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  1. Manniewinaename

    Transmission filter

  2. Manniewinaename


    If it is not the wheelspin start at the traffic lights then it is probably something mechanical. Certainly whoever fitted the tyres should be consulted. Is the wear even across the whole tyre? Any photo of the tyres? A garage may also look at suspension bushes etc which if worn could cause excessive wear. Tyre pressures also.
  3. Manniewinaename

    Auxilliary power supply

    Sticks out like a sore thumb lol. How could I not see that!! Many thanks to all who helped. Steve...
  4. Manniewinaename

    Auxilliary power supply

    Hi Rodney, Where in the boot? Damned if I can see one.
  5. Manniewinaename

    Auxilliary power supply

    Does the x type estate have one in the boot or do you have to fit one yourself. Will be parking at airport for 3 weeks and want to plug in a solar trickle charger. The cigar lighter in front has no power supply when ignition is off. TIA Steve...
  6. Manniewinaename

    Space saver spare

    One of the first things I did was source another alloy wheel and relegate the spacesaver to the shed.
  7. Manniewinaename

    Auto g/box filter

    Hi Joe, It is the 5 speed Auto. Maybe its just not in there any more, anyways, they couldnt find the part on the jaguar parts site they use. Probably wont use them again for that kind of work.
  8. Manniewinaename

    Auto g/box filter

    Oil all changed in gearbox, transfer box topped up (apparently lots metal filings on the plug), new brakefluid and new power steering fluid. Lets hope it goes, stops, and turns better.
  9. Manniewinaename

    Auto g/box filter

    Has the 5 speed auto. Is there a filter to change? Garage says no. 3.0 x type awd auto. Have tried a search but nothing conclusive found.
  10. Manniewinaename

    Jaguar XF 2.2 TD Sport 2013 (63) - Only 47,000 miles!

    All that work and the engine bay is filthy!!
  11. Manniewinaename

    '66 S Type Dynamo

    I suppose only 2 things can go wrong, possibly 3. 1, they havent put the belt back on, or failed to tension it properly. 2, they have dislodged or failed to reconnect the wiring at back of alternator. 3, alternator is kaput. You would need a volt meter to check what charge is being sent to the battery.
  12. Manniewinaename

    DAB Antenna fitted

    Dension DAB A-Plus. Ebay. Amazon. My one was supplied and fitted in Aberdeen by DF Communications. Took them an hour.
  13. Manniewinaename

    DAB Antenna fitted

    After 6 months of suffering abysmal radio reception on all frequencies have just fitted a Dension DAB A-Plus. Absolute luxury now, radio wherever I go. Works from its own remote control or via your smart phone. Displays the station information on the touch screen. Highly recommended.
  14. Manniewinaename

    X type rear hatch keeps opening

    My one does it sparadicaly. Usually caused by my sausage fingers just pressing 2 buttons accidentally on the remote. Sometimes when locking the car my sausage thumb turns the headlights on.
  15. Manniewinaename

    Gearbox sensor

    Run out of time and had to pass. Many thanks for the replies. Lots good info there.