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  1. hi is it the earlier remote, no key, or later remote flip key on remote they usually work straight away when the battery is replaced did it work before you swapped the battery cheers Joe
  2. hi going off that last picture, I would say you have a air leak on one bank, and if plugs were done, hope all the gaskets were changed for new genuine ones, some of the cheap ones don't seal, or its going be a perished pipe also at 62k engine should still be like new, unless its been really abused and its never had any oil changes have you done a compression test yourself, I'd check it yourself and check all the hoses and gaskets while your in there otherwise take it a different garage and explain what gone on and see what they diagnose, if your not handy with cars yourself, but this is a reasonably straight forward job cheers Joe
  3. hi if you have to replace the DCCV don't buy cheap, go for a Bosch one, the cheaps ones only last a few years at the most. cheers Joe
  4. hi blowing constant hot air is very rarely a aircon issues its either a faulty dual coolant control valve or climate control module, a bad dual coolant control valve, can also take the climate module out, so both may need replacing at 90% of the times cheers Joe
  5. Hi Will be there myself, been the last few years its been there, very good lots of cars and lots of spares and tool stalls cheers Joe
  6. hi try this. How to manually reset Tps-re learn Radio fan all off. 1. insert key Into ignition 2. forward 2 clicks so all dash lights are on 3. Put foot down on accelerator all the way down until you are pressing the kick down button and hold for 30 secs 4. While holding accelerator down switch ignition to off and remove foot from accelerator. 5. Wait 2 to 3 mins remove key then re insert start and drive.
  7. Hi Phil do you know where about the hose come from I have a S-type R myself and dont rocognise that hose let us know roughly where its from and should be able to find it cheers Joe.
  8. hi does it go from the aux pump to the supercharger charge cooler if so is it this one https://www.sngbarratt.com/English/#/UK/parts/76256c1a-f1a1-4151-9449-8058f6fef750?fromList=S-Type and X-Type(12) > S-Type(49) > RADIATOR AND PUMP-SUPERCHARGER Assembly(31091)&fromCategory=Node Intercooler pump(Node Id 3094774) look on sng barratt all hoses are listed plus pics cheers Joe
  9. Hi John, Yes the Icarsoft's are very good and quite user friendly they talk to most modules, so you should be able to find the code and hopefully lead you to the fault cheers Joe
  10. hi if you have no sound and the car has premium sound, is the fibre optic cabe in correct, all sound on oremium is on a fibre optic network either you left it out or its not in correct cheers Joe
  11. hi what code reader are you using generic ones will only read engine faults Icarsoft LR V2 or V3 should read all the modules, if lights on then theres a code using Jaguar IDS/SDD would read it with out a dought cheers Joe
  12. hi all the engines are very good as long as there looked after the 4.2's V8's are very smooth, I have the S-type R and the engine is amazing, so smooth and can be driven very lazy and effortless, you can barely tell when it changes gear if your after a manual, thens its a 3.0 as the 4.2 is only auto, but I think if you want altimate cruiser, then it auto, they drive so much nicer cheers Joe
  13. hi its going be a abs sensor, you need to plug in as soon as the fault pops up without turning the ignition off if theres still no faults you also need check other modules, like dsc, gearbox as these can also cause the same fault cheers Joe
  14. hi I would check all the wiring by testing it back to the ecu could be a break in the steering column wiring and you have disturbed it, would also try the old pickup coil of the old ignition switch, I'm sure they come off and can be swapped. if you need any wiring diagrams to check the wiring look here http://www.jagrepair.com/ when did it last run and what did you do after that stopped it starting. cheers Joe
  15. HI Have you started with a basic service, filters, oils and plugs also while your in there check for any perished hoses, especially the smaller pipes they split and can cause this cheers joe
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