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  1. This is a common and well known issue and is most likely the butterfly valve that switches from LP Turbo to HP Turbo. The pin corrodes, Its a relatively simple fix and cheap too.
  2. The only advice I would give on this is to get it fitted professionally.
  3. There is a choice to de select this option in the on screen menus. Normally in the Driving Assistance menu.
  4. I don’t but interested in what performance improvements are had.
  5. James, From my experience when my rear light cluster became unserviceable due to water ingress due to a failed seal. I was informed that as the unit is supplied and fitted as a sealed non user serviceable unit then the only option is to buy (I was covered under warranty as there was no evidence of cracks etc) and fit a complete unit. This was done at a main dealer under warranty but it would not have been a cheap (in the region of £250-300) part. Sorry for the dour reply. Maybe you could get the parts required from a breakers? Cheers, Clive Hunt
  6. I actually owned a 2012 XF S and was mightily impressed. A great car and very reliable. The only thing that let me down was the butterfly valve which controls the change over from low to high pressure turbo. An upgrade from Jaguar is available as the pin is known to corrode. A very easy fix and a cheap’ish part. It can be changed by a home mechanic or an independent garage. I had mine done at a main dealer so paid a bit more. Also check all Brake discs as these take some punishment and are not the best. Apart from that and as long as it has had its regular maintenance you should be ok. Enjoy the performance!
  7. You can buy a relatively cheap AC cleaning aerosol from most automotive shops such as halfords. That should cure it.
  8. This is a known problem with a couple of Jaguar models (I know of this in several XF and F Type). My XF S had the same problem, Jaguar were very dismissive of the issue and put it down to a dodgy rubber seal although they never replaced or said what seal.
  9. Hi Steve, had this problem with my XF S a while ago. it turned out to be a corroded pin in the butterfly valve that switches from low pressure turbo to high pressure turbo. A very simple fix. worth a look.
  10. Yes, absolutely. I had a 62 plate S Portfolio which did not have the S badge at the front (it came on later models) so I purchased one and had it fitted (quite a task). It set off the car wonderfully.
  11. Hi Tim, Any XF of that era is a good buy as long as it has a FSH. We bought a car a couple of years ago (not a Jag) from them and have had absolutely no problems with it. It was well presented and had a good service history. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi, I had the same happen to my 62 plate XF S, the water was so deep I was bailing out for ages. Luckily I suffered no damage. I have a friend who has an F Type and had a similar issue. It affected his electrics and cost him thousands to repair. Jaguar did offer a goodwill payment to help but it was still very costly. Apparently its to do with a design fault in the ducting/venting in the wheel arches and underneath (???). Allegedly JLR are aware but keep it very quite.....
  13. I guess its access through the tear seats then??
  14. There is a key barrel by the number plate light is there not??
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