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  1. Hi, I wonder if members can quantify the seriousness of the problem. Obviously the extent of the well known problem will define the cost of likely replacement as will the chosen restorer. I am keen to continue as the car (which I have owned since November 2017) is two owner, otherwise immaculate, as new - (at least topside) and has every conceivable extra a Dec 2003 3.0 litre could have. Seafrost with biege interior and all garaged like new ! The car has been serviced by Jaguar main dealers ever since its build, currently has 79k on the clock and been serviced every 5k. Any, all comfort welcomed - I would like to continue to maintain and keep the car for the long term - 10 yrs plus, there is a lot of sense and experience out there - please share your thoughts......... Regards Dominic
  2. My December 2003 S - Type has a six speed auto box coupled to the V6 3.0 litre engine. The car currently has 78 k miles and i have owned her since December 2017, at which point she had 61 k miles. At what mileage should i change the ATF auto fluid in the gearbox? i have heard rumour that it is a "sealed for life" unit, which is concerning - as it surely under goes wear through heat in long term operation. Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks, Dominic
  3. Thanks Justin for your recommendation - I appreciate your comments. Others have also said Avon's are not what they perhaps used to be - certainly mine wore unevenly, parished on walls etc. They were 6 yrs old it transpires !! I have gone to Falken Ziex - 914 Ecorun 235 / 50 R17 - a complete set all done at £439.44 (Black Circles). Terrific write up, excellent reviews. I'm delighted with them - seem quieter and excellent in the wet. Thanks again, Dominic
  4. Hi Richard, Okay great - I will have a look for these particular Pirelli's, your recommendation is very much appreciated as tyres can make a world of difference, as you know !! Thanks again, Kind Regards Dominic
  5. I have a (Dec) 2003, S-Type 3.0 litre SE, currently on Avon 235 / 50 ZR 17 96 Y tyres. They still have plenty of tread although the last MOT in October "suggested" - (Advisory) that they needed replacement due to uneven wear (potholes / road conditions) and side wall perishing. i am trying to find a low noise, fuel efficient, effective wet grip / braking tyre (aren't we all ?) that will not break my slender purse. I have read good (Jaguar owner) reviews and located at a reasonable price (£109 - Black Circles) a tyre that comes pretty close, it is; Falken ZE 914. I would be very grateful to hear of what fellow members prefer or think of this particular choice, thank you. Dominic
  6. Gentlemen thank you. I have replied in full to the notification on my email - I trust you have or can see that. Thank you all again, much appreciated. Dominic.
  7. The shaped plate looks a bit over the top - almost an omelette !! However it does cover the fixings on the boot area. Anyway, I've gone for this shape apprehensively - what do other members think? Not of my choice (!!) but of the plate size and shape. The later S - Type plate is better, but not conducive to the 2003 boot / plate shape.
  8. Hi, The offside lower wheel arch bracket has corroded to nothing on my 2003 S - Type. This effectively leaves the bottom part of the wing / skirt free to vibrate with potential to crack the laquer finish. What I wonder were jag thinking about when they had the bright idea to provide a metal bracket to fix two plastic components together.............. Does any member know where i would be able to purchase both the n/ side and o / side brackets please? very many thanks Dominic
  9. Good Afternoon, I have reviewed the membership Car Insurance service provided by Adrian Flux. The Company offer a total loss protection adding 25% onto the likely value of the car, assessed as trade value - in the event of a total loss event. What i am looking for is an "Agreed Value" insurance which Adrian Flux does seem to mention in the response to another enquirer. I would be very interested to hear from fellow members regarding insuring the actual value of their Jaguars. many thanks Dominic.
  10. Hi Kris, Beware the remote "boot button" - why did jag put it on there? I locked my keys in the boot because I left the car doors locked and ONLY opened the boot in the rain and dark last September - placed a bottle of wine and flowers in, put my keys down - and closed the boot !!!!!!!!!!!!! Took the RAC 2 hours to open the car - could not open the boot at all !! Took 4 days - weekend included - to receive the spare keys from my wife, at home 300 miles away !! Forget you have a remote boot key ...................please !
  11. Hi, I would be very grateful to hear from members that have taken the bold step of fitting a front and rear dash cam to their S - Type. (Mine is a December 2003 3.0 litre SE Plus with additions) I am very nervous about the whole procedure. I foolishly mentioned that the thought had passed my mind to our daughter, sensibly discounting it when I considered the implications regarding the potential horror of "wire concealment" in the headlining to entering the top of the centre armrest (to access the aux power socket) - hard wiring being totally out of the question given my lack of knowledge and the complex wiring of the S - Type. My daughter may have misread my comments (or was setting me a challenge?), bless her, as for my birthday last week presented me with the Nextbase 322gw front and rear dash cam set !! My dilemma is clear - I plan to fit tomorrow !! Members I await your wisdom.........................please..... Many thanks, Dominic.
  12. Hi Nick, Thanks for your recommendation - I will certainly check out this tyre it is on my shortlist from my own research - so you have confirmed it ! Kind regards, Dominic.
  13. My December 2003, S - Type 3.0 Ltr - SE + will shortly require new tyres. The car currently has a set of Avon 235 / 50 ZR 17 tyres which I like, they give a smooth run, excellent fuel economy and have a fit that is slightly proud of the rims of the alloy wheels, thereby affording some protection to the alloys from kerbing - not that this has occurred of course !! My garage suggests a change from Avon's - which surprised me as I understood early Jags were all made with Avon's pretty much as a standard fit. They suggest a variety of manufacturers from Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone etc., - saying that a tyre must have "Jaguar Fit". I have concluded that the best way to unravel all of this is to ask you - S - Type owners, what you run your cars on. it is likely that you have considerably more experience than I. I would very much welcome and appreciate your recommendations please.
  14. Hi Nick, Apparently valet button doesn't open the boot. Although i could (RAC assist) get into the car - couldn't get into the boot where the keys were !! Regards Dominic.
  15. Hi Mark, Many thanks - sound advice, I have decided to follow the advice of the wise, whom appear to be many. Premium only from now on !!