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  1. Unless it has been updated in the last two years, I personally found it awful
  2. If not the aux, could be a small oil leak if blue smoke. Get some degreaser and clean up the dirt around your engine where you think it coming from and any drips underneath. Only needs to be tiny when engine is warm to smoke.
  3. Does sound like some sort of wiring/electrical fault, if no water in the usual places, may need a auto electrician to do some diagnostics on it unless you are handy yourself.
  4. Sadly most modern cars are like this now, royal pain
  5. In the UK a lot of locksmiths can now code car keys for a lot cheaper than the dealers and there are mobile locksmith that have kit. Not sure that helps much as looks like you are in the US at all.
  6. Battery is probably on its way out, it got worse last winter for me, this winter a lot worse so just changed mine, all problems gone away.
  7. Door locks are another weak point, often freeze so you can open the door but they wont stay closed when you want to drive off until warmed up, certainly a characteristic 😆
  8. I know often both get bad press, but the Inchcape warranty has done me proud once more and new shark fin to get the gps sorted and new window washer pump all covered. I have said before I do want to keep a full dealer history due to the XF model I have, but the dealership work well with Inchcape so no money ever changes too. 1 year left on my extended warranty hopefully an option to extend another few years 😁 The dealer topping up my brake fluid for free as they changed my brakes in August and it came back amber on the inspection, they just told me they sorted it, which frankly is unheard of I think!
  9. Thats impressive history 😁 They are great cars as you will experience, they do have character, and in most cases cost you as much as having a wife, but they are a joy 🤣
  10. Welcome to the club 😁 I am always skeptical when a garage tells you the "engine is new", very hard to determine what that means i.e. is really new, reconditioned, used etc, suspect it will be like for like otherwise other components would probably need replacing. Not to say it bad what has been done, did you get much paperwork on the engine change? The red restricted performance light, well covered on here, other have more experience as I am in the petrol camp 😁
  11. Does the noise settle once the car is warmed up or is that a video once warm. Not personally got a diesel now on the xf petrol side, but my diesel XE was noisy when the bonnet was up and was fine. A number on here have the same engine so can probably give some advice.
  12. Time or mileage if like my old diesel XE.
  13. All cars have there weak points and faults, some more costly than others, look at the original boxster issue, why they are so cheap now. Mercedes cars of the late 90s, rust buckets etc etc Hopefully someone will develop an aftermarket solution for the intercooler so if they do go they can be replaced with a better solution.
  14. Plenty out there to choose from, it is a shame, would recommend the front and rear sensors they are big cars and usually take up an entire parking space 😁
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