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  1. Thanks John, its organised by the biggest Jaguar club, expecting upwards of 1,500 jags and some rare ones coming out to play as Jag is 100 this year 😁
  2. Anyone going Sunday to the Jaguar festival?
  3. Always found this odd, you would think car would go into some form of resticted mode if key not present say after a couple of minutes.
  4. Don't believe so, I think they need a key to replicate and if no key, have to put in new locks etc.
  5. Just had re-gassed at Jaguar with my service, to be fair was only called out as amber warning, took a little while to get cold, then was never really really cold, now its like being in a freezer 🤣
  6. Do you have a second fob or just the one? Guessing a button is broken in you fob draning the battery. Maybe worth getting cheap replacement off ebay or jag dealer not too expensive to get a new fob.
  7. I use https://www.vertumotors.com/service-repairs/priority-service-plan/ They have a jaguar main franchise down the road from me. covers all servicing costs based on the schedule of the car, i.e. belts etc. Includes them picking up and bringing back the car, can add on MOT too. Important to note, they will do belts, but only if the schedule is showing time to change, so if they have never been done, they will do at the schedule suppose to be done. Couple of points it does not cover anything not serviceable i.e. wear and tear, no water pumps etc covered. Took my out fixed monthly cost for 4 years, the garage I use has been good, the video they provide with any issue has been good. As its a franchise you can get cheaper elsewhere, I use as my XF is rare and trying to keep main dealer history to protect value in the future. Also have comprehensive warranty with Inchcape for the stuff that does break, used a few times over the last 3 years.
  8. Found this, not sure if true or not but worth trying... if you press/hold the front centre console light for 2 or 3 seconds it resets the interior lighting including the puddle lights.
  9. If it got a good regular service history and not stood around for a while, should have few issues. If belts and pumps been changed thats a bonus 😁
  10. My noddy understanding ad blue helps to remove more of the rubbish coming out your exhaust, it can also provide new messages on your dash, had a few issues with my XE. You always need ad blue in your car or it will stop when it runs out The additives if you mean adding to your petrol clean your injectors etc and parts of your engine. I normally use premium shell fuel which has it added already, but would certainly reconmend adding in revex or something every other full tank etc.
  11. Sounds like a potential software glitch, may need to take to a jaguar dealer to plug the car in to reset it. Not sure how warranties are on new jags, if 2018 play may still be covered, maybe worth asking?
  12. This has been covered before somewhere. Maps can be updated but even the newer version is still serveral years old I believe. Don't believe there is a way to get apple car play on the 250 stereo system unfortunately 😕
  13. Yes, but do make sure there is evidence of regular servicing. These are deemed 'luxury' cars and age range will mean it will have things go wrong a the car this age which are typically not the same price to fix as a ford fiesta. That all said, once own the jaguar will give you plenty of love bites 😉
  14. Tomato


    Very nice 👌
  15. Probably the bulb would be my guess first.
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