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  1. Kie


    Hi Dave, have a look at the valve stems and if they're metal and have a nut fixing them to the rim, then you have the TPMS, if they're just ordinary rubber valves with no nut, then no. I don't think they have a dashboard failure indication for the main headlamps bulbs. Regards, Kie
  2. Kie

    jaguar xf 2011lux-prem

    No problem Dave, it's not the worst thing I've ever been called...! You might want to think about investing in a code reader yourself, they range from about a fiver for a bluetooth device up to, well, as much as you want to pay but even a cheap bluetooth one will give you most codes in your PCM if used with free or cheap software you can download to your smartphone. The good thing is you can go armed to the garage knowing most of which codes are present and with a bit of Googling and YouTube actually understand what they mean, a fiver has to be better than 135 quid a pop. 😊 Regards, Kie
  3. Kie

    Red restricted performance

    I would clear all the codes and recheck after a run, sounds mostly soot related though. Check your battery/alternator voltage too. By the way, I have the factory workshop manual in PDF format, just let me know if you want a copy. Regards, Kie
  4. Kie

    jaguar xf 2011lux-prem

    Hard reset required perhaps? Disconnect your battery and hold the terminals together for a couple of minutes, you'll maybe have to reset your windows and sunroof if fitted when the battery is reconnected but nonetheless worth a try first. Regards, Kie
  5. I'm Kie, been on other Jag forums for quite some time and I now own an XF, my previous Jag being an X-Type 3.0 AWD, great car but sadly gone now owing to someone else's ineptitude. Pleased to meet you all and I may know some members already but hope to contribute in some way. Thanks. Kie