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  1. Torque pro app got loads of great features worth getting if you have a bluetooth obd2
  2. If doing a good run every weekend should be ok with a diesel.
  3. Owned an XE for 4 years with no issues. Had couple of issues with xfr-s with coolant and power steering but expected for a car 7 years old.
  4. Never noticed it reflecting, hope I don't now you have mentioned it! I have problems with the shiny black storage unit between the seats blinding when sun at certain level/direction.
  5. I pay 41 pound a month for a service plan with main dealer. It is pricy and that was with a good discount, but when I have taken my XF (RS) to independent garages, some wont touch certain parts!
  6. AA or RAC offer battery services and have right kit to do it properly, I find halford and some of the staff dont have a scooby 🙂
  7. I find diesels always take an age to get warm in cold weather, had similar problem in an XE I had before, but heated seats and steering wheel helped a lot 🙂
  8. If it is just a dent and you have not damaged the paint, you can get a mobile panel beater out, usually a lot cheaper than body shop who will probably fill and respray. Getting a match for the door or doing it your self to respray etc if not done before will be a challenge I suspect.
  9. In North Leeds, so not that far 😉
  10. Do you have any pictures? I bought loads of stuff and usually clean it myself, takes time but satisfying once done 🙂
  11. Assume having both is not an option? Depends on what you your car needs are I suppose and how much you will use the car. Personally, would keep the xf but I would say that 🙂
  12. Just an update, had a second leak, sump tray also had a little leak, been changed now and no more of the black stuff coming out
  13. What system is in the car? No bluetooth option. Can always get a aux lead, not the best but will work as temporary measure they cost 3 or 4 pound of amazon could have one tomorrow.
  14. I think mp4s but could be wrong. If on phone can play through phone?
  15. I think you get a warning if car is overheating in main dash, more likely coolant system will go pop than the overheating system coming on, apparently coolant system good but complicated.
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