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  1. hi if your glove box light and switch are unplugged, the give the same effect of the valet switch operated cheers joe
  2. Hi I Have a Valet switch in the glove box, it does not open the boot, it disables the boot from opening from the button on the dash and from opening when the button on the boot is pressed it also comes with a valet key, which is just a key, no remote, but is a few mm longer, the valet key allow access to the car and start it, but wont let you open the glove box or the boot so when the valet switch is pressed and the valet key is used, they cant access the glove box or the boot. so the valet button would of not helped you cheers Joe
  3. Hi Its worth changing the oil, I have a Jaguar S-type with the ZF 6HP26 and that supposed to be sealed for life as well I changed oil and filter, I know your filter can't be changed easily, but its worth do the oil made mine even smoother nothing sealed for life, oil degrades and then you start to get wear, thought sealed for life on mean 10 years, as that what manuafacturers state the life of a car is cheers joe P.S. this info is from Z.F. which again is the sealed for life, Jaguar say sealed for life, gearbox fitted to s-types.
  4. Hi I'm sure it can be turned off will have a look at the weekend and let you know thanks Joe
  5. hi Toyo Proxes 4 are performance summer tyre, typically found on Hot hatchbacks and would be a absolute nightmare in winter trouble with all season tyres there typically softer compound, to be any use in winter, which means they wont last any where near as long you would be better getting a set on winter tyres and either getting a cheap set of wheels, which there are plenty of, or just swappng the tyres just before winter and swapping back just before it warms up, that way you would at least get 4 or 5 years out of the winter tyres cheers Joe
  6. hi most people just put a K&N panel filter inside the original airbox the standard airbox is very good and has a cold front air feed, which is directly in front of the grill, giving some ram air type flow would make next to no difference on a diesel On the S-type R's you actually lose power by fitting a cone filter, on street/town driving, due to heat soak from the engine bay, the engines generate loads of heat in the engine bay at low speeds, it sucked up by the engine, due to high temperatures, the ecu retards timing to compensate, giving a loss in power All high quality race type filters use either a panel filter or cone filter in a sealed box, with a cold air feed direct from the front of the car, standard air box offers this, especially if a better filter is fitted, like a K&N if you want more power get it mapped, but make sure you change the oil regular and keep an eye the oil level does not go up on its own, due to leaky injectors, as this is the biggest cause of snapped cranks on this engine also any air filter that offers more air flow or performance, can only be acheived by offering better flow, which can only be done by sacrificing filtration, so more dust and particles will enter the engine, causing unnecessary wear, fact. cheers Joe
  7. hi not seen that before and if i check jtis database that code p0622 does not exist you may need to plug in a jaguar diagnostic tool like Jaguar IDS/SDD which will give you a proper fault code generic code readers dont always give the correct fault codes, as some will be jaguar specific you can put you dash in diagnostic mode and see what actual voltage the body control modules is seeing, have a look here Instrument-cluster-diagnostics.php Instrument-cluster-diagnostic info.php this will tell you if the car is seeing the correct voltage, if it not, this will effect charging, as the car controls the output from the alternator, which will effect charging the s-type relies heavy on a descent charging system, if the battery get low is cause lots of problems with modules, especially gearbox ,engine and EPB just hope he fitted the correct alternator as these on the S-type seem special, as they comunicate with the ecu have a read below cheers Joe
  8. HI P1000 is normal after codes have been cleared heres the description of e P0128 cheers Joe
  9. HI unfortuanately that part is not available seperate you have to buy the battery lead that goes from the battery to the front balkhead , not cheap £145 part number XR828127 if you can repair it maybe a cheaper option, would be to fit something like this other option is a second hand one cheers Joe
  10. Hi Yes unfortuanately, the TCM on the 6HP26, is built into the gearbox so swapping the gearbox, will cause loads of problems and the car will not even start the gearbox tcm is networked and talks to most of the modules on the car it would need programing to the car with something like Jaguar IDS/SDD lots of jaguar indy's have it and should be able to program it, problem is once you swap the box your stuck, wont drive or start Serviced my gearbox a few years ago and only used genuines part and oil, ZF lieguard 6, lots of people use cheaper oil and end up with a host of problems after usually the main problem is the mechatronics, which is the valve body in the bottom of the gearbox, this has the tcm built in, you can get service kit which will cure most faults, like a sonnax kit, which replaces all the little pistons and valves in the body , also a set of solenoids whichs controls all the gear selections and clutches, is usually replaced which comes seperate. also if the software is the original build that can cause problems, updates can cure a few issues like banging gears and surging when cold, a adaptation reset will also be required, this clears all the learnt data the gearbox learns and helps the gearbox to drive smooth again cheers Joe.
  11. hi I think early cars suffered with cylinder wash, where piston ring seal failed if the engine was run for very short periods, like a few minutes something to do with cylinder wall lubrication, if it is just pull the plugs on the low side and spray some oil in crank it over the reinstall the plugs just google jaguar 4.0 cylinder wash cheers Joe
  12. Hi Rob If you PM me your vin number I can PM you build spec of your car off Jaguar SDD software cheers Joe
  13. Hi The standard S-type R brake hoses front and rear are braided hoses with a clear sleeve on them what are these like are these stainless braided hoses or just plain rubber ones do you have a pics of S-type hoses your selling Thanks Joe
  14. What info are you after cheers Joe
  15. hi there just standard wipers the washer jet stays clipped to the wiper arm, so does not need be disturbed to change the wipers cheers Joe.