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  1. Old Peter, I have been a member for a few years now but post very little. Sometimes (mostly) the camera comes on immediately just now and then it has a ‘think’.... Cheers
  2. I have not heard of the fix but mine is the same. Sometimes I engage reverse and have finished the manoeuvre before the camera even comes on.
  3. Dom, I had almost the exact same fault and it was covered by warranty and took a day to fix once Jaguar had diagnosed and ordered the part. Hope this helps. 👍
  4. Hi MR, I have a 62 plate XF S Portfolio, Black with cream leather interior. It has a full Jag Service History. 92k on the clock. Alloys need a refresh and a surface scratch on the drivers side (I am prepared to sort these issues). Any good?? clive
  5. My 2012 XF S has had 3 complete sets of discs and pads and the car has only done 80k. A very expensive outlay for non expensive parts on all too regular basis. Jaguar, I am certain know of the issue, its just one of their trade secrets. You can of course buy the brake components a lot cheaper and have them fitted at a local garage for a quarter of the main dealer price.
  6. The only model in my humble opinion to go for is the one I have, the XF 3.0D S in Portfolio livery.
  7. Gangsta, drug dealer, pimp...
  8. Matt, My 62 plate XF S 3.0D has been Jaguar serviced since new. It has done 82k and its next service will be, according to the book, the 106k (12mths or 16k (which ever is the sooner)) during which they will change the timing belt. I have a service plan with Jaguar which spreads the cost over the year as this service will be around £1500 (main dealer prices) due to the timing belt change etc. Hope this helps. Clive Hunt
  9. What a frustrating few weeks. My XF started to make a wobbling noise from the front near side wheel area. I asked my main dealer to have a look and they informed me the wheel was buckled. So I paid and got it repaired. The noise continued, so I took it back and they then informed me that my front wheels were very out of balance. So I paid and they balanced them.... the noise continued. I took the car to a local but well respected Indy tyre dealer to have a snoop. Low and behold it was a defective tyre, I replaced noise!! Hurrah... Poor showing by a Jag main dealer!!
  10. Normally if you just insert the fob in to the holder below the steering wheel this 'mates' the fob with the car. I have changed the batteries on mine several times and this has worked.
  11. My suspicions were raised immediately after reading this. Your car has such low mileage and for the oil pan to be leaking at this stage is a worry. I would speak directly to Jaguar UK as this is not right. As for the tyres, fair wear and tear but shop around. My main dealer wanted £280 per corner for mine yet I found them (exactly the same) at a reputable tyre dealer for £190!
  12. You should check each sensor as the cause is most likely condensation caused by the change in temp. Check all are sitting ok and the seals are in good nick. A diagnostic check at a dealer or good garage will be able to tell you which one(s) are playing up. As individual components they are relatively cheap and easy to replace.
  13. I had the same fault a while ago. It is a simple fix at a garage. The fault is pin that corrodes in the valve switch over from the low to high pressure turbos. it cost me less than £200 at a Jag dealership but I am sure you can get it cheaper. a short term fix is to put some copper grease on the pin.
  14. I can't help with that particular issue with any technical authority but a complete reboot worked for me. I also have an anomaly in that when I set the day/night display to auto it never goes to the night screen when it should (i.e. When it's dark), any ideas?
  15. Dear Forum, Can anyone help. When I depress my brake pedal (even when static) I get a strange noise from the calliper area which sounds like an old rusty spring being stretched. Annoying especially when manoeuvering around at slow speeds. Any guidance?