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  1. Hi thanks for the answer. I managed to find a guy that could measure the thread of the bolts and have found they are M7 with 1mm pitch. I purchased a suitable tap and have now refitted the bolts so the wheels look good as new again.
  2. Hi all. I have a set of 20" Senta alloys on my 2009 XF s , I decided they needed refurbishment as they looked a bit tatty. I removed the fake split rim bolts so I could polish them up while the rims got the beauty treatment, I got the rims back lovely they look now and, proceeded to refit the bolts but, it would seem even though the holes had something put in them when being painted, paint has still got into the thread, easy I thought just run a tap down the thread, now the problem shows its face. I have measured the thread on the bolt, it looks to be around 7mm but could also be 1/4 inch or whatever the next size up is. Question is does anybody know the size of the threads for the fake rim bolts? I have spent hours googling the internet for info but nothing. Please help so I can get this sorted many thanks in advance Martin.