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  1. Also have a 2.2, 200hp Sportbrake and am getting just over 45mpg. My best was 55mpg steady motorway driving.
  2. You can get a DPF (and EGR) delete + remap for less than £500. I'm pretty sure they would weld up the existing crack for you as well.
  3. Ouch that was a very expensive cam cover!
  4. Like it! All good so far?
  5. Its not for the CD player as I'm sure others will already have found. And I don't have a rear entertainment pack (unless the grandchildren count...) so can't vouch for that. Also nothing to do with the lights, tried all that as well.
  6. Never noticed it until I saw your post. Now I am intrigued, and understand how you feel. I am investigating and will let you know if I find out!
  7. I subscribe to Costs £20 per year. Free if you submit a camera that's not on their system. It gives an alarm about 200m before the camera and shows it physically on the info screen roadmap. It was a download onto a memory stick and then into the XF. I found it easy to follow.
  8. It must be an obscure colour. I tried Furniture Clinic, and they seem to have every other colour option. Maybe give them a call and see if they can help?
  9. Did it the other day to modify the wash water pump connections (cut the electrical connecting cables and fitted some spade connectors to stop the potential expensive problem of water ingress to the fuse box) From memory (and this can be difficult these days!) First remove the wheel. There are 4 x bolts which require a 10mm socket, 2 each side at the bottom. The one on inside nearest the cabin is in a recess and at 45 degrees. They come out easily enough. Then there are several plastic clips held in place by plastic screws. These are around the inside edge, and you can easily see or feel these. Then you just need to wriggle and wrestle the wheel arch until it comes out. If you do this, be sure to read all about "wash water pump problems" and do as I did.
  10. Hi Stuart, I've a 2014 Sportbrake and it has the factory fitted tow hitch. The hook section and retaining bolt are retained in the wheel well space and are kept in a purpose built polystyrene foam casing. I bought the jag from a dealer and they took great effort to show me how to attach and remove it (quite straightforward). When I suggested he just leave the tow hitch fitted he looked at me and said, "this is a jaguar you know, only show the tow hitch when it is being used"
  11. Lots of issues can be caused by low battery level. try putting it on charge. It may be that a new battery is the only answer.
  12. Carpo

    OBD access ?

    I bought a "cheap" Bluetooth ELM327 I think around £15 and got the "Torque Pro" app on my android phone for £2.50. Definitely the way to go. You can choose how many dials with whatever information you wish. In my example below the engine is still cold so coolant is at ambient. There is a thread on the Torque Pro forum for DPF readout if you wish that info.
  13. Check the oil level. If it is above maximum, you'd best get the oil changed asap, as extra fuel from the regeneration could have entered the sump and diluted the oil.
  14. I'm reading this thread with great interest as I have recently fitted an ELM327 mini unit and with the Torque App, I can view my Coolant Temperature and DPF Soot Level with the assistance of some nifty programming by a Torque Pro forum member. I've a 2014 Jaguar Sportbrake, 2.2, 200hp version, done almost 40000 miles. What I've noticed with DPF soot level is that it goes up or down dependent on driving conditions. For example when I first got the programme showing, my soot level was 23 g/m3, but after a steady run of around 30miles (around 1500rpm) this dropped to 5g/m3. A bit of stop start and town driving then increased it up to 7g/m3 and that is where I am at the moment. On the attached photo the car hasn't yet warmed up so the temperature is a bit low at 48C. Also my hand was a bit shaky with the camera. The top indication is the Soot Level, the bottom one Coolant Temperature If anyone is interested in showing these figures on an Android smartphone, pm me and I can show the links.
  15. Can anyone tell me how to locate the oil coolant thermostat on my 2.2 Sportbrake? I am suspecting it needs replaced as I am experiencing low running temperatures (around 81-83C) and I am pretty certain the main coolant thermostat is functioning properly.