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  1. sounds like you have condensation buildup in the fuel tank, also on new models of jag if you dont click the petrol cap more than 3 times you can get a MIL light as this helps protect against condensation and helps create a slight vacum.... you could also have all sorts of bugs and crud in the tank as dust and grime always finds its way into an opening.. best thing to do is get a new fuel cap and drain the tank
  2. can happen if you have lost the rear covers to the headlamps... although personally only seen it on the front fog lamps. best way to get rig of it is to remove the bulb and use the wifes hairdryer to remove the condensation (make sure you put the hairdryer back after use ;) ) if you have lost or incorrectly fitted the rear covers to the lights then contact jaguar who can order you new covers for about £10 a side... best Regards
  3. Hi Gus, First things yep you have an AWD car 40% of the power going to the front 60% to the rear unless the viscous coupling oil is heated via the friction of a spinning tyre. as this is a pre 2004 car this uses the Land Rover Freelander system. some of the parts are not the best, I would say in the first instance to get the car up in the air and check the drive and propshafts for wear and exessive play you will need cv boot kits if not careful here but if you manage to do it without tearing the cv boots then use tie wraps to put them back on. as the noise is constant this would point to either prop or driveshaft failure. also check the rear diff and change oil if not already done so. if none of the above resolves the issue then your looking at a new transfer box at the very least you can get these crated or from ebay, my choice would be a crated post 2004 from dealer. although this is doubtfull due to the fact that no mention of crunching through gears which would point to gearbox\transfer box issues.. my guess would be prop shaft and or one of the four driveshafts have failed, which is not un common in any car with 130K on the clock, also remember to change both sides as they both have done the same mileage
  4. no it wont.... not unless you want to mess about with engine mounts and it will rip the 4x4 system to bits. its a bit like asking if a truck engine would fit into a mini.

  5. rear control arm bushes are common problem on X-type and S-type models unfortunately they do not sell the bushes without the rest of the arm these cost in the region of £50 each side plus 3 hours worth of labour to fix... having tried to find the noise and replacing all the rear suspension I finnally found the bushes with not a lot of play for the noise they where making (luckily MOT tester also missed this) as a home DIY job I managed to do the rear arms, dampers, springs and ARB droplinks and ARB in about 5 hours worth of work (plus 2 days waiting for parts in between time) fortunately springs and Control arms as well as out CV joints are common issues and so are kept in short supply by the dealer... good luck with Jaguar Customer service they are very helpfull although trained to the hilt not to admit a thing unless they have to..
  6. Unfortunate but true that you would need a new belt because (i am guessing Stratstone's) has replaced the belt both times and not done further diagnosis. you will also need a new Altinator, Water Pump and Tensioner... belt and tensioner are part of a kit http://www.britishparts.co.uk/ as for the alinator and water pump (dont forget the gasket) are about 40ish quid more the labour for this should be no more than 2 hours (less if dealer) this will cure the problem and last longer, basically what happens is that when you put a new belt on the tightness of the belt obscures the noise and problem goes away but the bearings in said parts are still worn this also puts extra stress on these parts and so can damage further. I have also at the moment the same issue with my X-type just waiting for it to warm up a bit in Scotland before i go get the bits and sit out with a cuppa and the spanners.
  7. how many miles has the car done, has it been maintained by jaguar or an indie jag specialist? A car of this age it could be a number of things the fuel filter (service part) could be the problem and would need to be replaced. other issues are IMT valve gaskets worn (2x £6 replacements and 5 mins to replace) Spark plugs need replacment MAF sensor replacement breather for the oil (over the rocker covers) could be leaking (common problem with the older smooth type) £20 replace as DIY one of the sensors running out of tollerence and probs either needing a clean or re-program to bring into tollerance. my guess would be oil breather, IMT rings and fuel filter the latter being the hardest to do as a DIY job without the Error code there is very little in way of help unless ure in the Aberdeenshire area then I could plug into ODB with either reader or IDS system.
  8. Hi from me new to forums via facebook link :) may have noticed a few rants at people from facebook page (Seb Truswell) cheers and greetings from Aberdeen :D
  9. I would also get a set of rubber ones for this weather as the wool ones tend to get shredded when your using them under the tyres :(
  10. could be they need lubing.... grab them gently and draw them out WD40 (or AC90) them until they freely move could also be the pump to the jets (mine was waterlogged) fix with bathroom sealent although you have to remove the bumper to get at this one. Dont know how much to replace but your probs better off replacing if you have the bumper off anyway (remember to take the covers off the jets before removing bumper ;) ) if your washer bottle is not full and the light is on then they dont work... will only wash once per 6 pressses when the lights are turned on. not seen any other issues as they are simple mechanisms and so shouldnt fail completely and the home fixes\workarounds mainly cost less ;)
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