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  1. hi park brake fault usually occurs when the battery is low, low battery effect all modules on the car, if battery voltage drops too low, the modules go into fault make sure the battery is also fully charged, left on charge over night you get fault if either, the calipers hand brake arms have gone stiff, handbrake cables have gone stiff or epb motor has gone tight, ideally you need to get it plugged into to Jaguar ids/sdd which will tell you what the exact fault is you can quickly reset the epb module by unplugging the epb module in the boot for about a minute, when you plug
  2. hi put a new battery on it and make sure its been fully charged, ideally left on charge over night if the jump leads are not big enough, they need to be left connected for for 10 minutes or so to bring the battery up jump starting a car should not effect anything, unless they were connected with wrong polarity in which would have blown some of the electronics worth also checking all the mega fuses in the boot cheers Joe
  3. hi you can get genuine ones off ebay for £15 well worth changing as these often get over looked cheers Joe
  4. hi I still only pay £190 for my 2004 STR, with agreed value and any mods declared, still with footman james with discount from been a JDC member superb cover and policy, document posted, uk english speaking staff cheers Joe
  5. hi not too sure on the x-type interior light but if its the same as the s-type, theres a screw under the glasses flip down pocket,then the light clips off you have to pull, each side theres about 3 clips each side cheers Joe
  6. hi if possible can you send me one as well many thanks Joe
  7. hi it was made at castle bromwich its digit 11 that relates to where it was made G = castle bromwich 4.0 have a look at the pic below cheers Joe
  8. hi if your on about engine cooling fans its controlled via a cooling fan module also most stuff on the s-type has a permanent feed to them and then the earth is switch via the module, so if there a fault on that wire it will run all the time, because of the permanent feed check the wiring to the fan for damage, connectors for corrosion or trapped wire to earth, may be the module aswell if you need any manuals or wiring diagrams there all here http://www.jagrepair.com/ cheers Joe
  9. hi if your saying the heater only blows hot, even if set to cold, its a common problem on s-types its either the DCCV in the engine bay, dual coolant control valve or climate module or both when the dccv fails it sticks either open or shut, but if they get water in the plug, which usually corrodes due to water, it blows the pcb tracks in the climate module the module can be easy repair, when removed and opened you will see blown copper tracks, they need soldering also if you buy a new dccv, cheap ones dont last long at all, better off with a bosch one cheers
  10. hi door module is in the door but its usually the drivers door lock, there switches inside it that tell it when its locked, if these dont make the doors unlock again cheers Joe
  11. HI its electric, operates a solenoid which unlocks the flap theres also a emergency pull cable, in the boot , r/h side top area cheers Joe
  12. hi the heater fan is controlled by the climate module if you turn the fan speed down and its not controlling, only thing it can be really is the climate module have you open the climate module up, they renown for blowing tracks on the board and usualy fix well only other way is to get it pluged in and see what software says and you can operate everthing manually cheers Joe
  13. have you got the navigation/dvd unit in the boot thats where are the video is generated for the touch screen cheers Joe
  14. hi there no always on ebay, but they do come up regular, one guy makes the harness and sell them on ebay, will see if I can find it cheers Joe
  15. hi there was some selling retro fit kits on ebay basically the harness to retro fit fron boot nav unit to dash touch screen as for wiring diagrams look here http://www.jagrepair.com/ cheers Joe
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