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  1. Did you ever get to the bottom of the screeching and do you still have the car?
  2. On keyless entry hire cars I have had there is always a button on the door handle to be pressed. Same for locking. If no button, then probably not keyless entry. Usually it is walk up to car, push button, open door as normal. Try searching on you tube to see how it works.
  3. The link is 3 years old!! There are other options for DAB in your car. I had this fitted in my x type. Works via its own remote control or via an app on your phone.
  4. Make what work? Telephone? Ipod? Voice control? Question is a bit unclear to me.
  5. Change the cable but also try it with an aux cable, see if that makes a difference. No expert, but must be a pretty old ipod with no bluetooth. Having rooted around on youtube i think you will need a bluetooth transmitter which fits into the port in your ipod. However, then you cant charge your ipod. The auxilliary cable is the way to go by the looks of it.
  6. Could be the type of ipod. Can you play music from your phone via usb? May also need to select usb on the screen. And have you tried connecting the ipod via bluetooth.
  7. Many topics about that on here. Ebay is your best bet for refurbishment parts, then you need to pair it to the car again. You tube has lots videos on how to pair it.
  8. Must be bad. 3 threads running on this now. Have you thought of taking a full page ad in the Times perhaps? Better coverage than 3 threads on here.
  9. Sheer luck. Nothing to do with what you did. Just how far behind a 50mph truck were you to enable you to speed up to "fast moving". The rock could have bounced lower, bounced even higher, bounced to the kerb. The simple fact is cars have improved massively, driving skills have not. Something has to be done. You only have to look at the amount of accidents on the M6 roadworks in a 50mph limit while being changed to a "smart" motorway. Speed limits are just that, a limit and not a target! Because it says 40mph does not mean everybody has to do 40mph. The slow cars pay road tax and the ferraris pay road tax. It is a sheer lack of courtesy and patience that cause most accidents, as can be seen on many a dash cam warrior website.
  10. Is this not a safety feature so it does not open fully if it accidentally opens whilst on the road?
  11. Is your one like this with a dedicated ipod socket? Maybe you can connect by bluetooth instead?