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  1. hi saw this cheers Joe
  2. Hi Peter Diesels are known for eating batteries, especially if used on short runs the glow plugs take so much out the battery and if only taken on a short run, whats was taken out on starting is not put back in, in charge and eventually the battery get lower and lower worth mentioning just for a bit extra money, AGM batteries are far superior, with more cranking amps and recharge quicker if your not going be doing many miles, may be worth buying a ctek charger and topping the battery up once a week I use ctek chargers on two of my cars, my mitsubishi battery is over 13 years old now and the battery on my Jaguar looks to be original, but both run on the good stuff "petrol" cheers Joe
  3. hi yes wheel would have to be removed and yes some screws and plastic clips this one should be ok to jump start cheers Joe
  4. drivers front wheel well, behind the red post, is where your feet are, you would have to remove the wheel arch liner cheers Joe
  5. hi if you open the bonnet and then open the fuse box, there some exposed brass parts, that is usually enough to get the boot to pop but you talking of putting the ignition on to get it out of park, dont if that will work there one connection in the drivers front wheel arch, pic below cheers Joe
  6. hi as with most modern car, can usually only be done with software if you have just had i serviced take it back, it part of the service to reset it cheers Joe
  7. hi most modern cars are like that, as they use hid lights for dip if hid light go off the have to start up again, so are left on continuous features like that are not programable cheers Joe
  8. hi some clutches need special tools for setting them just wondering if this is the case here cheers Joe
  9. Hi depends on model, post a pic up of the front of your car there should be plenty of these on ebay cheers Joe
  10. hi, I'd more than likely a faulty module and a sensor damp in the boot causes modules to fail Plug A is a aux power socket, for accessories like a tracker plug B is for transit relay, only used when new for shipping and transporting, isolates the battery, when keys are removed and is also "missing lead", drivers side, by battery, is a aux socket, with a earth, permanent 12v and a switch 12v cheers Joe
  11. hi could be one of many things you need to get it plugged in and see what the fault codes say cheers Joe
  12. hi its changed now, you could order items off there printed by them cheers Joe
  13. hi paul if you go on thingiverse theres loads of 3d printer files and I think you can order them off there cheers Joe