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  1. I traded my 2007 xkr for 2015 xe s supercharged v6 335 bhp .Very happy it does not sound like the sk but it drives as well if not better just as quick and responsive but fuel economy is similar .Jaguar had built a very good car with no complaints. Surprisingly it gets the same amount of admirers
  2. 2007 xkr passenger door won't lock on fob or door handle and if I try to double lock alarm will sound also when other doors are locked if open passenger door is opened yes you guessed it the alarm will sound can anyone advise please
  3. I have had an 2010 3 litre xf for 3 years and loved it.However I have been looking out for an 2007 xkr for a while.I live in devon and was not prepared to travel more than 150 miles to view.I found one in Bristol blue with white interia with only 25000 miles.What a pretty car pics do not do it justice they are prepping car and I pick it up on Tuesday 2 july .I will report again after driving her thanks for reading keith