulb" moment {my few brain cells do work sometimes!!} and used my trusty C tek and charged my battery - result light gone. I know we blame the battery for every thing but this time I think it was justified. Posted this in case somebody has the same problem at some time. grumpy1941
  15. Good Morning, As it is a bit quiet on here I thought I would ask a rather inane question to see if it would liven things up! On reading old posts it seems that a lot of diesel owners find that by using premium fuel they get better performance. So my question is if I used premium 97 octane fuel ---- 1/ Would I get a cleaner engine? 2/Would I get better performance? 3/ would I get more MPG? 4/ Would it be better for my car? It will be interesting to see what answers I😒 get {if any } Thank you Grumpy 1941
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