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  1. Hi Paul, I completely agree! Even my wife's Audi TT was appalling compared to the XF - noisy, rough ride, no toys! It's great when they come back home. Cheers Jon
  2. Hi All, and thanks again for your suggestions. Have just been for a drive. Straight and bendy, different gears, all as suggested. But no difference, so I have to conclude it's the tyres since there's no vibration, no 'shimmy' on the steering wheel, and (most importantly!) Mrs. H is convinced I'm hearing things (I'm not!!!). Ho hum! Cheers, Jon
  3. Thanks for your help. I'll try the suggestions later today. Tyres are Pirelli, but a different version of P-Zeros than the previous ones.
  4. As in the new tyres recently fitted. Not new tyres needed!
  5. Hi John, Actually all around, no increase on braking or turning. I'm wondering if it's just new tyres now! Cheers, J
  6. Hi All, Looking for a suggestion for the cause of the following... At between 45 & 55mph I hear a droning, low-pitched whine. It's not so loud that the music can't overwhelm it, but it is a new noise. Worried about wheel bearings, diff, propshaft, whatever! Any clues anyone? Cheers, Jon
  7. Hi Raymond, I'm astonished that the misfuelling protection allowed you to put that much petrol in, mine on the one occasion I made the mistake cut me off after about a pint! However, that's in the past, so I would guess you're right - damaged injectors! Maybe the gauge sender needs to settle down though, as petrol and diesel have different densities? Does your real consumption match with what the gauge is telling you? It could just be a calibration thing? All the best, Jon
  8. Hi John, First problem - refuelling - it's the misfuelling prevention device in the neck of the filler. Someone must have tried adding petrol rather than diesel at some point. There's a yellow lever on the battery that sorts it out, instructions in the manual say to push it into the filler and remove. As for the 'shutdown in 3 minutes' message, it's nothing to do with a bad battery, it's just protecting you from a flat battery. The car uses a lot of battery power and the audio system is a big consumer. You can just press play and carry on (I've done so many times!) with no ill-effects, but I don't know of any way to defeat it, and probably wouldn't anyway, as a flat battery is worse than interrupted sounds! Hope you enjoy your XF! Cheers, Jon
  9. HI, I also have a 2011 3.0l XF-S, had it for three years come October. So have been through 2 winters with it. Living in West Sussex, I don't often get to see really bad snow or ice (but when it does come, the response is ill-equipped to deal with it!) Being retired, I don't have to go out in the occasional ice & snow, but I have given it a go a few times using the winter mode setting for the traction control. That seems to work fine with normal tyres (Pirelli P-Zero 255/35x20). I guess if you need the extra security, winter tyres would be a good move, but I can't justify them for 2 or 3 weeks a year. Enjoy your XF! J
  10. All sorted following a brief(ish) drive! Thanks all! J
  11. It maybe disabled by setting valet mode in the screen menu, otherwise it should just pop open with a press on the silver button. J
  12. Hi All, Today I had a check tyre pressure message (RH Front), so went to check all my tyres. Drove away, no message. 300yds later, it's back again! Tyre looks no different from before! Is there a reset? Do I need to take it for a spin? Cheers, Jon
  13. Thanks Jim, All sorted! Nice and chilly now, just in time for the heatwave! J
  14. Hi All, Is there an air filter that looks after the cooled seats in and XF Portfolio? I've noticed a marked drop off in cooling recently, so am wondering if there's a lack of airflow? Cheers, Jon
  15. Just in case this helps anyone else... As recently reported, I collected my XF-S from extensive suspension work a couple of days ago, but ever since the audio system would regularly die having emitted a high-pitched squeal! Anyway, long story short - it was a low battery in the keyfob! Easily sorted! The clue was the dreaded double beep when unlocking. Hope this might help someone. J
  16. Hi James, Welcome! I know the kid in a sweetshop feeling very well, since I also bought a 2011 XF-S a couple of years ago upon retiring. The feeling doesn't go away either! Enjoy! Jon
  17. Hi All, Thanks for the supportive comments! It's finally back home! Only cost to me is my insurance excess (and probably a higher premium next time!). Feels good to have it back! Only problem is that the new wheel shows up the rest. Cheers, Jon
  18. Hi Gary, You're right, it is supposed to raise up when the rotary switch on the left of the column is on 'Auto'. I usually forget to set that after fiddling with the height/reach, but remember next time I get in!!! If yours isn't behaving, there's probably an electrical gremlin somewhere, sadly. Cheers, Jon
  19. Hi Gary, Thanks for asking - they promised a decision today or Monday. Car is just about ready to go according to the service manager at my local indy dealer. Fingers well & truly crossed! Cheers, Jon
  20. Hi Paul, I’d give WD40 a go - it seems to do everything else! Cheers, Jon
  21. Hi Graham, It sounds like your misfuelling prevention device has tripped. There should be a yellow plastic reset lever in the battery compartment, instructions to use it are in the owner’s manual, but it’s really “insert, twist, remove”. Cheers, Jon
  22. Hi All, Sorry for lack of response - currently on holiday in Ireland! The quote finally came in nearer to £3K than £6K, seems the higher end would have been if the rack was damaged. Looks like the insurance will cover it, but still waiting for the final decision. Hopefully tomorrow. Cheers, Jon
  23. Hi Gary, I'd be surprised too, but never know! Potholes! The road has just been resurfaced! Car had done 83666 miles when it was MOTd on August 19th, hardly any since then. Love the car, but it has cost me a lot since I bought it at the end of September 2018. Just need it to get through until March or April next year, when I'll be looking to upgrade to something newer. Ho-Hum Cheers, Jon
  24. Thanks Peter, I walked the road looking for potholes or raised drain covers - nothing! Just reported it to my insurance company to see if they can cover the cost of repair - I really hope they don't want to scrap it! Now have to drive to Ireland in SWMBO's Audi TT 😞 Jon
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