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  1. hi Ideally you want a logger on it to monitor all the sensors on more modern Jaguar its quite easy and cheap to do, but dont know if there compatible with a 1992 car Jaguar wds/ids should do it, would have to be a really early version, logging sensors then looking at the data should tell you whats causing it, favorite items would be maf, ignition, timing or leaky injector also have a look here at the xjs technical service bulletins fault might be a common fault cheers Joe
  2. hi have a look here, personaly I would not have it done, anything with the emissions will make the car slower and not as nice to drive, if you have it done you will end up having it remapped to make it how it was
  3. hi trick is to keep something like copper kote or copper grease on the threads and it will come out easy in the future
  4. HI As above wiring diagram for a 2002 STR cheers
  5. hi its not that easy, theres loads of hoses have a look on the sng site to give you a idea cheers!/English/FindParts/Families/S-Type and X-Type/12/49/all/1/10/1
  6. hi I dont think a main dealer would strip and rebuild calipers they would just replace, so at a guess they would of not serviced the calipers they would clean and fit new pads garages are not what they use to be and unless you stipulate what work you want, will do the least at least if you do yourself as you have and also I do, you know they have been done right well done on sorting it yourself, job well done
  7. hi your better off get yours repaired or just swap the fuel gauge the dash is part of the security system and if you swap it the car wont start again you would need the dash recoding to the car before it would run again and the mileage cant be altered can only be done with Jaguar IDS/SDD software, either main dealer or a indy with the software, either way not going to be cheap also if you google dash diagnostics you can put your dash into diagnostic mode and test all the gauges Instrument-cluster-diagnostics.php Instrument-cluster-diagnostic info.php
  8. hi if there similar to the S-type ones, you can get the bushes on ebay and can be pressed out and in again if you know what your doing
  9. if the dpf's are blocked, there not going to clean easy, they need to get really hot so the burn off the build up had a friend recently his played up and the dpf pressure differential switch pipe split, which caused the car to stop doing regens and long term blocked the dpfs he had to take them off and had them cleaned by a company thats specialises in dpf cleaning it cured his and was far cheaper than replacing dpf aditives usually work by making the engine run hotter, mainly the exhaust gases, so the dpf get hotter and burns the soot out, ideally you need to give the car a good run with the aditive and its not speed you need, but more revs, keeping the car at higher revs, will get the dpf hotter and help to clear it cheers
  10. hi does not do anything, modern engines are designed to burn 100% of fuel, so it only reaches inlet valves and then is burnt off there machine allows the engine to run off it instead of fuel out of the tank, the machine runs at a higher pressure than the cars fuel pressure regulator, so the excess pressure is push into the fuel tank, adding there additive to your fuel, while you don't realize, hence why the emissions are lower and why it runs better for a week or so, depending how full the tank is cut out the middle man and just put some additive in your fuel and save a huge chunk of money, try something like cataclean in your fuel think about it, if you have ever seen a valve on a engine, you have to scrap and grind carbon build up off, hows a bit of fuel going to touch it also if you have emissions problems, better off fixing the fault, additives will always be a short term fix cheers Joe
  11. hi because you have no key, you cant just copy the old key I dont think jaguar keeps keys patterns saved, so it would be new ignition, door and boot locks, then recode the keys and remotes cheapest option is to get a second hand set of keys and locks, fit them and get some one out to reprogram them like tony dalton mobile jaguar mapping and coding
  12. Hi if you putting water in every day, then its going somewhere its either leaking onto the under tray so that you dont see it on the floor or worse case , if its a auto, oil cooler in the rad has failed and its going in the gearbox or its head gaskets how much water are you topping up each day, if you had it from a garage, first thing i'd do is take it back
  13. hi main thing to check on that era of cars are rust 2 main points, rear sub frame, unique to 1999 to 2002 and getting scarce now for good ones, sills, hidden by covers can completely rot away, if theres rust on the rear arches, odds are sills are gone, other places inside boot, dodgy seal around rear lights let water in and inside doors, on the seams, they rust inside out, you get what look like spiders under the paint also check the drive, theres lots of suspension bushes on these, should drive silky smooth, no knocks or bangs as above use "vehicle smart" to check mot history cheers Joe
  14. hi are you after one of these cheers Joe
  15. hi there usually a switch inside the door lock mech, car years ago use to have a reed switch and magnet operated it when operated taking the lock out and cleaning out with thin oil can cure it not sure on the X-type, but most jaguars now the door electrics are on a plug, so you could unplug each door one at a time and lock them manually from the inside to eliminate each door leaving the driver door till last, then if it still goes off must be drivers door