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  1. hi you need get codes read, also generic code readers only read engine fault codes it could be one of many things like abs sensor, best to get it read on Jaguar IDS/SDD so it will show all faults on the car cheers Joe
  2. hi either something binding, like brakes or gearbox is low on oil cheers Joe
  3. hi epb actuator/motot don't need coding but the module does if its brand new, used one will usually work if it off a similar car, like both auto or both manual, if its off a manual and fitted to a auto, or the other way round the module wont work, because its looking in the wrong place for signals just remember to either disconnect battery or epb module completely, so you get the park brake calibration message on the dash, otherwise, the hand brake wont work properly and could end up with faults or excessive pad wear cheers Joe
  4. hi wrong time of year for me its too cold at the moment there must be someone local to you can you still drive the car, you should be able to release the park brake and drive it I take it you've tried swapping the module in the boot, they are a common fail if theres damp in the boot and there quite cheap on ebay only place I know local is AWJ automotive, the Jaguar specialist, maybe worth a phone call also I take it you battery is in tip top condition, if the battery is low is causes lots of problems like this, cheers Joe
  5. hi I,m Electrical engineer, been working on cars for years as a hobby know the S-type pretty well, find a descent auto electrician and he should be able to sort it link to wiring diagram was above cheers Joe
  6. hi easiest option, rather than trying to find the fault just rewire the 2 scp connections to the module to a nearest working module so id link the epb module to rear body module, there all wired in parallel, so find the connections on the rear body module and link it to the epb module cheers Joe all wiring diagrams here.http://www.jagrepair.com/
  7. hi theres plenty on ebay just message a few folk who are breaking them
  8. yes plug and play I have the later type plastic one and they work great cheers joe
  9. hi no, one or the other if you want the handset working in your armrest you need a phone module in the l/h side of boot and a mic in overhead light to use it hands free if your after bluetooth, you need the later black plastic module in the l/h side of boot, instead of the earlier phone module, later plastic one is a phone/bluetooth combined module, you also need a bluetooth antenna and a mic in the over head light. both options plug and play for more info search phone bluetooth in the search bar as this question gets asked every other week cheers joe
  10. hi do you want to get the handset working or do you want phone with bluetooth to get your mobile phone connected to it, to make calls cheers Joe
  11. Hi, you need to make sure you have the phone module in the boot
  12. hi c1785 is drive unit open circuit so the wiring tp the park brake motor is open circuit, so worth checking the wiring, could be the connectors to the epb corroded, they wires are also known to snap by the park brake motor if there left hanging and not tied down, you swapped the module so that eliminates that it could also be worn brushes on the epb motor, try tapping the motor, if it start to work for a while , could be brushes, worth testing at the module on the motor wires and see what resistance you get, if it fluctuates when you wriggle the wires by the motors, its the wir
  13. hi Damp in the boot is a common problem, water usually leaks in above the rear lights and can cause lot of problems with electronics in the boot the EPB is very sensitive to low batteries, so if the battery is low, first thing on cold mornings, battery voltage can drop causing problems with the EPB module, if voltage is low it goes out with a fault, which be reset by either disconnecting the battery or unplugging the epb module itself, same as disconnecting the battery but with out the pain of putting radio code in and resetting all windows. most common faults are stiff cables,
  14. hi looks like you cap has split, should just pull out, should be all one piece the yellow part should be stuck inside the cap new cap time cheers Joe
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