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  1. Hi All, Due to what seems to be probably a kanckered Torque Converter on my 2006 2.7D, I'm just thinking that worst case this will require a new unit. In peoples experience where are the best places to purchase one from? Just so you're aware, I'm getting juddering that seems to be getting worse around 1,750 - 2,200rpm, and it's causing a weird rumble sound. I was going to drop the gearbox oil and change that first and then replace the converter if this didn't solve the problem. The car has 102,000 miles on her and otherwise runs like a dream. So, where have people purchased replacement Torque Converter from? Cheers Mark
  2. I've always usd premium in all my cars, RX8, Mazda Xedos 9 2.3 Super charged and others... just runs better and more MPG. I'll continue with my new S-Type 2.7.
  3. Great read, and good to see things being resolved, albeit, expensive. I've just bought an S-Type 2.7 and getting a couple of bits done, so I'll be learnign from you guys. Will keep this one, if I hit similar problems!