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  1. Hi Joe and Peter, Thank you for your comments, I know I was being a bit flippant about my X type, and yes peter it is a very good workhorse, and returns great fuel economy.. There are no rust issues under the covers Joe, Thankfully. I have had to buy a saloon sill cover, it hasn't arrived yet, but everything crossed it`ll be fine, so Thank you for your advise. I`ve owned this car for just short of a year now, and I think I have an EGR problem (heater plug light keeps coming on and going into limp), It`s ok if I keep the revs quite low, so when I get a bit of spare time I`ll investigate more.. Thank you again. Den
  2. Hello club. I`m the not so proud owner of the much frowned upon X type 2ltr dsl sport estate (with a couple of issues!!). As everyone knows they`re a Mondeo wrapped up in cats fur.. Nothing like the series 3 I owned in the 80`s. Anyhow its practical for its needs and has some quite good extra`s. Could anyone tell me please if the plastic sill covers are the same as the saloon?, I need a drivers side part, and having problems locating an o/s one particularly for the estate model.. I`m looking forward to my future membership and sure there will plenty of members with some great help and advice. Thank you. Den.
  3. Hi, I`m new to the site, so just navigating around to see how things work. I need an Off side sill cover for my X type sports estate, Lucky me!! Could anyone tell me if the saloon cover would fit the estate please? Thank you. Den