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    Jaguar VIN decoder

    Hi Rob If you PM me your vin number I can PM you build spec of your car off Jaguar SDD software cheers Joe

    Brake Hoses

    Hi The standard S-type R brake hoses front and rear are braided hoses with a clear sleeve on them what are these like are these stainless braided hoses or just plain rubber ones do you have a pics of S-type hoses your selling Thanks Joe

    Jaguar VIN decoder

    What info are you after cheers Joe

    S Type Wiper Blades with screen washers

    hi there just standard wipers the washer jet stays clipped to the wiper arm, so does not need be disturbed to change the wipers cheers Joe.

    Fuel Injector Rail Replacement

    hi they look different and might not be interchangeable the bottom one has a fuel pressure regulator, which the top on does not seem to have have you tried breakers on ebay, there still available new, think part number is XR815338 cheers Joe

    Jaguar xf 4 problems

    hi back doors are most probably stiff motors, spray some wd40 in them and they will free off, its a common problem restricted performance will be just pure guess work, you need to get it plugged in to see what the actual problem is water, it got be going somewhere, have you checked the oil, does it still look ok, not gone milky, also most probably keaking underneath, you wont usually see it on the floor as they have plastic undertrays which will hold the leaking water, if i remember right xf have plastic pipes tha fail, if not that a hose or expansion tank, good garage should be able find and sort it cheers Joe

    Jag X Type Headlights

    hi yes the adjuster on the headlights on S-type and X-type go brittle and break, it very common you can get replacement better adjusters that wont break off ebay you can split the lights and replace them, just look on youtube there a few video's on how to do it I did mine on my S-type cheers Joe

    Diesel Pump/Relay/Filter issue

    Hi Here's a link to workshop manual that cover your car which may also help 2002.5-2008-FSM-Workshop.pdf cheers Joe

    Diesel Pump/Relay/Filter issue

    hi is it the 2.7 tdi theres a lot of service info here the main fuel pump high pressure for the 2.7, is on the back of the engine, it has it own little cam toothed type belt, could also be a dirty filter cheers Joe
  10. hi unless you state you want them changed, they usually don't get done manual for my S-type R says, for the plugs is 100k or 10 years, but thats with genuine oe one's I change mine every couple of years, there no that expensive and really not that hard to do if your plugs have not been done before, its worth checking, the air filter and pollen filter, pollen filter always get forgotten and can get in quite a state always try to use descent seals for the manifold, I always stick to genuine parts, there a common cause of lean fault codes cheers Joe

    Sat Nav Replacement

    hi, no, its different on the xf, but the xf sat nav is still updateable also they use two completely different systems, s-type uses D2B network for sound, XF uses MOST cheers Joe

    Auto g/box filter

    hi there is usually a filter if the left side of the j-gate goes to number 4, its the ford 5 speed, if the j-gate goes to 5, ts a zf 6 speed cheers Joe

    Battery storage

    hi you would be better off with a smart charger like a ctek I know you said you have no supply there, but you could extend the cables, so it could reach another building with a supply as longs as its the 12 volts leads and there fused close to the battery if you can keep the car powered up, you less likely to get any issues with faults and electronics prefer to be kept powered up also on the matter of solar chargers there ok, but there not smart, they will put a voltage out, wheather the battery flat or fully charged, so they can also overcharge the battery and boil it dry cheers Joe


    Hi Got my car insured with Footman James, they only insured my S-type R because I was in the JDC, but was by far the best quote I had with the best policy I've been offered there excess was really low and there uk staff and call centre they also do agreed value a well, which was very good this is the second year I've been with them and renewal came through more competive than everone else cheers Joe

    s type 2.7d vibration issues

    hi its not wheels is it, you not hit a pot hole recently, or any other wheels damage cant think of anything else that would vibrate under power and braking might be worth swapping fron and rear wheels see if it helps cheers Joe