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  1. Hi, sorry very late answering but I’ve just seen this! Stanley Trimmers http://www.stanleytrimmers.co.uk/
  2. A little upgrade to my car
  3. I find them to be fine limited road noise. Must add my Jaguar is a Sunday car really I don't do a great deal of motorway driving in it.
  4. Hi, oh not far at all. Porthcawl here 😊 Mine is a 3.0 V6 Auto on 18's. Just put 4 new Goodyear on.
  5. Hi, I worked closely with a guy called Simon. I had to beg, borough and buy the parts that I wanted walnut trim made for even the full media unit as he uses these as templates to make the final product. The picnic tables etc are obviously donor parts from scrapped Daimler & Jaguar cars. I believe he has already made X type trims but it could be S type in both walnut and light oak. Anyway rambling here, contact Simon tell him you've been chatting to Phil (Parker) he knows me very well I've worked with him on car trims for years. Good luck. His email is: bg3711@yahoo.com
  6. Hi and welcome. I'm not a mechanic mearly an enthusiastic amateur who loves a modern classic. I have a 2005 X350 and the ride is superb, I also have a Bentley Brooklands with the hydraulic suspension. Personally I find the Jaguar a much smoother ride, it handles beautifully in the corners and smooths out those rough road services. As a driver I would highly recommend the X350. Good luck with your road testing and future car.
  7. Not sure to everyone's taste but I hope you appreciate these touches.
  8. Hi The FM transmitters often have a SD slot rather than a USB and yes you can skip tracks from the device plugged into your electric socket. Also you can bluetooth your mobile to a FM transmitter and have even more control over your phone & music.
  9. These are extremely effective, cheap plus plug & play. 100's of variants available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baseus-Wireless-Bluetooth-Car-FM-Transmitter-MP3-Player-USB-Charger-Handsfree-UK/392396214026?hash=item5b5ca30f0a:g:lGwAAOSw5eBfVZxc
  10. I can whole heartedly recommend Swallow Jaguar. Somerset https://swallows-jag.co.uk/
  11. My understanding is the Jaguar XJ headliners can become a feature with sagging 🤨 So mine was no different and having to hold it in place with pins I just had to get it replaced. This week the work was done and an excellent job it was too.
  12. I'm relatively new to the Jaguar club and ownership. I'm not sure how modifications are viewed or whether Jaguar owners are more purists. Anyway here goes, some pics of what I consider upgrades. 😊
  13. Hi all, I'm Phil from Porthcawl in South Wales. I've owned my XJ 3.0 V6 for just over a year now and must say I love it. Previously I have been running a couple of Rover 75's and I have a Bentley Brooklands.
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