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  1. hi air leaks is one of the most common faults as cars get older through either pipes spitting or perishing with age you can get cheap smoke machines now that you hook up to the inlet and see where smoke leaks from to find the problem area well done on finding it cheers Joe
  2. hi best place to sell car is Ebay, has the widest audience put plenty of pictures and all its history and car should sell itself if priced correct cheers Joe
  3. HI There a good few on ebay and auto trader if your after any pointers what to look for let me know, had one for a few year cheers Joe
  4. hi completely pure guess work, you need to get it plugged in and codes read only way to tell
  5. hi does it look like this one
  6. hi there a a couple of mega fuses, 1x 400 amo and 1x 175 amp, between battery and fuse box in the boot, there usual held in with screws, so wonder if there loose last pic is a mega fuse cheers Joe
  7. hi as above just connect to the battery terminal just check the battery has a vent pipe fitted, as it should have and it goes out the back panel behind the bumper if you leaving it on charge you can get a build up of gas, in the boot, if no vent pipe is fitted cheers Joe
  8. hi gurgling is usually air in the water system, theres specific bleed point to let air out click might be climate, it alters flaps and even can start the fans if it setup to do so in dealer setting, so might be normal what engine do you have cheers Joe
  9. hi 702 is a battery fault, I'd check all the battery connection and connections to the body earth, also check the mega fuse connection and fusebox, make sure nothing loose 730 is a gearbox ratio fault, but could be related to the battery fault cheers Joe
  10. hi I would never use IDS or SDD with a virtual machine, very unstable and the best way to ruin modules dedicated laptop with windows xp pro is best and there cheap as well cheers
  11. hi you never said whether you got it working as sometimes, if the connectors get enough water in them and corrosion, they take the climate module out cheers Joe
  12. hi all the manuals here can be downloaded and saved on your computer and there all free cheers Joe
  13. hi most favorite problem would be leaking windscreen if its had a new screen in the past, most probably not fitted correct I would assume you would need to get the windscreen removed and refitted to cure the leak cheers Joe
  14. hi if dccv did not work its usual the climate module above the glove box climate module usually blows a track on the board which can be easily repaired by linking out blown tracks, I would link out with 5 amp fuse wire which will offer future protection as said above, tracks fail for a reason and on the S-type its usually a faulty dccv, since that has now been replaced you should be ok, once the climate module has been repaired or replaced cheers Joe
  15. hi Ive got it in mine, got the newer n2 version, which is faster and more storage well recommended, have reverse camera fitted to mine and it all works excellent and so does still all the oe stuff one problem I can see is, if you have no sound now, you still may have no sound with jagdroid as it uses the same fibre optic system for sound when you say you have no nave sound, does all the rest of sound work, cd player does that still work for sound cheers Joe