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  1. hi not that easy, to many things to swap, plus it would all need coding to the car as well easier to put a replacement diesel in cheers Joe
  2. hi have a look at SNG Barratt or british cars parts also try if you know the sizes cheers Joe
  3. hi easiest fix would be to fit new ones the inner bolts that fix to the subframe usually rust and wont come undone and sometime they need to be cut off if you measure the length and set the new ones the same they should be ok till you get 4 wheel alignment, or they effect tracking at the rear and will wear the rear tyres out try brittish car parts or berkshire jaguar who keep them in stock and can ship them next day cheers Joe
  4. hi Id check the wiring around where you have been working first , just in case you have disturbed something or left some thing unplugged, easily done and easily missed cheers Joe
  5. hi I use a mongoose pro lead and Jaguar IDS/SDD you can get a clone lead and software with support from british diagnostics for about £100 the Jaguar IDS/SDD is the same as what jaguar and dealers use so you can do everything they can, but can be dangerous if you dont know what your doing, as your can brick modiules if you program them wrong but as a diagnostic tool its superb, it communicates with every module on the car, gives proper fault description and remedies only problem it uses a laptop, but these can be bought for less than £50 for a real good spec one, it needs windows xp pro, I have a dedicated laptop just for this if you want something more user friendly the best plug and play one for jaguar s-types is ICARSOFT LR II V2 for around £130 cheers Joe
  6. hi have you been online and tried with money supermarket, go compare , compare the market and confused there usually give good prices I have my 2004 S-type R insured with Footman James and because I'm a member of JDC, I get a really good policy and pay less than £200 fully comp cheers Joe.
  7. HI and Welcome The S-types are great cars if you find a good one the S-types weakest link is the sills, get them checked if you like tinkering your self there lots of info on here and heres a link to a great source of info for jaguars cheers Joe
  8. HI Any answers you get on here will be pure guess work and going down that route will cost a fortune in replacement parts get it plugged in and get codes read, it will tell you exactly where the fault is, done use generic code reader as most wont work with suspension module and most give false faults you want some one with Jaguar IDS/SDD for proper diagnosis most indipendant jaguar garages have them cheers Joe
  9. if you need any wiring diagrams have a look here cheers Joe
  10. hi If its a zf box then it can only be reset with jaguar software if its a 2019, should still be under warranty and is most likely software issues, so may just need updating, when they update they also clear the aaptations and do a learn cycle, so should cure it cheers Joe
  11. hi most probably a break in the wires for the seat if your using the seat auto function so it moves every time you get out and back in, its at the age now, where the seat and wiring are getting worn out personally i'd just turn the function off and thats it job done cheers Joe
  12. hi you need to get the code read, ideally Jaguar IDS/SDD generic code readers on read engine codes and sometimes give you wrong code could be something as simple as a abs sensor, as they are tied into transmission and can cause your symptoms but its all guess work till you get it plugged in cheers Joe
  13. if they dont look the same, then I would not swap them post some pics up
  14. hi the dpf block up because the dpf does not get hot enough to burn off the soot inside if you drive and keep the revs very low, you will always have issues speed is irrelevant, its revs it needs, so when you on the motorway, keep it in a lower gear so the revs are higher than normal, this will heat up the dpf and allow it to burn off the soot if its been revved and still having issues, there maybe other problems like split hoses that are stopping it from regening, but the garage should find this cheers Joe