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  1. Your lucky, £565 for my x type. If you go to the gov website to check if your car is taxed and MOT'd there is a link there to check the rates for your vehicle. All you need is the 11 digit number on the front of the V5. But dont worry, the s type will not be RD2 rated.
  2. Really smart looking car. Sounds like battery needs replaced in the fob or a sticky or bad connection inside the fob. Refurb kits are readily available on fleabay at a reasonable cost. Same happened with mine when I first got her.
  3. It is about the best design I have seen. No drilling or sticky patches to fit it either. Glad you like it and glad I could help you. Cheers, Steve...
  4. I think it is called traction control.
  5. Almost certainly your battery is toast and you need a new one.
  6. Finally got a reply over my query about changing gearbox oil lol.
  7. Is it not just as easy to remove the tyres and replace the batteries? How much would kwikfit charge for that?
  8. This is how it looks as mount for my phone. The holding bracket fits onto this.
  9. Try this.
  10. Thats a lot of work to get bluetooth. I would just get a really good sat nav fitted. That will have bluetooth, dab radio, stream your music etc etc. You will need a microphone fitted also for hands free.
  11. What you need is one of these. Connects to obd port, cig lighter, or direct to battery. I have used this many times when leaving my car at airports etc. It will not charge your battery but it supplies all electrical power needed to run the alarm and clocks etc etc. I have used it on my x type and my grand cherokee. Came home after 5 weeks and my x type fired up first turn of key. On my sons insignia it started first time after 9 weeks.
  12. Got some oil into the gearbox, prob not jag spec but better than no oil I think. Almost immediately you can tell the difference. Have to get it all drained and refilled properly with jag spec when this is all over. Cheers, Steve...
  13. First. In warmer weather while driving I noticed that when starting off 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were selected normally. After 3rd the change to 4th was almost immediate and then 5th was engaged normally. Second. In cold weather (-1 and less) when setting off 1st engaged normally but when changing to 2nd it was as if the car was almost going to stop. Same when she was changing from 2nd to 3rd. Almost as if the brakes were being applied. 4th was attained normally then 5th also. However in 5th gear it would take a couple of miles for the revs to drop down to their normal level. My thoughts are that she is low on oil which would be a surprise as it is a sealed unit and about 10,000 miles ago I had the oil changed in the gearbox. No sign of any leaks. Today I was going out on a "lock down lets find something to do to the car" couple of hours. I had bought a large syringe come turkey baster thing so decided to suck out some of the power steering fluid and replace with new with the plan being to do that regularly until it all looks new. That was job done, no problem. While attempting the above I remembered that there is a filling hole on the gearbox with a rubber plug so that the box can be topped up. Will this turkey baster I have fit into that hole? Yes it will. But, the rubber plug is missing. When I put the plastic pipe of the baster into the hole as far as it would go I tried to suck some fluid out but there was nothing there. So the question is, and probably is best for this, 1, How to tell how much oil should be in the box without, draining and refilling to manufacturers specs, and although no sign of any oil having been blown out this hole would it be possible? Regards and TIA Steve...
  14. Drivers door needs to be open when you do the reset as shown on youtube. So open the locks, enter car, do not close door. Thats how it works on mine anyways!