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  1. Thanks for the answers. Was it like a wax injection to the underbody or just to the exterior? Surprised to find I have plastic sills too
  2. On the original supply invoice for my X type 2.5 V6SE 2005, there is an entry “total protection” with a corresponding sticker on the windscreen. Car was supplied by Colliers in amworth,now defunct. Does anybody know what this is? Thanks.
  3. I had the same with a radio / cd player in the house. I believe it is a fault with the reader head on the cd player, since my CDs plyd in other players. I do not have a changer in mine so cannot be sure. But the the changer itself seems dead, with no ability to load or eject CD’s, might be just a fuse or the connection worked loose.
  4. Alos just got an X type and found this very dim display problem as well, along with a very dim radio display
  5. Just acquired a 54 plate, 2.5 V6 X type SE auto saloon. Couldn't resist it in a beautiful Jag Racing Green, with just 72k on the clock. Lovely interior but a few surprises in things lacking. No lumbar support even on the drivers seat, and no heated seats. Just changed from a Skoda Octavia that has these features and more. BUT Lovely cream leather interior, AWD, and a huge boot. Sills look good, almost showroo condition, just few paint chips and a corroding black trim on the window ledge trim. A couple of questions for the experts. 1) There is a back ground “noise” from either the road or the AWD system. Is the AWD normally noiseless or is a alway a background rumble for want of better word? 2) Anywhere I can find out the original spec and extras fitted? Again surprised that the red lenses in the front door do not illuminate but the front footwells do. That seems qute a pointless function. Who want to see your feet? Anyway, looking forward to learning to live with the X type