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  1. Assume having both is not an option? Depends on what you your car needs are I suppose and how much you will use the car. Personally, would keep the xf but I would say that 🙂
  2. Just an update, had a second leak, sump tray also had a little leak, been changed now and no more of the black stuff coming out
  3. What system is in the car? No bluetooth option. Can always get a aux lead, not the best but will work as temporary measure they cost 3 or 4 pound of amazon could have one tomorrow.
  4. I think mp4s but could be wrong. If on phone can play through phone?
  5. Tomato

    OBD access ?

    I think you get a warning if car is overheating in main dash, more likely coolant system will go pop than the overheating system coming on, apparently coolant system good but complicated.
  6. enjoy the car the XF is a great car. Pain about second key, agree naughty dealer not to say.
  7. Don't think there is, never found it on the xe portfolio I had, although on lane departure I think you can get steering wheel to vibrate.
  8. Had the same problem on a xe portfolio same year, I just kept topping it up, eventually it fixed itself but did keep coming back every few months, weird and annoying but never stopped the car working.
  9. Not necessary answering the question but after a service and having jaguar run some cleaning stuff through the engine I got just over 30mpg on a long run in the v8 5.0, assume I have a faulty computer 😂
  10. 20inch on xfrs, surprisingly comfortable ride in the main and it really goes like stink 😉
  11. Leeds, and if anyone knows of local meets interested to come along
  12. So, looking to purchase a second Jag, idea is (never works out this way) to buy with a view to use occasionally during summer days and probably lock away for the rest of the time (although struggling to find storage at the moment), with a view if I get a good XK8/R, prices will go up over time and I have myself a very nice convertible for the occasional nice sunny days in the UK. Only just started the search, but few thing have struck me, prices seem to be completely random, now not physically been to see any yet, but from pictures, descriptions. mileage, owners, even colours, prices range significantly, more significantly than I have ever seen on any other car at least which is weird. Maybe just current climate, but feels like if you know what you are buying, maybe some bargains to be had? Anyway, key question, what colours, specs, limited editions are worth keeping any eye out for, what is a realistic good price, heard a few times these cars can suffer from a little bit of rust etc and the older ones have had a few engine issues. Any tips would be great as I start my search for a good one, luckily no short of cars out there.
  13. Seen this fault before in a jaguar forum, will try and find the related article.
  14. I have the 825W, 17-speaker Meridian surround sound system in my XF, have to say probably the best system ever heard in a car, not sure if that is an option to upgrade to, but its fantastic.
  15. As an update, garage had a good look round today, had car running for a bit and no sign of leak, however, the garage think when the garage that I bought car from did the services they did not empty the oil properly and the old oil has been held in the under tray, when parking on my sloped drive it comes out. Oil colour in tray looks old to that in the engine and apparently there was lots of oil in the undertray. Not seen any signs of leak from monitoring dip stick either so hoping all good. Anyway all cleaned up, will try clean oil off driveway and monitor, hopefully will see no more.