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  1. I bought one of these this summer. More practical than a full cover and I can pop it on at work to stop the interior from being cooked. I think mine is a medium size. Car half cover
  2. The CCM will cut the Aircon if the refrigerant pressure drops too low as well as too high. Call in to Halfords and buy the kit or visit an Aircon specialist.
  3. There are 5 blend motors, remove them and disassemble. Clean and regrease the carbon tracks. Download the workshop manual for a guide. A gurgling sound on startup is low refrigerant for Aircon. Halfords sell a R134a refill kit but fill in stages, it's easy to go over pressure.
  4. I have made diagrams from the workshop manual that detail my 'S' rust issues and prevention. Cheap to fix and effective. Since rust is a major issue can we have a rust sticky thread?
  5. I don't think a permanent treatment exists. Every year I'll put the 'S' on the ramps and spend a few hours underneath abrading and paint the subframes. The paint gets blasted off in places over the winter, so the next year, same job.
  6. Aircon display has been flashing on/off and after watching a few videos I figured why. A guy with a Ford truck said the Aircon was switching on and off - he could see the pulley being disengaged and said it was low on refrigerant. Since the Jag pulley is always engaged logic says the next warning would be a flashing display. So I bought the STP Aircon kit from Halfords, this is for R134a. The inlet port is under the vehicle, besides the front left wheel! I connected the gauge and there wasn't any measurable pressure but since it had still been able to cool the cabin, and there were no obvious leaks (UV light) - I started the fill process. It took about 10 minutes, STP recommend to agitate the canister and before long it was completely empty! Now the pressure gauge read full and after a test ride everything appears OK. There are cheaper kits available but STP make pretty good stuff and the gauge applicator is reusable + Halfords give a £10 refund on the canister.
  7. I have drilled disks on the front and plain rear, yes the front is nosy. I have Mintex pads and the dust is fairly low. I also removed the front inner dust shields. This is to reduce heat on the front, with the dust shield the front disk can be so hot it fades. They are not mandatory, I have retained then on the rear disc since it is a single piston and doesn't get nearly so hot.
  8. Some are still working but since the original circuit is putting 1amp thru the LEDs, it's only a matter of time. Most likely the replacement will have no backlight, but since I have shown you what to do, £25 will cover parts and tools. Not bad.
  9. Running this Jag I noticed oil collecting in the induction manifold when, if ever I removed the lower flap motor. This was a complete mystery to me since the manifold casting had no oil feed! I finally tracked it down and it is the breather valve on the left valve cover. When the throttle is closed a vacuum develops in the manifold and the breather valve would shut. Instead the design of this is too aggressive and it fails to shut, causing a permanent air-bleed to the manifold. Result: condensation of oil vapour. The fix is to dismantle the PCV and fit new internals, controlling the valve with a ball-bearing. The bearing is placed on a hollow post to put it close enough to the valve hole that it will close given a small amount of suction. You will see I have a breather catch tank off the right valve cover, this is working as it should and no hoses have blown off the engine. This fix is for the 2.5v6, the 3.0v6 has a different arrangement and might well be ok.
  10. I did this a few years ago. It's not the same style tank but still had the paperclip retainer. https://www.jaguarforum.com/threads/replacing-the-expansion-tank-retainer-clip.118553/
  11. If I am working on the car and a wheel is off, when I have a break I put up netting over the work area. Scares the kids into leaving well alone. No accidents, squashed people, paperwork, etc.
  12. Decided to buy one after last winter and how the Jag crank rate drops in cold weather. So the car was sat for 5 full days and the battery had dropped to 11.9v. I've got a voltage monitor on the centre console and when I connected the power leads it raised to 13.8v, not seeing any point waiting I turned the ignition to start and it started really well. What a tool! After starting the charge on the jump starter had dropped to 84%,
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