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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Did you see the car before buying it or buy it online? If online probably better argument. Can you see the number plate when the Dunlop tyres are on, would need a certain angle picture. Have you ask why they are different? Suspect will say issue with original tyres hence why they replaced.
  2. Just power and 3ltr is a little heavier are the main difference as specs options pretty much the same. Servicing cheaper on 2.2 not buy a lot and suspect tyre wear would be slightly higher on the 3. Both good..
  3. Thank you, you cannot see my rude message the car got in the way... 😀
  4. That does help thanks, hopefully it gets changed 🙂
  5. I dont think it would fail an MOT as you have an inner cap, but frustrating all the same 😞
  6. Common problem for cars in general these days, disconnecting the battery messes with all sort. AA/RAC switch your can on to a backup battery/power source if they replace to stop this happening.
  7. Tomato


    Xfrs standard tyres are bigger than that I think, can check, but would have thought they would fit.
  8. Anyone else struggling to read posts with the nice car picture on the right hand side, its new and annoying 🙄
  9. 2016 is the newer version with the j front lights and wiggle ones at the rear. They don't make the v8 petrols anymore which is a shame, but a diesel with that mileage should be fine if it has service history. The 3litre engine unlikely to be under much stress.
  10. Assume you checked the fuses, worth checking if you have not. Controllers are expensive, would be surprised for the age if it has gone already. Dont know much about they are wired sorry.
  11. These car are usually fairly good, I would want to see a proper service history, hard to put the engine under any real stress unless its been on a track. Mileage seems high but think the engines go forever. Check all the electrics and all moving bit like events working properly. Water pumps are crap worth checking when/if its been changed. No good aftermarket options yet.
  12. Guessing it the little lights inside when it gets dark, there are some on the doors. Guessing as dont know but would makes sense as it like the lights in the theatre/cinema.
  13. Never heard of a cooled steering wheel. The cooled seats are great just put you hands there one at a time 🙂
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