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  1. hi you need to get it plugged in, it will tell you the fault could be something as simple as a abs sensor, or a bad connection on one if its a 2001, it will be the ford 5 speed gearbox and these are very reliable ideally you want it plugged into jaguar ids/sdd, generic code readers only read engine codes and wont talk to gearbox or abs modules cheers Joe
  2. hi the oil should meet spec WSD-M2C200-C and grade 80w90 put the spec in on ebay and you can even get the genuine ford oil cheers Joe
  3. hi p1641 is a strange one as its not listed in jaguar jtis for the S-type what code reader are you using, recommend Jaguar ids/sdd some generic code readers can give generic codes which always correct cheers Joe
  4. hi you need to get it plugged into Jaguar IDS/SDD, generic code readers only read engine fault codes, wont read abs, gearbox or many of the other modules could be something as simple as a abs sensor, but its guess work with out plugging in cheers Joe
  5. Glad you found the spring clip sometimes it best to give up and start with fresh eyes and a clear head I some time down tools and lock up, next day every seems to easier cheers Joe
  6. hi if you have a vin number or uk reg, I can tell exact what model it is from jaguar software cheers Joe
  7. hi if you cant find the original clip, its worth a try, you only give it a pull if its secure should do the job
  8. hi the clips are not available separate and hose is around £80 have another look for it, theres no need to remove them you just press it in to removed, or you can pull it about 5mm hope you find it cheers Joe
  9. hi if it has rust, just lying down and having a look underneath should give you a good idea just bang the covers, see if anything fall out if its started it will be obvious cheers Joe
  10. hi biggest problem is rust on the sills, there hidden with a plastic cover and can completely rot away irrelevant of year or mileage, so checking sills is a must, especially towards the rear awd models can have problems with drivetrain, so make sure you test drive and take to a least 70 mph also if its a auto make sure it all works ok, make sure all the keys work also use a app like vehicle smart, which will bring up all past mots, lots of mention of rust would be a bad sign also at a certain age fuel pumps fail, taking out all the injectors, so worth checking service history cheers Joe
  11. hi like in the video, put your ratchet in the square, usually easiest if your ratchet is in line with the tensioner so with the ratchet pointing straight up, push it to the left, anti clockwise, no need to touch the nut, pulley will move a least 1/2" to a 1" there will be spring tension, I use a power bar, 2 foot long, makes it easier and the tension will slacken, I would push the belt back towards the engine off the tensioner pulley then you can release the ratchet turning it to the right, clockwise, your just pushing against the belt, it would not move cheers Joe
  12. hi unfortunately a lot of breaker don't sell them any more, as there removed and sold on straight away, as they fetch good money scrap you need find someone who breaking a 4.0 privately and ask for the cats other option would be get some universal ones off ebay and get them welded in, much cheaper option cheers Joe something like this would be perfect, just need to check pipe size
  13. Hi All Just a Quick Happy New Year and Hopefully a Great and trouble free Jaguar motoring year Had my S-type R, 4 years now and its been trouble free and superb It gets well maintained and looked after by myself I do a lot of the Jaguar breakfast club meets and lots of other jaguar meets through the year Hope to see a few of you at them, if you see me, just give me a shout, pic of my car below cheers Joe Have a good un If you need any Jaguar S-type info, just give me a message, have built quite a large info on these now.
  14. the belt tensioner is the only one that moves, the wheel is fixed to a alloy arm that has a 3/8 square in it, your 3/8 ratchet slot into the arm which is spring loaded, by turning it one way it releases the belt tension,you have to hold it there while you remove the belt off any roller, letting go of it causes it to spring back its spring return so the tension is self setting refitting is reverse, put the belt on all the other rollers, then rotate the last one the tensioner, hold it there and slip the belt back on look at the video above at 3:04, he puts the 3/8 ratchet into the tensioner and releases the tension. its also worth taking a few pics with your phone of where the belt runs, as it quickly forgotten once removed cheers Joe
  15. hi you need to get it plugged in and read the codes you can buy cheap one that will read engine codes if its anything else like trans or any other module, you need more specific code reader to read them as basic code reader will only read engine fault code if your in the AA they will come out and read them and clear them for free cheers Joe