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  1. Hi Clive , The kit i installed was for the X260 model 2016 on, i think the kit i installed could have a front camera installed as well, you would need to go to the IEmpiracal website for your model.! good luck. JOHN.
  2. Hi All, I have been looking for some time now to find a reversing camera kit for my 2016 Xf R sport, I have recently found one! and would like to share my experience. Most of the kits i have looked at online, are kits that are installed for you, I wanted a kit that i could install myself. The cost of the installed kits are upwards of about £500, I have found a kit that can be fitted yourself for £320, and a very proffesional kit it is too!! It is worth pointing out straight from the start that it is quite an involved Job, requiring the removal of a lot of pieces of trim around the dash/ boot area. You need to be a keen DIYer to undertake this job, however once completed you are rewarded with a very profesional installation. (as good as the Jaguar kit). I would allso recomend that you attain a plastic pry tool kit, readily available from EBAY. The Company i chose to purchase from is Empirical in car technolgy in Scotland. The Md is a fella called Dougie, (and is extreemly helpfull). I think it is fair to say that i have no conection with this CO , other than i have purchased from them, and want to pass on a postive experience. If you visit there website you can see what is available, my car has the 10" touch screen, this is not shown on there site at present , only the 8" but the method for removing the screen is similar. When you purchase the kit, it comes with instructions and photos of how to dismantle various parts of the dash,.(all on USB stick), and a phone call to dougie to help when needed. You dont need any electrical skills its all just swopping plugs over (plug and play) Empirical allso fit as well, only of use to those who live up NORTH. I have sent a short video and photos to Empirical, he is going to put them on his website. Hope this helps other members proposing to install a rear view camera. regards to all !
  3. Hi All , finally sorted the glow plug issue, it was a disconected plug and socket just above the glow plug relay. it appeared to be connected, but was only partially engaged, trying to press to reconect it did not work ,the internal rubber grommet would not enter the fitting. A smear with silicon grease sorted it out ! Its interesting to note that the last time it was disconected , was when the engine was replaced by my local dealer (exeter) 2019. regards JOHN.
  4. Sorted !! Purchased from Ebay Item No 323215897126. £42.99 inc PP Genuine Jaguar unit Very quickly posted. Worth a look, lots of new jaguar parts resonably priced, could be a jaguar dealer! JOHN.
  5. Hi All Have found glow plug relay now! Sited O/S chasis rail behind radiator. oblong unit about 3 inches long, aluminium heat sink with two large conectors.
  6. HI All, Still having issues with the glow plugs on my 2016 XF 2.0D. Have removed all 4 of the glow plugs and tested them on a 12v supply all are working, but the engine still miss fires for a few seconds when really cold. I suspect that the glow plug relay might be suspect, only problem is i cant fid it!! can anyone help with the location? thanks John.
  7. Thanks Joe, Allready tried them ! only listing for air filter and oil filter Tthanks John.
  8. Hi Ray, sounds like the small switches in the fob have failed or failing, common problem. They are called tactile switches. and redilly available on ebay, only problem is they have to be soldered onto the cicuit board in the fob, ebay sell a maintenace kit swithes and battery for your fob. Hope this helps. john.
  9. Hi Ian , Had the same problem with my 2.0D XF R sport. Found i could charge the battery on lihgt charge for 24hrs, and start stop would work for a few days and then stop again. i would then repeat the charging process and the same would happen again! i then decided to check the alternator output, ! 14.8 volts no load,and remaining at 14.8 volts fully loaded. (no fault here then) Concluded it must be a tired battery! (coming up for 4 years old and 130,000 miles) , have changed the battery and the car is now working as it should. There are numerous posts regarding stop start problems, most sorted with a battery change. Its allso worth mentioning that the car started faultlessly with the old battery , and no other noticeable faults. Could be worth getting a load test at local battery supplier., good luck. John.
  10. Thanks for the info Joe, SNG barratt dont have a listing for the X260 XF. Jaguar do not manufacture all of there components , they are put out to Bosche Delphi and companys like NGK (glow plugs) for supply. If you can by from one of the major parts suppliers direct there is a sustantial saving to be made, and you are buying the same component. It would seem that jaguar and other manfactures restrick sales from the parts suppliers until a vehicle has reached a certain age, thats why there is no listings for my car.
  11. Hi all, How frequently is the filter to be changed, on 2016 2.0 D X260? mine has done 130,000 miles now. Anybody know were you can purchase these without going to the dealers! There is no listing in the independant parts suppliers, Same issue as glow plugs . Regards John.
  12. Hi all The photo shown appears to show the battery sited on the right hand side of the boot space. the battery in the x260 model is sited toward the front of the boot, on the 2.0D. Must be a very tight fit to get it in there!! a photo from Chris XF would be appreciated. Regards JOHN.
  13. Hi all , One of the glow plugs in my 2.0 D Xf R sport has stopped workin (gone open circuit). I have trawled the internet and local parts suppliers for a replacement, No body! and i meen nobody has a listing for this engine. Looks like a trip to the dealers, i suspect i am going to pay as much for one, as a full set from other parts suppliers. Any body know otherwise? regards to all JOHN.
  14. Redditch Car Keys Tel 07968 393393
  15. Hi All Just a quick update to the key cutting, if you own a 2016 on Xf (x260), the key programing is a big issue. In 2016 Jaguar Changed the process to help make it more difficult to steal there cars , in order to reprograme a key or keys you have to have the KVM module reprogramed berfore you can programe the keys. The dealers will do this by suppling a new KVM module and 2x keys for the sum of £690.00. There are only a couple of companys in the country that will reprogram the module and supply 2 x keys, it cost me £ 180 pounds and a three hundred mile round trip. But much cheaper than a Jaguar sort !!!! So be aware later X20 no easy key fix.