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  1. Hi On the s-type one of the rear doors is wired parallel to passenger front door so if passenger door is working so should one of the rears, odds are rears have seized and failed at same time you need to check your getting voltage to rear door central locking motors, would be first thing to check if you getting voltage, then lots of wd40 can free them off, if you need wiring diagrams look here As for the XF there a completely different animal, but would start with the basics, like checking a the rear door locks for voltages, if you need wiring diagram PM me cheers Joe
  2. hi, What engine it has may help cheers Joe
  3. hi did not think the xf's had air suspension, unless its just for the rears, like a load leveling system the air compressors are usually well insulated for noise, is it oe or after market cheers Joe
  4. hi if its blowing hot, means dccv is passing hot water into the heater matrix, no amount of ac will cool it has to be a faulty dccv heater water valve or climate module all the info you need is here its R8 and Fuse 32 in engine bay fusebox cheers Joe
  5. Hi code p0646 relates to the air con compressor clutch, open or shorted, odds are the wiring has broken, bad connector or clutch winding burnt out, should be easy test with a multimeter most common problem with s-type is either the DCCV, dual coolant control valve, sit just behind radiator and or Climate control module, sit above glove box, usually dccv fails and either sticks open or shut, giving either permanent hot or cold heater, sometime they take out the climate module, these can be usually fixed, when you pull the apart you can see blown tracks that just need repairing cheers Joe
  6. hi have you tried swapping front wheels with back, have known a bad tyre to cause this a certain speed cheers Joe
  7. HI 1999 cars have a ford gearbox and are pretty reliable, might just want a atf gearbox oil change also check the rear subframe and sills the are known to rot, sills are hidden with a plastic cover cheers Joe
  8. hi usually they come with Jaguar fix n go kits, small compressor inflattor which comes with a sealant bottle that is plugged into the inflator which is a sealant that seals any punctures but personally you cant beat a spare wheel, but I thought the F-type boots were too small for one post some pics up of your boot and spare cheers Joe
  9. hi As above really, Jaguar don't make different spec cars for Japan, so it should be same as UK spec, just languages are changed usually so should have them like uk cars if you need any info on wiring, this is a very good site for that, also have a look here cheers Joe
  10. hi Sounds like the brake booster, but normally the brake pedal returns could be master cylinder though usually if servo is ok, when you turn engine off, if you press the brake pedal, every time you press it, the pedal should get higher and higher, every time you press the pedal and it should feel hard as well, once the pedal has stopped coming up and feels hard, if you hold your foot on the pedal and start the car, the pedal should drop a bit. usually when the pedal stays down its the master cylinder, cheers Joe
  11. Ive done this service myself a few times and never used any special tools and the gear changes in my car are perfect, but saying that it does have a silky smooth 400bhp plus v8 cheers Joe
  12. no special tools are required, just allen keys, 12mm allen key for drain and 8mm allen key for level/fill plug in the side. the kit in the pic is just a waste of money
  13. hi get a sniff test done at a garage, checks for carbon monoxide in the expansion tank or compression test, but not always accurate sounds like head gasket has started to fail assume you've checked obvious like thermostat and water pump every time ive seen this its always been head gasket cheers Joe
  14. hi also only use zf lifeguard 6 its critical when to check the level of the oil, the engine has to be running and it has to be 40 deg C cheers Joe Jaguar S-Type ZF6HP26 TRANSMISSION / GEARBOX OIL CHANGE - YouTube Jaguar S-Type R (STR) 2003 ZF 6HP26 TRANSMISSION SERVICE - YouTube
  15. hi As above 2012 is the newest map I went for a Jagdroid, it uses the jaguar touch screen and give you latest android 9 features, and google maps is superior you also get features like reverse camera, digital radio, spotify, tomtom, full usb flash drive plug and play for music, bluetooth music streaming from your phone, android car play and loads more plus you dont loose the oe look, all the original features all work perfect cheers Joe