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  1. Try this link: https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/?_ga=2.164926079.1970067029.1616952539-343505647.1611066239. Good luck and Best Wishes, Regards, John
  2. Mick I tried many things, all of which did not work. This worked well and first time. Do follow the instructions to the full and be patient. I have a feeling if you start taking short cuts it is not going to work. I spent about 2.5 hours on each pair of lights and ended up with what I consider to be "looking like new" lamps. Good Luck. John
  3. Have decided to refurbish the headlamp glasses first, to see if that increases any light to the road. My goodness all the lenses certainly look different for what was really a cheap enough action to take and only took about 2.5 hours per pair of lights. Have yet to test in the dark. Before and After attached. It also makes the car look more presentable as well. Cheers, John
  4. My S Type Auto 2.5 Petrol averages around 23.5 mpg., local driving. Came home from Bodmin, Cornwall earlier this week and it return 32.4 mpg. I to know about the smile on the face when driving. Comfort and a smile ......... cannot be beaten. Cheers, John
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