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  1. Hi, The offside lower wheel arch bracket has corroded to nothing on my 2003 S - Type. This effectively leaves the bottom part of the wing / skirt free to vibrate with potential to crack the laquer finish. What I wonder were jag thinking about when they had the bright idea to provide a metal bracket to fix two plastic components together.............. Does any member know where i would be able to purchase both the n/ side and o / side brackets please? very many thanks Dominic
  2. Good Afternoon, I have reviewed the membership Car Insurance service provided by Adrian Flux. The Company offer a total loss protection adding 25% onto the likely value of the car, assessed as trade value - in the event of a total loss event. What i am looking for is an "Agreed Value" insurance which Adrian Flux does seem to mention in the response to another enquirer. I would be very interested to hear from fellow members regarding insuring the actual value of their Jaguars. many thanks Dominic.
  3. Hi Kris, Beware the remote "boot button" - why did jag put it on there? I locked my keys in the boot because I left the car doors locked and ONLY opened the boot in the rain and dark last September - placed a bottle of wine and flowers in, put my keys down - and closed the boot !!!!!!!!!!!!! Took the RAC 2 hours to open the car - could not open the boot at all !! Took 4 days - weekend included - to receive the spare keys from my wife, at home 300 miles away !! Forget you have a remote boot key ...................please !
  4. Hi, I would be very grateful to hear from members that have taken the bold step of fitting a front and rear dash cam to their S - Type. (Mine is a December 2003 3.0 litre SE Plus with additions) I am very nervous about the whole procedure. I foolishly mentioned that the thought had passed my mind to our daughter, sensibly discounting it when I considered the implications regarding the potential horror of "wire concealment" in the headlining to entering the top of the centre armrest (to access the aux power socket) - hard wiring being totally out of the question given my lack of knowledge and the complex wiring of the S - Type. My daughter may have misread my comments (or was setting me a challenge?), bless her, as for my birthday last week presented me with the Nextbase 322gw front and rear dash cam set !! My dilemma is clear - I plan to fit tomorrow !! Members I await your wisdom.........................please..... Many thanks, Dominic.
  5. Hi Nick, Thanks for your recommendation - I will certainly check out this tyre it is on my shortlist from my own research - so you have confirmed it ! Kind regards, Dominic.
  6. My December 2003, S - Type 3.0 Ltr - SE + will shortly require new tyres. The car currently has a set of Avon 235 / 50 ZR 17 tyres which I like, they give a smooth run, excellent fuel economy and have a fit that is slightly proud of the rims of the alloy wheels, thereby affording some protection to the alloys from kerbing - not that this has occurred of course !! My garage suggests a change from Avon's - which surprised me as I understood early Jags were all made with Avon's pretty much as a standard fit. They suggest a variety of manufacturers from Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone etc., - saying that a tyre must have "Jaguar Fit". I have concluded that the best way to unravel all of this is to ask you - S - Type owners, what you run your cars on. it is likely that you have considerably more experience than I. I would very much welcome and appreciate your recommendations please.
  7. Hi Nick, Apparently valet button doesn't open the boot. Although i could (RAC assist) get into the car - couldn't get into the boot where the keys were !! Regards Dominic.
  8. Hi Mark, Many thanks - sound advice, I have decided to follow the advice of the wise, whom appear to be many. Premium only from now on !!
  9. My thanks to Old Peter and Jon for your excellent advice gentlemen. I'm sure that you are right and I will feel more comfortable in the sense that I'm doing the right thing for the car is always using premium grade fuel. As I have said I think for a 3 litre petrol engine (six speed auto box no doubt helps) the fuel economy is fantastic. I manage between 34 - 37 mph on a good run. It will be interesting to see what the car achieves from Dorset to Northumberland via Lincoln and York !!
  10. Can members advise please? Should I run my 3.0 litre, 2003 S - Type auto on the premium or standard grade unleaded? My practise has been to give it a tank full every so often of the "good" stuff - as i have read it keeps injectors and other bits in more efficient and clean condition. The difference in Dorset is not fantastic in terms of cost approx 15p per litre - £9.00 on 60 litre tank full. As I am about to cover 1000 miles to Northumberland and seemingly all points in between I would like to be sure I'm doing the right thing. Currently, on a 200 mile run, with cruise control used when roads dictate, at 80 mph - average 55 mph, I manage an astounding 37 mpg !! - and that is on a mix of fuel ! Your thoughts would be much appreciated, thank you, Dominic
  11. Hi Joe, Many thanks for clearing this point up - I actually feel better, now i know it wouldn't have helped in my situation !! Regards, Dominic
  12. Hi, Having recently (Sept 2018 - experience still raw) locked my keys in the boot of my S- Type Dec 2003 SE - (in heavy rain and darkness) - unable to retrieve them despite best efforts of RAC, radio beams etc,. - eventually (over a w/e - 3 days later) received spare keys from my wife at home in Dorset - sent to Kent. However, I have become aware that some models (market) of the S - Type had what is known as a Valets access / button which will open the boot without the need of an ignition key, once of course the cabin is entered. Are members aware of this? Pity Jaguar didn't fit it to all market cars.
  13. Good Evening, i have just replaced the standard blades which appear to be 24" (torn rubber) and 19" respectively with the newer flat design. It was recommended by Autobitz - having referred to the "wiper book" that a 22" and 19" - given the flat shape would actually be the recommended fit. Certainly I don't have a problem with the area cleared by both wipers - I suspect that the proof is in the pudding, so that is fine. Of course, I couldn't resist measuring the screen for the normally prescribed standard wiper once at home and found that it would be incredibly tight to fit a 24" (normally recommended) anyway, with a 19" - any comment from members would be appreciated. I'm still recovering from some years back mistakenly fitting "oversized" x 3 blades to my Mk1 1/2 1968 - E type Coupe. - hence my interest - or paranoia, as these are at least under sized !! Regards, Dominic.
  14. I cannot believe the economy achieved by my S - Type (Dec 03) 3.0 Litre, petrol, 6 speed automatic, on a mainly motorway journey from Kent to Dorset yesterday a total of 146.8 miles. The trip indicator tells me that I managed an astounding 37.8 mpg at an average speed of 57 mph !! of course, I was doing 70 - 80 mph on the motorway, probably 80% of the journey, 20% were A and B roads. I didn't use the cruise control but was ultra steady with the right foot !! This was with the V - Power high(er) performance petrol (Shell). Figures with lower RON 95? going to Kent on Saturday were marginally less eg: 35.9 mpg and an average speed of 54 mph. - still mightily impressive i think. These are trip indicator readings - i would be interested to know if other members do in fact achieve similar performance figures, as it would help to validate the accuracy of mine. On another note my stay was unintentionally extended due to me locking the keys in the boot of the car - when the rest of the car was already locked. I couldn't believe it !! Why I used the "boot only" function to open the boot simply to put wine / flowers inside and didn't open the entire car, I know not. Teeming with rain, 5pm and the RAC quoting a 5hr response time !! In fact they appeared within the hour and stayed for two hours. Managed to get into the car - but not the boot. Solid bulk head behind the rear seats on the later 2003 model. Had to wait (until Monday) for my good lady to send up the spare key !! Does any member know of a trick to gain entry in the same situation? Unbelievably lucky as the Airshow tickets for Battle of Britain show at Duxford were in the car and not the boot - so gratefully visited show by my brothers X - Type, sadly not my glorious "S". Thank you for any thoughts in advance. Kind regards Dominic
  15. Thanks for reply. I have managed to get into the car (RAC help) but the key is in the boot and that is still locked. Will wait till spare key arrives on Tues.