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  1. 20211125_095952.mp4 Polaris white with black kit I find most acceptable...
  2. Hi John, Thanks for the tips and yes the battery is AGM type. I have read many heartache stories on here re DPF woes, so I shall heed your warning and do as you suggest. I tend to turn the stop/start off as I find it annoying and as I don't live in a city I can see little, or no benefit in leaving it on. Of course others opinions may differ. Keep in touch Dave
  3. Hi Trevor, Thanks for the welcome, I have been following the XF threads on here and found most very useful in my eventual choice of model. Keep in touch Dave
  4. Maybe I should have mentioned that I am also new to the club and that this is my first Jaguar ? Dave
  5. Hi everyone, picked up my car today from Marshalls Lincoln. Very impressed with everything, especially the ride and performance with 54mpg whilst cruising back home at 70mph down the M1 Although it is 7 years old it appears almost like new with only 24950 miles. 1 owner from new and full Jaguar service history Just waiting for the new logbook so I can put my personal plate on. Cheers Dave
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