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  1. Hi connect it directly to the battery, make sure it has a inline fuse on the positive as close to the battery as possible then just have the plug in the boot where its easy to access I have the genuine jaguar ctek in mine, that cam with a proper socket thats mounted in the boot side carpet, so you just open the boot and plug the charger in, the boot can be closed while its on charge, the boot seal wont damage the cable, but make sure the battery vent pipe is still fitted, some people dont bother with the vent pipe on the battery, but it vent dangerous explosive gases out of the car, not trapped in the boot cheers Joe
  2. hi what are the codes? maps sensors usually either gets dirty or just needs a new sensor fitting, egr code would give more info cheers Joe
  3. hi if you mean the big nut in the prop coupling, the y shape part, there is no torque setting, hope you marked where and how many turns you took it off the tightness of that nut effects the pinion to crown wheel clearance, so if it not correct, you get incorrect gear contact and premature gear failure, there should be some resistance when you turn it and the amount of resistant is a measured value. have the setting somewhere will try to find them but look on you tube for differential stting procedure and you will know what i mean if you marked the nut and counted the turns then it will be ok cheers Joe
  4. hi if you check jag repair it covers all cars including the diesel its all there http://www.jagrepair.com/ specs are at http://www.jagrepair.com/images/AutoRepairPhotos/VSB_2007_2004.pdf cheers Joe
  5. hI, All the manuals cver all spec cars, they mostly for uk cars, as its a british car, on the wiring it will state what country if theres a difference, but the cars are all the same spec cheers Joe
  6. hi use a good quality 5w30 oil that meets jaguar spec, 7 litres as above. I use castrol edge pro 5w30 in mine and for a 18 year ols car engine is still like new, never uses a drop if you want more s-type info manual and maintenance info look here http://www.jagrepair.com/ cheers Joe
  7. Hi I had a stage 1 remap on my other daily car and it made a huge difference in performance , economy and driveabilty was much improved, thats a diesel as well. but would recommend if you have it done , have it done properly, I paid £235 for mine and it took about 3 hours and was setup and checked on a dyno/rolling road they have. some companies just flash a map in it and its not always setup correct to suit each individual car cheers Joe
  8. Hi some codes stay logged some dont and it depends what code reader you use the icarsoft should read them ok did you sell you laptop/jaguar ids/sdd setup in the end cheers Joe
  9. hi need to get codes read, ideally with Jaguar ids/sdd, or a Icarsoft LR V2, ideally when the fault is present, once you turn ignition off and on it will clear could be something as simple as a abs sensor, gearbox relies on the abs sensors to shift also turning at a junction may be a sign of abs fault, as you turn the wheels spin at different speeds and the abs kicks in, hence why some time when you pull out of a junction and floor it, it just pulls real slow and once the steering straightens up, she goes like a good un cheers Joe
  10. hi as above really should take around 45 mins machine only need to connect to the low pressure side it should take so long as the machine should vac the system till it gets down to a certain vaccum level, then it holds it for around 15 to 30 minutes, to check for leaks, if the vac does not alter then the machine put in a preset weight of gas entered by the operator sound like he just topped it up and did not check for leaks you can get it checked and topped up for around £37 at ats euromaster with a groupon voucher, never had any problems with them https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/ats-euromaster-5?deal_option=f726311d-bfd0-433c-afc1-419f0428134a cheers Joe
  11. hi you need to get the codes read, ideally with Jaguar ids/sdd, that will give you what the fault is depending on fault and gearbox type, a oil change might help, depending on what the codes are, because if it were a solenoid fault, would be a waste of time changing the oil its poinless guessing could be one of many faults, could e a simple as a abs sensor cheers Joe
  12. HI As above really, would get a 4 wheel alignment done, which will hightlight any issues and hopefully sort it might be also worthwhile getting it plugged in to Jaguar SDD, To check the active damping is working correct, which can make a massive difference cheers Joe
  13. hi just had a look and unfortunately theres no individual fuse for that switch pack but those lights are on the dimmer switch, so you could just try turning them down a bit cheers
  14. Hi Its normal, its the backlights that make it hot, pull the fuse and it should stay cool to remove the switch, you need to remove the complete door card, then the handle/arm rest and lastly the switch cheers Joe
  15. hi great cars, I have had a STR now for a good few years why was the engine rebuilt, there quite reliable as a rule, mines 18 years old and engine still like new cheers Joe
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