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  1. I've been trying to replace the two bulbs that are located either side of the centre overhead Interior light. Eventually locating a very helpful Youtube video showing how to unscrew the console housing via the 'glasses pop-open' compartment. I put it on here as prior to it's instruction, I could have damaged this fitting attempting to spring it open with a screwdriver had I persisted, before spending quite a while locating it's advisories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGHlPbiXWSg However looking now at the method I won't be able to complete this quite simple job for myself as my r
  2. Hello, bit of advice if anyone know please? My O/S (Drivers) rubber door seal has split and I've got a replacement coming. It looks a reasonably easy job to undertake, but I wondered if anyone has done theirs and knows how the trimpiece on the bottom door frame that passes over the 'join' is removed? I've got a trim kit with a number of handy looking plastic levers etc. but I know trim can be notoriously brittle to unmount, especially after 10 plus years since manufacture? Thank you, Martin
  3. Thank you, I have discovered by matching the swatch on the link you gave that it appears to be 'Antelope'? I've ordered a 50ml bottle and I'm sure it will do the job. It's only whilst looking around that I've noticed my car has a 'mesh' grille, it must have been an extra Dad stipulated I think as I haven't seen many. It could have been a 'bolt on' afterwards I suppose, but I can't remember now how it looked on 'pick-up' day 13 years ago. I should add he had a Mk 5 and a 7, as well as a Mk10. But his and my all time favourite was a MK2 3.8. I've had a few E types myself over the years, but some
  4. Thank you Peter, I tried the Vindecoderz a few weeks ago, but it denied my car's existence. An American site also told me it was a V8 and yet another was correct but with very brief details. The dealer we got the car from has now ceased to exist and I'll try and find a 'live' one near where I live. I think from another reply and the swatch details suggested therein I have perhaps isolated the colour to 'Antelope'. My regards, Martin
  5. I've just inherited a 2005 S type 2.7 diesel from my late father. I went with him when he purchased it and it has special memories of course. Finished in quartz it's covered 33,000 miles is in wonderful condition, garaged and pampered. The interior is Ivory and it has a contrasting trim for the dash and door tops, which is a brown colour. I've tried VIN searches, but without success to find what this contrasting shade is called? I need this for a steering wheel touch up. The 'TLC' leather co lists two Browns, Medium and Chocolate and I wondered if anyone has had this choice to make before
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