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  1. hi need to get codes read, needs to be plugged into Jaguar IDS/SDD to see what fault codes are coming up could be something simple as low oil level, as when it get hot it expands a bit and might work but every body answers are just going be guess work get it plugged and see whats the fault cheers Joe
  2. hi Thats old news, was over a month ago, most people got one new user spamming everybody, they have been deleted just delete cheers Joe
  3. hi the aircon sounds like low gas or the fan is not running could be some like a blend flap not working or if its stuck on recirc also worth checking your pollen filter, seen so many where there blocked and limiting air flow cheers Joe
  4. Hi I use Footman James, Very good policy and cover, have my 2004 S-type R insured with them on a Classic policy with agreed value and some modifications declared all for less than £200 you get a massive discount if your a member of the JDC cheers Joe
  5. Hi Battery, the low voltage on cold cranking causes the module to go in fault new battery usually fixes it, will get worse with out one cheers
  6. hi the s-type has a fusebox in the boot not sure if the x-type does cheers joe
  7. hi fronts just push in rears usually have to be turned and pushed if there's a hand brake on them, as there self adjusting cheers Joe
  8. hi not worked on the X-types before but if you need any wiring diagrams have a look here cheers Joe
  9. hi by the sounds of that, if you pull the aux belt off and spin each pulley, you would feel the bad ones also does it go quiet when you put air con on, could be aircon clutch cheers Joe
  10. hi yes the first link, has, but not all of them do, thats why you must ensure there is a fuse in that lead cheers Joe
  11. Hi Try keep the charger itself indoors as its mains and wont like water the battery side of the charger lead could be extended if required best to fit a socket in the boot, so its easy to plug in and just shut the boot but make sure if you put a socket or connect to the battery direct you use a fuse to protect the lead to the charger as this will be connected to the battery if you look on ebay they do, convenience leads with easy to plug in socket and also extension leads if required also another trick is a ball of bluetack over your ignition switch, which reminds you its on charge, as some people just drive off and forget cheers Joe
  12. hi seen this a lot before, usually only cured by software update its usually ok, but if you let it run low, causes this issue only seen it fixed by getting the software updated cheers Joe
  13. hi usually either a dodgy door lock or the wires have broke in the door shut, where they constantly flex, on the door pivot point cheers Joe
  14. hi there no cut, that a sealing plug, stops water getting in, the green pins seal the plug they will be for optional extras not fitted, you will find lots of plugs like that, but external ones are usually sealed cheers Joe
  15. hi could be one of many things on a s-type, from coil pack, air leak to dodgy abs sensor you need to plug in and see what fault code come up. otherwise its just pure guesswork and gets expensive that way cheers Joe