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  1. SO Went on a drive with a Jaguar engineer His verdict is all suspension fine, but a common problem "apparently" is when the tyres wear down (mine are good Pirellii tyres, about half way through their life) - they causes a wobble with Jaguars. Only fix would be to put new tyres on, and then he said it would come back as tyres wear down. He has been working with Jaguars all his life, and said he gets asked this all the time. He seems to think its the direction Jaguar have gone with their suspension -=instead of luxury you feel every bump in the road Find it all unbelievable personally as the car was as smooth as anything when I bought it 12 months ago !
  2. No, but Jaguar are doing a drive test with me tomorrow, so they can feel the problem, and then investigate. I'm not holding my breath though - as I have had this before with a previous Jaguar, and ended up changing so many bits of suspension, and never go tot the bottom of it (Admittedly that want with a Jag dealer, but a private garage)
  3. I have a 2015 2.2 Diesel XF on about 45k miles Car is in great condition, well looked after, but has developed a wobble. Very hard to describe but feels like every dint in the road is exaggerated, and every road without any holes or bumps, you can still feel an exra wobble as it drives (any speed) - almost like every few revolutions of wheels its going over a small bump. Its just been in for 4 year service and MOT, at Jaguar which is passed with flying colours, and they confirmed the suspension is fine. Tyres all ok, apart from one which has a puncture repaired. Jaguar recommended balancing the wheels, to fix the problem which they did - at a steep cost, and this has resulted in the wobble being more noticeable, not less. What makes me nervous is that I had similar problem with my last car an S-type which resulted in me replacing nearly every suspension part possible, but it never really went - just cost a fortune, and that was not via Jaguar, but a local garage. Any thoughts / clues appreciated ?